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Whatever was going to happen she knew it was not going to be good. She could feel the tension lingering form the previous conversation just like she could sense when a storm was coming. There was the slight shift in the air, like the whole world was holding it's breath, waiting for what might be coming.

Then it happened. The thing she had been holding her breath for, the change that would change everything.

His hand slammed down on the able. There was the sound of shattering glass as his unfinished brandy hit the floor, spilling. Aside form that there was silence. Tom stared their dad down, defiant as always, defiant to a fault.

The chair legs screeched as their father scooted out from the table so quickly that he knocked the chair over. He lunged for her brother, pushing aside the table in his haste and knocking them both to the ground. His hands went around Tom's neck, but Tom kicked out, hitting their dad in the gut. In the temporary reprieve Tom got to his feet. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the kitchen locking the door from the outside, thankful for once of the oddity.

"Come on," he said as he continued to the living room, "we have to leave." He pulled out the mattress on which they slept and started to unfold it. Jenny wondered what he was doing, but found out when he pulled out a crumpled stash of money from underneath.

"We're getting away from this place Jenny," he said, "and we're never coming back.

'Finally' she thought, and they sprinted out the door. They were halfway down the street before she heard her father screaming.