From my experience there are diffrent types of homeschoolers.

I list them now:

1. Academia- These children are homeschooled for mostly Academic reasons. They can have a set time frame when they do school and I knew one lady who had to wear a uniform to their basement classroom. (This can vary some families are stricter then others).

Downside- These kids can become snobs about how well they've been schooled and how they know more then the average Publiic/ Homeschooled person. (Irritating as heck BTW).

Advantage- They usually are in or above their grade level in most subjects and are very smart.

2. Religious- These Children are homeschooled for religious reasons.

Disadvantage- These kids can get a shock if they meet someone who's not the same religion as them or doesn't believe the exact same things IF THEY ARE SHELTERED TOO MUCH. Example: Christian kid meets Buddhist or Mennonite meets Baptist.

Advantage- They can be in or above their grade level depending on their parents.

3. Un-schoolers- I am among these. The basic idea is that when the kid gets old enough they can decide which subjects to do first and in what order with little to no set time frame (I usually did Math first because I HATE MATH).

Disadvantage- Can be severely below their grade level if not done right.

Advantage- They can be very well informed in one or more subjects.

4. Coo-op Schoolers- (Been there done this) Basically this is where a bunch of Homeschooling moms usually with degrees in teaching get together and form a sort of mini school. Some coo-op's have school five days a week others only one day.

Disadvantage- It kinda defeats the purpose of Homeschooling since the kids aren't really at home if its a five day deal.

Advantage- They are used to a classroom setting and are usually up or beyond their grade level

5. Location Homeschoolers- These people homeschool based on where they live. For instance people who live in remote areas in Alaska often homeschool as it is cheaper then flying their child out five days a week. Others homeschool based on the school system in their area being too lousy or too dangerous.

Disadvantage- Same as above but not a whole lot they can do about it.

Advantage- The child gets educated. Nuff said.