This is just gonna be a bunch of random rambling. You have been warned.

**never been edited and never will**

I don't understand popularity. At all.

I just switched schools, and it's crazy. I really know nobody, and so far have only made like... five friends. Whereas other people have like... what... befriended pretty much the whole grade except for me and a few other non-cool people? huh. **insert scowling face here**

and maybe it's because I'm not very funny or sociable. I'm kinda shy and weird, so that must explain it. hah.

ALSO. What is up with attention seekers?

Like.. god. "I'm so ugly!" And they look like 10000000x better than me with their fancy clothes, skinny faces, and perfect nose. (FYI, I'm asian). It's just not fair. And then people feel... i dunno. OBLIGATED to comfort them and I just wanna scream "Shut up, no, you're not! Have you SEEN yourself?" Seriously. SHe must not have a mirror in her house. Or... she is just an attention seeker. It's crazy! SOOOO not fair. But still. If you're an attention seeker, I would get fed up of having to tell you Angelina Jolie has nothing on you... besides. As corny as it sounds, everyone has some good attributes and you can't judge ugliness just based on physical appearances. Nobody will like me because I'm weird, not necessarily because I'm not very pretty.

UGGGGH. So... let's see. What else? I feel like my brain just keeps jumping topics and then right when I wanna write them down, it switches to another one and then I forget what I wanted to write. Hmm,... oh. Right.

So there's this teacher. Her name is... Ms. Lovette. And contrary to her name, she hates very easily. XD. But furrealsies, guys! She's a buttface. I walked in late by like one second, she asked me why I was late, and I told her I didnt hear the bell. And then she tells me, "That's not an excuse, I don't want to hear why you're late." Like... WTHECK!? I hate hypocrites more than anything else. UGHH

Which reminds me... pet peeves!
Oh mah lawd I have so many. I hate it when people chew loudly. It irritates the heck out of me, like... first off... chew with your mouth closed, no one wants to know what's going on in there. Or hear what's going on in there. Also, I hate it when people touch/move/edit my stuff without asking first. My cousin has this problem, she went onto my google docs once, and erased my entire freaking Science Project... idk what I did to her but she sure enjoys touching my stuff. And she'll just snatch my food from my hands when I'm trying to eat it. It's so weird. And also I hate it when people talk excessively during movies.

When I tried to watch Dr. Who with my mom, she kept asking "Who's that, is he gonna die? Oh, who's she? What's she doing? Why's that happening?" Well... maybe if you actually listened instead of asking me nonstop questions, you'd know... is that a good idea? Or am I just crazy?

Anyways... what else. Oh yeah! I hate it when people keep on trying so hard to beat you, and then they're like "oh, it was really easy,"... for violin, one of the orchestra people worked like nonstop on our chair test please, and when she beat me (by like one point... I don't really practice cause I'm a lazy poop) she was like, "Oh, I didn't have to try very hard. It was really easy."

Dude. No. I've been playing violin since I could walk, and I'm like in the top orchestra in this city. Just. No. It's not easy. Pat yourself on the back, and then admit it was a good competition.

^^That probably sounded really full of myself... but it's true! I'm modest... but I can't lie and say "oh yeah guys, I am terrible at violin. And then this girl said it was easy to pass me in a chair test. yup. I hate it when that happens." Just to give you guys a good viewpoint of the story... I can't be modest! xD

What are your pet peeves?

Are mine totally unreasonable?

On a scale of 1-10, how weird am I? (hint: OVER 9000!)