Chapter 1

I sighed softly. My mother licked the top of my head.

"Don't worry Blue. Nothing is wrong. Alpha just called the meeting because he wants to talk to us about hunting." She said, but I could tell she was lying.

I licked my mothers necklace. It was a large green gem, surrounded by small blue gems. She looked down at me and smiled.

"After the meeting I want to show you something."

My tail wagged and she laughed then looked up. Alpha was standing on a rock.

"Attention SilverMoon Pack!" He yowled, his voice ringing out. Crimson, who is Alpha female of the pack, jumped up with him. She started to speak. "DarkMoon pack wants to take over everything! That includes our land and the forest next to us!" She snarled

My father growled."What can we do?" He called.

Crimson looked at him. "We will have to fight."

Poison stood up. "We should attack before they do!" She howled and Alpha jumped down and attacked her.

"We can't attack them! They are stronger than us! We must train for battle first!" He snarled and then jumped back up onto the rock.

"Too late my friend!" A voice laughed and a wolf walked through the trees with about 6 others trailing behind.

Alpha growled. "What do you want James?"

"Your territory!" James snarled and attacked him.

My mother snarled and attacked a large orange-ish she-wolf. A wolf lunged towards me and I bit into it's shoulder. I saw red eyes and I heard laughing. The large wolf loomed over me and bit my neck. I someone smash into him. I saw my father pinning a large gray wolf as it snapped at his stomach. A completely black wolf stared at me. Then ran off. James growled and threw Alpha across CampPlace. My mother snarled and the wolf who had tried to kill me walked up to James.

"Get outta here, before we kill you all." He laughed and James smiled.

Alpha got up and snarled, but he gathered us all together.

"Where's Poison and Forest!?" Crimson fretted. Two other wolves walked up each dragging a wolf. Crimson snarled.

"Oh them! Yeah, we are taking them with us." A white she-wolf with bright red eyes cackled.

Crimson snarled. "NO!" She lunged but Alpha stopped her.

"Bu-bye!" A black wolf laughed and then ran towards us. My pack ran out of CampPlace and into unknown territory.

James smiled. "And don't come back!"