-Neighborhood-Jin's Home-

Jin: *lies down under his bed and black and groans depressed*

kin: ya ok, jin? ya look depressing

Jin: *groans* I don't want to talk about this...

kin: *blinks* *sighs* you're making me worrying, jin

Jin: *he reveals himself and his appearance is black and white color instead of colored version of Jin*

kin: hmm? you look different

Jin: Yes I am...*sadly and turns around and sleep* And I don't want to talk about it

kin: *tilt head worrying then sigh* okay...

Jin: Last night when the full moon rises, a "Baku" ate all of my dreams and nightmares so that's why I'm like this.

kin: ohh *sweatdrop*

Jin: Do you know what is a "Baku" is?

kin: oh it look like tapir and yes

Jin: *sighed*

kin: ya did mention baku, the eater of nightmare/dreams but what baku doing here because baku supposed in japan or china

Jin: Baku is a dream eater. He can eat anyone dreams till the full moon is up and you turned monochrome and see everything black and white around you.

kin: ah true

Jin: I need to pay a price for him but I don't have anything good...

kin: *thinks* which anything good? well, i could help

Jin: *hides under the blanket* No...

kin: why not?

Jin: *sighed sadly*

kin: *sweatdrop and hugs him comfort* why ya want pay him for this? well, is there anything i could help

Jin: No...

-Dennis' home-

Dennis: *look outside of the window and saw Zack and Trisha's house was all quiet* Hmm I wonder why Jin is not going out all 2 weeks.

Katelyn: Maybe he's busy?

dylan: hm well, i got call from kin and he's not out of house because baku thing

Dennis: What's a Baku?

Clara: Ooh! I know what it is! It means "sandwich"

dylan: ah...*sweatdrop* no, clara and it look like tapir, and it called "dream eater" or eater of nightmare because it eat dreams/nightmares on full moon and jin did not pay price to baku…well...kin said jin looked different. It is legend myth creature from china or japan

dylan: i don't know why baku came into this USA

Dennis: Wow...that looks interesting, Shadows are always enemies of a dream eater because we bad shadows give nightmares only. The dream eater can eat specific type of Shadows too.

dylan: ah could be bad news then

Dennis: Me, I don't bring nightmares. I dream nightmares almost everyday in my life.

dylan: we know ya do

Clara: I remember Dream Shadows, I wonder if they're also preys of a Baku or Tapir.

dylan: ah i thought dream shadows are disappeared long time ago

Clara: They do, but they're also enemies of a dream eater too. Anything that has dream or nightmare powers, the dream eater will eat it.

dylan: ah that could why jin don't have anything good to pay that tapir

Dennis: He calls it a Baku, that's final.

dylan: ok ok

Dennis: *stands up and cracks knuckles* Okay, I want to see what he's up too...

-Jin's Home-

Dennis: *bangs on the door* OPEN UP!

Zack: *opens the door and saw Dennis* Oh it's you, Dennis, what are you doing here?

Dennis: I want to see Jin now, what is he up to and where is he all week?

dylan: hello zack *greets*

Trisha: *coughs* In bed and we had to stop Jin from screaming from terrible nightmares he had about the Baku after the full moon rises and he got depressed.

dylan: oh my

Zack: Yep, from new moon to full moon, he was content from nightmares until a Baku ate up all of his dreams and put him into some sort of Black and White world and screaming when he goes to sleep. He could not go to sleep for two weeks.

dylan: two weeks? that is bad then

kin: *sees dennis and dylan: oh hello um he's busy in his room

Trisha: And we had to sleep in the basement away from his screaming because it gets annoying each night.

Zack: Then today we called his "girlfriend"

kin: *sighs* yeah that's why i got here and i had talk with him but i calmed him

dylan: ahh i see

Jin: *screaming from a distance* AHH! I CAN'T CLOSE MY EYES!

kin: oh! *come back to Jin* coming, jin!

dylan: *heard Jin and looks surprise*


kin: *appear and hugs jin* i am here, jin

dylan: *goes with dennis into jin's room*

Dennis: *goes upstairs to see Jin and saw him* *wide stares* He's black and white?

dylan: yeah *wide eyes when saw jin* because baku did this

kin: *calms jin*

Zack: Oh one warning, every time you leave the room, he's scared by himself and screams frantically.

dylan: oh that's why ya needed kin to keep company with him

kin: *nods and pats jin*

Zack: *to Kin* Don't leave Jin ever till he returns back to normal. We had to focus our homework in school and I'm getting all Fs for the test

kin: *sweatdrop* understood

Zack: Trisha will bring you food up here *leaves the room to go to downstairs*

Dennis: *look at Dylan* Should we look for the dream eater?

dylan: guess so, yeah but this dream eater only in the dreamland

Dennis: Or in the Spirit World like the Yuki-Onna and the rest of the Japanese myth creatures

dylan: ah that's right that could be *nods*

Dennis: *nods* What does he look like Jin?

Jin: *whimpers lowly and quietly to answer him and it sounds like a muffle*

Dennis: What? What you're trying to say? I can't hear you.

kin: oh dear

dylan: *get closer to jin to hear what jin said*


dylan: *fall back and rubs ear*….oooh...

kin: *calms jin*

Dennis: Easy Jin..*imagines in his mind* Man, that Baku sounds more like human.

Jin: It takes the form of the human.

kin: *nods*

dylan: *get up and sighs* yeah it does

Dennis: Hmm...this seems to be like an interesting creature.

-Spirit World-

dylan: *appears with dennis*

Baku: *starving and groans* Man...I haven't eat anything for 2 weeks since Jin wants me to eat his dreams and nightmares.

Dylan: that could be baku, cousin but wait why jin wanted ya eat his dreams/nightmares?

Dennis: *nods and pokes the Baku* Excuse me...

Baku: *turns around and look at Dennis* What? *hears Dylan* Jin?

dylan: hey baku and yeah jin's our friend but why he want ya eat his dreams/nightmare? he did not tell us about this

Baku: Because he asked me to, he prayed for me and I spoof up and eats all of his dreams and nightmares till he turned monochrome in my vision of the monochrome world.

Dennis: Hmm..huh okay...

dylan: hm...that's why jin looked different

Baku: *look at Dennis and senses something interesting* Hmm I wonder, are you a dream Shadow or a bad Shadow?

dylan: stay away from my cousin

Dennis: Bad Shadow halfa and I don't give nightmares, bub.

Baku: Well then, Shadow of Evil, I heard you suffer lots of nightmares, like childhood nightmares. Do you wish to be cure?

Dennis: No.

dylan: *Sighs*

Baku: How about when you're so uncomfortable in your sleep?

Dennis: Don't make me send Qulin to hunt me down

dylan: well...*look at dennis* he used over it, baku but about jin...

Baku: What about a trade?

dylan: which trade?

Dennis: What trade?

Baku: *turns around and sighed* 4 weeks ago on the New Moon, I appeared in front Jin when he prays in Japanese to summon me to eat his nightmares. I cheated till the New Moon arrive and waiting for something from him to return. *laughs* I wanted the dream stone but he doesn't have any nor he doesn't know what it looks like.

dylan: ahh that's why ya wanted that stone but what ya want with it for?

Baku: Unlimitless dreams I can eat from and I'll never grow hungry. I checked all with my customers and they have nothing to give me back in return. So if you're not gonna make a deal for me, that's fine, I'll leave...*walks away from Dylan and Dennis*

dylan: hmmm well, all right we do deal

Baku: *hears Dylan and turns around* And the deal would be?

dylan: well, we like jin be normal if ya stop eat dreams from people and i try find this stone fo ya

Baku: Hmm fine, I'll accept the deal and to get the stone, you have to go to the land of Dream Shadows in Shadowlurk to retrieve it. It's tricky because there's one Shadow that's living there and hiding.

dylan: i see hm

Baku: *uses the cane to open the portal to Shadowlurk* If you don't retrieve it in 12 hours, bygone for your friend and bygone for you.

dylan: *sighs understand and look at dennis* well, may we go?

Dennis: *smiles confidently* We will. *look at Dylan and nods and go into the portal*

Baku: Ta-ta! *whistling and walking away*

dylan: *nods and goes into portal too*


Dennis: *finally here at the Dream Shadow burned village* Hmm...I wonder where it would be..*sees the temple* Maybe it's over there *walks toward to the temple*

dylan: *goes with him* be careful, there are some traps in this village *goes in temple*

Dennis: Probably..*until Dennis spring up a needle trap that makes him fall into the pits* AHH!

dylan: ah! *grabs dennis's hand before dennis in pit* that was close, cousin told ya about trap *pull him out trap*

Dennis: Yeah...like I said...possibly...*gets out of the trap and saw the temple has stairs...lots of stairs* Oh jeez

dylan: mm i know, cousin and i seen long stairs before as like exercise... do ya like a race until appear at temple?

Dennis: No..*starts flying up the stairs to go higher and higher in the temple till he quickly reached to the top* Made it

dylan: alright *shrugs and flies too then lands on temple floor*

Dennis: And there it is...the box. I believed the dream stone *until he hears a female voice*

Voice: Don't touch that box...

Dennis: What was that?

dylan: hmm? we are not here to fight, ma'am. we just here to find stone because we have save our friend from baku

Dream Shadow: *has a long blue ponytail and a ragged brown dress**she appears behind that box* Under the name of the Dream Shadows! Leave us alone!

dylan: we are not bad people, ma'am

Dennis: Whoa, us? We're not going after you, we're going to take the stone to give it to the Baku.

dylan: it's true, ma'am. Our friend's in trouble, ya see

Dream Shadow: I - ...*lost a thought and decided not to tell her real name* I, the Dream Shadow, protect and guard this stone. Do you know why this stone is special?

Dennis: *blanks stare* And why is it special?

dylan: ah, calm down cousin *to dream* tell us why then

Dream Shadow: It's special because...it contained millions of the Dream Shadow's soul after the war with the Shadow of Evil..if anybody eats this soul, even a dream eater, all of the souls is lost and will turn the world into black and white

dylan:...ah so that's what baku wanted...but our friend jin turn into like, black and white as problem

Dream Shadow: I can repair his dreams and turn him back into color, that what dream shadows do.

dylan: really? hmm *look at dennis then back to dream shadow* ya sure? Alright, but baku will come back about this deal but i thinking if jin is ok then deal will off hm

Dream Shadow: You gotta change the deal before he gets angry. If you cheated the deal once it's sealed, you turn monochrome

dylan: ah point taken, ma'am and i am going find him then *to dennis* take her to jin and i will meet ya two at jin's home if it's okay

Dennis: Okay *nods*

Dream Shadow: *takes the box and keep it safe in her bag and then goes teleport with Dennis to Jin's home*

.dylan: *nods back at dennis*b e careful guys *teleport to find baku**poke baku's shoulder*

Baku: *turns around and smiles* Did you retrieve the stone?

dylan: about that but first we have change deal if it is alright, baku *look at dylan's fingernails into claws* will ya not mad, right?

Baku: *knew that it was coming* Oh I'm not mad...but. *holds up his cane* Do I need to steal your dreams?

dylan: oh hmm! it is nice for ya ask first but how i say...? *thinks then look at baku* hmm, no and i am sorry

Baku: Then fine then...I'm going to check out what's Jin is up to...because I want the dream stone *teleports*

-Jin's Home-

Jin: *sees Dennis and the Dream Shadow*

Dennis: *points at Jin*

dylan: *teleport to meet them*

Dream Shadow: *Nods and puts Jin to sleep to fix the emptiness of dreams*

dylan: be careful, guys baku's coming to check on jin or get this stone

Dennis: Don't worry, she's recovering him. Man, this Dream Shadow is so pretty.

Baku: *teleports and gasps* A DREAM SHADOW!

dylan: be careful, cousin don't make clara jealous^6; *hears baku* he's here

Dream Shadow: *jumped up a little and turned around* Protect me please!

Dennis: *charges dark ecto-rays and blast it at him to the wall*

dylan: *protects dream shadow or stone*

kin: oh dear! *hugs jin*

Dream Shadow: *look at falling asleep Jin and sees some bit of color near his feet* Hurry...

dylan: i hope jin make it quickly, ma'am

Baku: *stands up and growls and uses the cane to whack Dennis in the head repeatedly*

kin: *comforts jin sleeping*

Dennis: *grabs the cane and shove it into Baku's mouth*

Baku: *growls with frustration and takes the cane out and wave it around Dennis to make him fall asleep*

dylan: cousin!

Dennis: *suddenly falls asleep* Day time...

dylan: oh right...*sweatdrop*

Baku: Now who's next on my dream eating list?

Clara: *crashes through the roof and smiles* ME!

Baku and Dream Shadow: *turned around and both gasps fearfully*

dylan: *facepalm*

Baku: Ahh! Shinies! *teleports*

Dream Shadow: *stops the healing dream process and teleports*

dylan: aw man ya scared her, clara

Jin: *the color gone back to black and white**Jin rises up and screams*

Clara: Who did I scare?

kin: *gasps and look at Jin* Jin, it's okay now

dylan: um...he's back to black and white *sighs* again could ya come back later if it's okay?

Clara: No. I want to see what you're up to.

dylan: well, it was dream shadow was healing jin's dream, ya see but she scared of shinies like, she don't like light

Clara: Oh..sorry, I wonder what she looks like...

Dennis: *mumbled sleepily*

Clara: Why is my boyfriend is sleeping on the floor?

kin: *calm jin* because baku made him sleep

dylan: be right back, guys *teleport to pick up dream shadow/stone*

Clara: Wow...both of them can go to sleep either dream shadow or Baku? Cool...

Kin: Yeah *smiles with a sweatdrop*

Clara: Ooh look at the time..*to Jin* Don't you have a play to do within a week in your community?

Jin: Yes...tell them I'm sick.

dylan: *explained at dream shadow about clara is not enemy and come back with her to jin*

Clara: Man, you are really funny, Jin. *look around taps foot* Okay..then

kin: *worried about jin*

Dream Shadow: *let go of Dylan and growls and turns around*

dylan: sorry for this, ma'am but she didn't mean to scare ya, really

Dream Shadow: Tell me in another day, Shadows with black skin don't go well with Shinies and do you know why? It stops people from dreaming.

dylan: ah i see and hmm? yeah

kin: umm, ma;am? i know it is odd about this but dennis dating clara

Dream Shadow: If you excuse me, I have to go back to the Dream Forest. *teleports back to Shadowlurk* Bring me back when it's night time.

dylan: understood, ma'am

kin: night time? is she serious?

dylan: well, i believe, yes but she's our hope for jin ya know shadows don't like light because shadows only like nighttime

kin: oh...*comforts jin*

Clara: Ooh! *grabs Dennis's hands*

dylan: um i wonder if dennis wake up because baku put him sleep

Clara: *drags sleeping Dennis somewhere and flies away*

dylan: h-hey…my cousin..*sweatdrop*

kin: guess your cousin will okay, dylan *sweatdrop*

dylan: *sighs*

Jin: *groans and start having headaches and bit of fevers from insomnia*

kin: oh jin try hold for little long *hugs jin calm*

dylan: *look at clock*


Baku: *appears again and walking toward to Jin's house*

dylan: *senses baku and teleport dream shadow to bring to her then goes to stop baku*

kin: dylan..?

dylan: keep protect jin and dream shadow too, kin!

Dream Shadow: *gets teleported by Dylan and sees a Baku walking toward Jin's home*

Baku: *knocks the door*

kin: *nods at dylan and help dream shadow to help jin*

Zack: *opens the door with sleepy close eyes* What? Who is it?

dylan: *appear at baku and grabs zack to get away* enemy, zack! *turns into battle form and put zack to safe place and stand up to baku*

Baku: Ah! *uses a cane to whack Dylan's head*

kin: oh dear i hope we have enough time, ma'am to help heal jin

dylan: gah! *grabs cane* i don't let ya harm innocents and i see ya surprised about my form, ha *creepy smiles*

kin: *look at dream shadow healing jin*

Zack: Jin? *sleepy tone* He's in the hospital...Kin sent him there because he got tons of fever

dylan: i know that's why i teleported dream shadow to them, zack but this baku will steal your dreams, zack

Baku: *clenched fists and growled and he teleported to find which hospital did Jin go to*

Zack: What Mr. Cactus?

dylan: ohh *sighs and turns back human form* oh, "dreameater" thing like, myth creature like this but now he going find jin but ya are lucky he didn't steal your dream to turn ya black and white like jin

kin: how's jin, ma'am?

dylan: let's hope dream shadow make it to save jin hm but keep lock door until baku will gone in morning *close door and teleport to meet kin and dream shadow, jin*

Nurse: Doing fine, while...I think he needs to go to the Mental Hospital but it's odd that he turned black and white. He has a high fever from not sleeping for like 2 weeks. That's crazy. I think we should stop it soon when he is able to sleep again with medications that I gave him.

kin: *sighs and sweatdrop*long story but could ya give us more time, please? i promise ya he will sleep when he will get better and allow my friend help jin

dylan: *appears and see dream shadow and kin* what's going on?

Jin: *whimpers and hides under the bed*

kin: please, nurse?

dylan: *look at jin under bed* ya remind me about my boyfriend shang^^;

Baku: *appears in the room after the nurse left and growls**Points at the Dream Shadow* You. You always ruined my reputation, Dream Shadow, what is your name before I eat your powers of the night!

dylan: *sees baku and sighs then protects dream shadow* stay away from her, baku

kin: not again

Dream Shadow: Call me "S" I don't have a name. I'm waiting for someone to appear in Shadowlurk in the next 30 years...

Baku: Okay "S" *twirls the cane and whips it on the other side and then he twirls again to make Kin falls asleep and then Dylan*

dylan: *saw it coming then dodge it then grab cane away from him* i am not stupid, baku

kin: *sleep on jin*

Baku: You think? *evilly smiled*

dylan: *growl quietly*

Dream Shadow: *takes out the dream stone and use it on Baku to take away the dreams from his stomach that he has eaten* I know why I heal so slow on Jin because you stole his "dreams"

Baku: *suddenly he was forced to open his mouth and stars came out of his mouth to go into the dream stone* No!

dylan: ?! whoa

Dream Shadow: *finally got Jin's dreams in the stone and letting the other souls of the dream shadows to onto it* Now ready to get attacked? *smiles confidently and she puts the stone in her bag*

Baku: You don't stand a chance against me because I am a Dream Eater

Dream Shadow: *whistled*

dylan: hmm?

Zhi: *appears and jumped on Baku and attack him*

dylan: ah! zhi..? *blinks and chuckles* clever, "s"

shadow: meow! *kicks baku's face*

Zhi: *turned into a colored Jin illusion and grabs the Baku's hat and then bites his butt* GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

shadow: yeah! ya heard him, baku!

Baku: Ahh! *takes his cane and opens the portal to the Spirit World* I'm going back to Japan! I'm out of here! *jumps into the portal*

shadow: yay! we won! *hop*

Zhi: I never knew a Baku could get scared by animals.

dylan: *twist cane* ha yeah i noticed, zhi

shadow: meow *poke jin*

Dream Shadow: *she held out the dream stone and she goes over to Jin and make him fall asleep and do the healing process*

kin: *sleeping on jin*

dylan: *sighs relieved* what night, huh?

Dream Shadow: *finally completed the process and turned Jin's color back to vivid colors the way it should be**smiles* Happy Dreams...

dylan: *smiles and nods then to dream shadow* thank ya for help, friend. You are really good person

shadow: *purring and goes with zhi*

Dream Shadow: Thanks *smiles at Dylan* And he needs a lot of rest...for a long time. He has no sleep until now.

dylan: *nods agree* no problem and yeah i am agree *look at jin* haha he having good dreams peacefully

Jin: *sleeping and snoring soundly*

Dennis: *crashed into the window and attack Dylan*

dylan: *sweatdrop* oh let me take ya home, "s" then…..OOOOOFFFF! Dennis?!

Dream Shadow: *teleports back to Shadowlurk*

dylan: cousin, why ya attacking me?


dylan: *sweatdrop and sighs then take blindfold off* silly cousin and that dream eater is gone *chuckles*

Dennis: Oh am I too late?

Zhi: Yes you are...

Dennis: I couldn't hear the whistle.

Zhi: Because you're not a canine.

shadow: yep, meow *sweatdrop*or not animal

dylan: *pats dennis's back* it's okay but that dream eater's back to japan

Dennis: *frowns* Fine...

dylan: maybe some other time you will fight him, cousin someday...hey, do ya like some ice cream?

Dennis: No. I don't eat sugary food.

dylan: oh there is different kind of ice cream because new one as sugar free ice cream

Dennis: Once again no.

dylan: oh okay *sweatdrop* well, let's leave jin sleeping with kin then and i will let nurse know about this as he's okay….wait...why your face have doodles with Matt's handwriting? my guess my silly brother put prank on ya when ya were sleeping

Dennis: Whatever, I'll kill him the next time. *leaves*

Zhi: *leaves with Dennis*

dylan: wait for me, cousin! *sighs*...hm oh right my date's getting ready to go out with me *chuckles and goes meet shang*