A Breath of Life

It is amazing how quickly life comes and goes. How fragile it is.
I bask in this existence of life, of human faults and vices, waiting for invisible days when I can viscerally touch another. The leaves float from trees and I, vacant and ethereal, am falling into distant places too, going for an adventure; leaving the comforts of home and searching and snatching at the little mysteries and fantasies life has to offer. I want to scream at the peak of a mountain and overlook the distant lands in all their glory, I want to fly and soar across the world in a breath and witness the birth of a prodigy. I want to eat up every existence with my eager eyes and go to the depths of every ocean. I need to feel the rush of wind and icy breath against the sky, to open my eyes to the wonders and delights of every hidden world.

I want to clasp the hidden treasures of every human and throw myself against the current.
I need to breathe.
My frozen fingertips will tremble in shock and my back will be racked with shivers of awe. To escape into every beauty that was never discovered and breathe it all in.

I need to touch the rich life and let it consume me in amazement that is the only sustenance of fulfilment for my hungry spirit.

I need to be drenched in life.

In sweat

In awe

In wonder

In fear

In the possibilities you have to offer.

I need to breathe.