Summer boys disappear as quickly as they appeared;
all sunshine and light, left cold as the first glimpses of fall
send them spiraling into shorter days and fading smiles.

Summer boys are a temporary fix; bright and shallow,
only penetrating the surface of your skin
(they steal your laughter as they tilt away from your gravity).

Winter men chill you to the bone, clawing through your veins as
you inhale their indifference. They cool you to the core,
freezing the remaining pieces of your heart.

Winter men are the bandaid to your summer wounds.
they fill you up to the brim with darkness and tears.
(they leave you frostbitten, as the first flowers bloom).

Spring birds sooth you with songs that whisper adventures and rebirth.
they color your world in shades of metamorphosis and survival,
fooling you with sly smiles and heady scents.

Spring birds are the leeches against your dead limbs;
pretending to care while they suck your life right out of you.
(as summer creeps in, spring birds return to their mates).

Autumn lovers warm your hands with soft breaths and cozy mittens.
they entice you with rapid changes and the fulfillment of promises.
they confess sins of fire and impulse, causing you to fall.

Autumn lovers never leave, choosing instead to sleep, safe under the covers,
while the winter wolves comes in to bite at your toes.
(autumn lovers will bid their time, waiting till morning to breathe life back into you).