We are in the car, crowded and covered in a general sheet of sweat from the eight hours we have already spent traveling. The radio is on and a new song has just started playing. It is an old cowboy song, something with a giddyup beat and a country twang. My mom starts bouncing up and down in the front passenger seat like she is in the saddle of a horse.

"Everyone start riding!" she yells, far over the level of enthusiasm that has been established in the van.

My three brothers and I start bouncing up and down immediately, all in time to the music except for my second oldest brother who can't keep a beat to save his life.

I falter and started flailing spastically. "Help I've fallen off my horse."

Ryan, the one without a beat, catches on. He starts to jerk as if he is being electrocuted. "My horse has run over me."

"I am hanging onto my horse by it's tail as it drags me through the dirt."

"Help my horse has fallen and can't get up. I put it out of it's misery."

We all look at Daniel, the twelve year old baby who has just spoken, quietly shocked.


Laughter fogs the windows.