Sunday 2nd February 2014, 9:28am

Wow, it's been almost 2 weeks since my last entry thingy and nothing - literally nothing - has happened. We still don't know if Miss W is pregnant, Leah is now 15 and so is HD. On Friday, it was an inset day and we didn't have school so me and a few of my friends went to Nandos for HD's birthday. That was fun!

I'm going to work in an hour and a half. , me and Cas went to the common with Archie to try and see Mercury. That was a fail because there were too many clouds or something like that. Loki is as cute as ever! I went to Lyn's house yesterday so that I could do homework and stuff.

Okay...what else? I'm on series 6 of Grey's Anatomy now. It's so awesome! I'm gonna upload this now and eat breakfast or something equally uninteresting.