Little Author Notes for this chapter: This is a poem from a child to their Father, who has gone on to Heaven.

But it can be seen as a point of view of the Father to his son or daughter. Because that is what I was feeling when these words just flowed out.

Every day is a Birthday, Anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day.

Every day should be celebrated.


And now it is the second of September.

The day after Father's day.

The day after ...

Did you feel appreciated, loved, wanted, needed?

You provided what was required of you.

You provided more than was necessary.

We loved you, we needed you, we wanted you.

And yet you had to go.

God said it was your time.

And in my heart he has left a piece of you there.

And you took a piece of my heart to Heaven too.

I love you, I miss you so very much.

I hear your voice, I feel your hugs, but I don't remember your kisses.

Happy Father's Day.

Till next year.

With Lots of Love from Me.

Sometimes it is hard to be inspired, to just continue on.

Nobody likes talking to themself.