I'm trying a different narrative style. I'm attempting this as 2nd person which I believe is usually used in letters or poetry where you are writing to somebody. To clarify, this is one of the characters talking as if they are telling the story/writing a letter to someone. This is to clarify any confusion on the style it's written in.

The story I am about to relay to you is completely true. These events absolutely happened-I have seen them. Some I have caused directly; while others I was merely an way, I am, undoubtedly, involved. Do not be fooled by other versions. Mine is the only true one, for I was at the center of it all.

I'll begin with some history to how this started. It began, and I suppose ended, with the great kingdom of Venustas. Venustas was a rich land of beauty and prosperity. It was a utopia of sorts. This land had seen many hardships and was rumored to be built upon a graveyard of its former soldiers. After centuries of bloodshed and war, Venustas became a large and diverse kingdom. Around it was a wall that protected its citizens and wealth.

Ever growing, Venustas turned its sight on Virtus; a neighboring kingdom. Virtus was known for it's battle prowess. It was, arguably, one of the most powerful and battle ready nation of all. In hope of making and alliance with such a nation; Venustas reached out, willing to share some of its wealth to help living conditions and poverty in Virtus. In return, Virtus soldiers would aid Venustas in conquest.

In time, Venustas realized Virtus was broken. Virtus was not a nation that only fought other nations, but fought itself as well. With Virtus constantly fighting itself; it could not serve as Venustas' military reserve. The wealth offered from Venustas was used to make weapons and train soldiers; living conditions within Virtus had seen no improvement. Desparate for the civil war to stop, Venustas sent embassadors and negotiators to put an end to the war in Virtus.

These all met a violent end. After suffering casualties of its own, and losing more than it gained, Venustas cut its ties with Virtus. Venustas retreated behind a gargatuan wall; built specifically to protect its citizens. From then on, the large kingdom was self-sustaining and groomed warriors of its own. Because it had been associated with Virtus for so long; some of those living within the walls had Virtus blood flowing through their veins.

Not many descendants of Virtus living within the walls cared for their native, ravaged, land. The peaceful life in Venustas was more than enough reason to stay within the walls, instead of defending a lost and broken nation that could offer them nothing. Virtus was just a meaningless name to them. However, Virtus, and those living in Virtus, felt differently. Venustas' absence was felt after its retreat. Life and poverty had worsened, and so did their hate.

After the fall of Titan, one of the largest cities in Virtus, the fighting stopped for a while. I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Firstly, when Venustas retreated behind the wall; it grew its own military in order to protect what laid behind the wall. Venustas had already grown so large it left its plans for further conquest behind. Its new goal was to simply protect all it had gained over the centuries. The way it planned to do this was to cripple other nation's military strength. Once the nation's defense was neutralized; it posed no further threat.

Titan was one of the largest cities in Virtus, and the city where most battle ready soldiers hailed from. With it gone, Virtus lossed a significant amount of its best warriors and military strength. Are you following along? With Titan's fall, the fighting in Virtus ceased for a time. For the first time in years, Virtus was united. Everyone had come together by their hate for a new enemy, the kingdom of Venustas.

Any retaliation considered, or attempted, failed and could not be carried out. With most of its military strength gone, Virtus could not carry out any declaration of war against Venustas. Over time, I realized Venustas' clever plan. The kingdom had not given up conquest. It had merely changed it strategy. Venustas was not satisfied with what it had gained, and had never turned its sight away from the nation of Virtus.

After crippling a nation, Venustas would swoop in and offer aid. Well, actually, they would offer loans to the weakened nations. With these loans, the nation could thrive again, however, they would need to pay back the debt eventually. The re-embersement could be anything, but was always something to ensure the nation would need another loan. By doing this, Venustas could control a nation while keeping it at a convenient political distance.

Even though Virtus had realized what Venustas was doing, there was nothing that could be done to stop them. The mighty kingdom had grown even stronger, and was able to maintain its strength. Venustas had become an epicenter of strength and political power. There was nothing that could be done, and, as always, the citizens within the walls were the first priority; breaching the wall was no easy task. Yes...within Venustas was truly a paradise.

However, with as many good things there were about living within the wall-there were also bad things. Any child showing exceptional skill; be it athletic, magical, mental, or academic were recquired to defend the kingdom. For example, any child who could remain calm under stressful situations would be drafted as a soldier. If they had no combat skill; they would be tactitions, if they had no skill in tactics, they would become diffusers. Diffusers would talk rookies through their first mission, or calm any who were shocked by the immense death on the battlefield.

If you possessed a skill deemed useful for the cause, you were drafted. Those who tried to run were executed. It was possible to volunteer for a certain position, but those with special skills or abilities had the choice to join the military; or be killed. Many within Venustas felt some sickening patriotic duty to protect the utopia within the wall. However, this feeling was not unanimous. There were those who did not wish to become murderers. Even those with a special skill had dreams of their own. Often times, these skills were viewed as both a gift and a curse.

This was the dark side of Venustas. While many loved Venustas, some did not wish to fight for it, and some did not want to kill for it. No one argued, however; for no nation was as feared, loved, hated, and respected as the kingdom of Venustas. Even with their plan of conquest discovered and voiced among other nations, no one stepped forward. The only nation who would dare oppose Venustas was Virtus, but to everyone's surprise not even Virtus stood against the kingdom. In fact, Virtus was the nation that accepted loan after loan after loan. Virtus' debt was growing almost as large as Venustas itself. With such large loans, Venustas wondered how Virtus planned to repay its debt.

Virtus was now united; perhaps destroying Titan was the best thing to ever happen to Virtus. The question remaining was how Virtus would pay back its debt to Venustas. Trapped in a vicious cycle, Virtus had surrendered some of its remaining warriors and further weakening its military strength. Rumors of Virtus finally becoming a peaceful land surfaced across all the nations. Virtus no longer had a standing military, and was not manufacturing weapons of its own anymore.

Venustas had finally seized control of Virtus, who would never be able to pay back its debt. In return for fixing its once war ravaged and broken land, Virtus was at Venustas' mercy. Now this is where the true story begins...since I had plans of my own.