Wednesday 25th June 2014, 8:22pm

I hate people. Not anybody in particular: just human beings in general. One reason for this is that the majority of people who live on this planet seem to have only one goal: to make money. Now, I'm not saying I don't like money, I do but I just hate it when things worth nothing cost tonnes of money. And the only reason they do is because people like conning people out of money. And I hate that.

I also hate chipmunks.

In answer to your question Lana, liver in Spanish is hígado.

Ooh, another thing about people I detest is people that walk down the street smoking. Now, I'm not hating on smokers, my mum smokes. But I do hate people who smoke in front of me. My mum seems to manage avoiding me when she's smoking and never smokes when either me or my brother or around. She also doesn't walk down the street smoking. And I would appreciate if every freaking smoker out there did that.

Moving on…SLOW WALKERS! I hate you. If you are a slow walker, you can guarantee I won't like you. In fact, there is an extremely high chance that I will avoid talking or even looking at you. This also goes to anyone who moans about their lives, moans about homework and school or revises last minute. And by last minute, I mean 20 minutes before the exam. It just annoys me so freaking much.

Right, last one. Teachers who talk about or MARK THE EXAM WE HAVE JUST DONE IN FRONT OF US. Yes Lana, I'm talking about Miss W. Once we had finished our English exam we had English quite soon after and for some reason she had gotten our exams back already. So, she looked through the exam in front of us and asked us if we had included certain things. I hadn't, and I wouldn't have known any better if she had just shut up about the stupid exam. What is the point in telling us what to include if we've already done the exam? And then she started marking it. Just, no, Miss W. No.

Thoughts on exams I had: Maths was weirdly easy which kinda worries me. Usually, if an exam is easy, I do crap. Actually, I did give up after I read the last question. I was just like: "Nope. I am not doing that. I'm not even gonna try." I finished the R.E. exam 30 minutes early. It was in four parts and each part had 4 questions and for the last part, between the 2nd and 3rd question, I procrastinated for like 10 minutes. And I still finished half an hour early. I wrote complete crap though.

Exams I have tomorrow: Graphics (boring…), Chemistry and Spanish Listening.

Location: En mi dormitorio (in my bedroom).

Mood: Less ranty than before.

Listening To: My neighbours having some sort of party, I think they're having a barbecue. It's really loud. And Jake is singing in the shower.

Reading: I…nothing.

Random Thing: This has been a very ranty blog today but sometimes, I just need to rant. Especially about people. Also, this morning, Lana told me that she finds it funny when I rant because I ramble complete nonsense half the time. That's probably true, actually.

Random Thing No. 2: The name of this chapter is after a Charmed episode called That Old Black Magic. I also thought of it after reading Hayleigh's blog for today which she called Black Magic.

See you in another life!