Against my better judgement, Sasha's story continues in The Heart of Fin, which is complete and on fictionpress. If any of you have a better name for that story, (and this one) I would love to hear it. I'm crap at naming things. There's a character in the next installment called 'Squalt Chomondeley'. That's what happens when I'm forced to name things.

For those who read the teaser that was posted here, I hope you enjoyed the sneak preview (and thanks for following along chapter by chapter as I posted).

For those who are reading through for the first time – welcome! I hope you'll join me over at the sequel.

Do you like music? Do you fancy the notion of walking down the street, dosing on the bus, or chilling out on the weekend while listening to the soundtrack of these stories? Then try these on your music playing devices:

Sound of Your Heart - Eskimo Joe
Never Be Lonely - The Feeling
Whistle for the Choir - The Fratellis

And for Sasha?

Woman - Wolfmother
Here it Goes - Jimmy Eat World
The Party - Regina Spektor

No snide remarks on my taste in music, thank you. ;)


13/06/2014 - Edited to reflect the completion of the Heart of Fin.