Cranked this out after a rather humid day-or days rather. It was originally titled Summer Love. Enjoy!

Summer Forecast

It was a beautiful spring day

When the flowers were just blooming

It was then that I saw

The birth of something new

Get nurtured well into May

Flourishing by June

Where we burned bright as two suns

In the hottest summer since forever and

We were the summertime heat

Scorching with passion

Shining in all our brilliance

There was nothing dry about the air we shared

But our love, our love, it got to be too much

The air all around got too heavy

Humidity rising, the air smothering

It was so hard to breathe, sweat broke out

And we raged like angry storm clouds

Until all the tears had been shed

Our hearts heavy with it all

The heat, the passion, slowly cooling

The air breathable but stale, so bitter

And as the air continues to cool

Colors will change

What was once vibrant becomes a past flame

The passion slowly fades and barely holds on

Decomposing into the depths of our memories

Leaving us

Barren, cold, and empty

As always, reviews, critiques would be much appreciated. I never was as fond of my poetry as my short stories and I think it's because I don't follow rhyme schemes or have rhythms. Free-verse seems to work better for other people than for me. But in any case, I'd love to hear what you think!