Behind the Mask

Chapter One: Alpha Team

"Michelson, move your team in," a soft, feathery voice said over the intercom. Jaden Michelson nodded her head firmly, black hair falling over shoulders.

The raven haired woman was dressed for blending into the loud night club; tight jeans practically painted onto her legs, the tube top her best friend had picked out for her and the heels that were slowly killing her feet.

"I've got eyes on the target," a much darker, grumbling voice said over the intercom.

"Go in Beta team," the soft voice said, "Michelson, now."

Jaden nodded and after a quick glance at her partner across the bar, the two women moved in unison towards each other.

Rachel, Jaden's partner, was a lanky woman with lines instead of curves. She had long, long mousy brown hair and startling green eyes. But she was lovely all the same. Rachel had half the men in their Clan mooning after her.

The club they were currently trapped in was pulsing with music. The bass created a strange vibrating in the center of Jaden's chest. She hated that about human clubs. They felt the need to deafen themselves with such loud tasteless music.

The walls inside were tall and a collection of lights were on the ceiling, flashing and spinning to create a disorienting colour show. And the heat! With all the bodies pressed against each other, moving along with the music, the large room was hot. Not just hot, but disgustingly hot. Jaden's clothes felt like they were sticking to her even more than they really were.

Their target was a large man, muscles rippling under tanned skin. None of this drew her eyes though. The target was sitting on one of the clubs couches, eyes scanning the room for something. He was dressed in skin reveling clothes, probably thinking that it would attract him more attention. She shook her head and let out a soft sigh.

"Don't worry, it'll be over soon enough," Rachel said into her ear once they met up. There was no other way to talk without having to scream.

Jaden grimaced and nodded her head again.

"Turn your sexy faces on, ladies," a smooth voice said over the intercom, a slight British accent making his voice sound all the more attractive.

"Shut up, Pete," Jaden rolled her eyes before doing exactly that. She took a moment to detach her arm from Rachel's grip and calmed her racing heart.

"Ready?" Rachel asked with one of her famous sexy smirks.

Jaden sighed once before forcing herself to relax. There was no way she could pull this off if she was tense and jumpy. Once she was ready the raven haired beauty slid a heart stopping smirk on and turned towards the target. Rachel and Jaden both started towards the bear of a man.

"Excuse me, but my friend and I saw you from over there and we just had to come and talk to you," Rachel purred. She rested her small hand on the man's arm and sat down beside him on the plush couch.

"We've been looking for someone all night," Jaden added, stepping up beside the man's legs. "You're the first one to catch our attention."

"Nice one," the feathery voice muttered from over the intercom.

The man let out a soft growl, spurring on the two women. While Rachel slowly grazed her fingers over their target's arm, Jaden went around to the back of the couch and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Such a strong man like you could surely satisfy two lovely ladies like us, hm?"

"Bet your pretty ass I could," the man panted out.

The soft brushing of Jaden's lips against his ear provided a lovely distraction while Beta team slowly came in closer. Jaden could smell the target's arousal and wanted to gag in disgust. Her piercing eyes caught Pete's as he came in closer from the side.

"Oh my, you're so excited already," Rachel murmured into his other ear and swiped her tongue out to taste him.

"We're coming in Alpha team," the grumbling voice from before declared, sounding aggravated and impatient.

If Jaden had blinked she would have missed everything. Three men jumped out from the crowd of dancers, grabbing the grizzly man and slamming him down against the ground. Rachel and Jaden both jumped away, clearing the area so not to get in the way.

Most of the people in the club stopped their dancing and someone turned down the music enough that Jaden could actually hear the man's growls and snapping his jaws at the three men who were pinning him. Chatter broke out through the humans and Jaden frowned. There would have to be some clean up after this.

"Damn, you bitches!" The target roared and Jaden took a moment to stick her tongue out at the man.

Rachel sighed and shook her head. "You're such a child."

"But that's what we love about her, right Rach?" An arm wrapped around Jaden's shoulder but she didn't tense. The scent coming off this man was both familiar and unsettling.

"Dante," Jaden mumbled in a greeting. She shrugged his arm off her shoulders and stepped closer to Rachel.

Dante was another of the Hunt Squad but also one of the men chasing Jaden's tail and trying to get her attention. He was tall, taller than most of the people in the Theós Clan and more limber than bulky. He had neatly groomed blond hair and these blue eyes that changed from light to dark with his mood.

"Don't you have to be at NIGHT soon?" Rachel asked, a sympathetic smile on her lips.

"That's right, thanks Rachel."

The target was still rolling around on the ground, now safely cuffed with silver handcuffs. They wouldn't be taking any chances with this werewolf. He was a danger to humans and the Theós Clan that lived in the city. The Hunt Squad had been called in after this man, Aiden Moore, raped and killed his fourth human. The Clan simply couldn't ignore the rogue wolf any longer.

"Running away from me again, Jay?" Dante asked, amusement clear in his voice.

The raven haired woman lifted her chin and turned from vampire. It was simply better to ignore Dante and his jabs.

Jaden walked over to the commander – a tiny woman with strawberry blond hair that went to her shoulders and smoldering amber eyes.

"Stacy, I'm heading down to NIGHT now. You know how Jonah is when I'm late for work."

"Of course, Jay. We will see you next time the council calls," Stacy replied in the same feathery soft voice from the intercom.

She gave the little woman a smile before pushing her way out from the club. The humans had swarmed the arrest area and they just made it a pain to get out. Once she finally got out into the cold streets of Toronto Jaden sucked in a breath. She stunk like sweat, dog, alcohol and other scents that she'd rather not identify.

Looks like she was going to be showering before work.


She stepped out of the steamy bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Jaden's usually raven hair looked inky against the pale skin of her body and the white of her towel. Her dark hair and pale skin stood out against her adoptive parent's colouring – both being blond and blue eyed with lightly tanned skin. Actually most of the Clan was like that – well, besides the vampires after all. It was something that separated the Theós Clan from their sister Clan.

"I set some clothes out for you," a voice called from the joining bedroom.

"Darla, you really need to stop breaking in," Jaden called back before tightening her towel around herself.

"Then you should really tell Jonah to stop sending us up here," another voice called. This voice was definitely male but it was light and musical.

"Ken, you too?"

"Blame your boss for having the keys to your apartment," he called back.

"Yeah, yeah. The down fall of your boss being your renter at the same time as you're boss." Jaden walked into her bedroom and dropped down beside Darla.

Darla and Ken were Jaden's childhood friends. And the three of them had probably been the most troublesome kids in the Clan.

Kendal, or Ken as Darla and Jaden called him, was a short man. His body was lean thanks to his were genes and despite how small he looked that boy could pack a punch. Ken had soft honey coloured hair that was tied back, a few strands falling looks and striking cat-like blue eyes.

Darla on the other hand was taller than most women with a flat body with very minimal curves. She had glossy red hair in a boy cut with just enough length to make it look soft and almost fluffy and her eyes were a bottomless hazel pool. Her heritage didn't affect her appearance like it did to Ken. Mostly because she was a caster. Her powers were over nature and not over herself.

"You're clothes are on the chair," Ken nodded his head at the piece of furniture and Jaden's eyes followed.

"You know, I love you're sense of style," she announced before trotting over to the desk.

Folded there was a long black tank top with little grey crosses screened onto the front and black skinny jeans that she'd cut rips down the front.

"Alright, Goth girl is ready for action!" Darla shouted while the other two chuckled at her antics.

"You know, I'll be working."

"Yeah but if a cute boy asks for a dance you can leave," Ken reminded.

"The real question is if she'd say yes."

"Guys," Jaden grabbed the clothes and made a dash for the bathroom. "You know that I'm not really into the whole dating scene."

"That's what we're trying to break you out of, girly!" Ken cried. Jaden winced and shook her head, dressing quickly.

"You're going on twenty-three next week, Jay. Everyone else will be looking for a mate soon," Darla spoke a bit louder now. The raven haired woman could hear shuffling and clinking from her bedroom.

"I don't care about that! I want to spend my last years of freedom doing whatever the heck I want. Having a mate would weight that down."

"Grange would have a hissy fit if he heard you talking like that," Ken sang. Jaden cringed, knowing that the flamboyant cat was right.

Grange was Jaden's best friend and also a member of the Hunt Squad. He'd more than likely be waiting for her and the other two downstairs at NIGHT. Yeah, her apartment happened to be right above her workplace. Sometimes it really sucked.

The woman glanced at the mirror and started on her makeup and hair. She straightened the raven haired locks. They fell around her chest in a neat line, her bangs sweeping to the side. She put on a faint amount of dark eye shadow that made her golden eyes stand out even more so. She had high cheek bones so she wouldn't need anything to add to that. Add a bit of clear lip-gloss and she was good to go.

Jaden stepped back from the mirror and surveyed her appearance. Like Darla she was tall but not nearly as tall. She had a bit more hip and bust than her red haired friend. Wearing the jeans Ken had picked out made that fact perfectly clear.

"Yeah well Grange can shove the whole mate code up his butt."

"You're such a child. You can't even say ass!"

"So what?!"

"Well girly, I'll say it for you then. He can shove the made code up his very firm, yummy ass."

"Kendal! I don't need to hear you panting over my best friend!"

Jaden stormed out from the bathroom in her much more comfortable clothes. Darla handed her a couple pieces of jewelry to finish off the outfit; a stretch bracelet with fake ivory skulls; a hematite chain necklace featuring an eerie crow skull pendant and her silver pyramid studs.

"But he's smoking hot!"

"I don't want to hear about it!"

"Guys! Can we just get down there sometime tonight?" Darla broke in, crossing her arms over her chest.

Downstairs was NIGHT – a night club for the Theós Clan only. It was were Jaden worked alongside her boss, Jonah and another bar tender named Trent. The ceiling was high, like the human club she'd been to just two hours before but with much gentler lighting. The music didn't pulse crazily in her chest but at a steady rhythm. Almost like a heartbeat.

It didn't smell either.

"Jaden! It's about damn time you got down here!" Jonah looked more frazzled than usual tonight, the British accent coming out much more heavily than usual.

The raven haired beauty locked eyes with the Brit. His dark hair was in its usual messy style; his usually serene brown eyes were wide and panicky. He was kind of crouched down behind the bar, hiding from something that Jaden couldn't see or smell from where she was but she knew that the tall man's back would start to hurt if he kept that position.

Jaden quickly dodged around a couple of wolves and snuck behind the counter. "Jonah, what's wrong?"

"It's my ex. She's here looking for a piece of me!" He hissed, the accent deepening.

Jaden deadpanned. "You're hiding from you ex."

"Yes! I need you and Trent to watch the bar while I go hide."

"Jonah, she knows where you live."

"… I'm going to hide."

The woman sighed, straightening up while watching her boss make himself invisible. Only problem? His ex was a witch. This meant that she could feel when a caster used his magic.

"Hey Jay, was that Jonah I just saw scurrying away?" Trent asked, coming up to Jaden from the other side of the bar.

"Yep. He wants us to take the shifts for tonight."


Jaden nodded her agreement before putting a smile on her face.

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