June the 13th;

Dawn took over the misty green roof tops, slowly and gradually in its own fashionable way, enlightening the town. At first the highest of the buildings relished the arrival of sun rays and later on as the clouds cleared the way, bright light filled the whole town. Indicating the sun just woke up.

"Ooo, sparkly!" The three year-old exclaimed with joy, cupping her chubby little hands around the yellow flower.

"No, I don't think it's-", but before I could finish, I encountered a punch in the head.

"OUCH! Hey!" I shouted, glaring at my child-hood friend, Merla.

"Don't ever mess with a child's imagination," she replied, crossing her arms. What? I was about to blabber about how non-sensible that excuse was, but she held out her finger, shushing me up. Which meant 'watch-and-keep-quiet'. Yeah? FINE.

My mother slowly crouched down in front of the baby girl and smiled, ready to start a new tale. "It's because the faeries just finished giving them fragrance," Wait right there, mom. That's not nice.

"Why isn't she ever kind with me?" I grumbled, still glaring.

"Looks like 'somebody's' jealous," giving me her one of the most annoying looks, Merla went back to giving her attention to the twos.

Eville, my three year-old, ever so adorable sister was never something to be jealous with. No matter how much I craved to go back in time and take her place. Ahem. That wasn't what I meant.

Those cherry coloured tiny lips parted, revealing a huge excited gasp from Eville. "Are they here?" she whispered in a tone full of hope.

"Maybe just behind the trees, waiting for us to get out of their way," my mother answered.

"Man, is she serious?" That was from me. And BAM! I received another punch in the head.

Thank you Merla, you're amazing.

The glint of happiness rushed through my sister's bright cerulean eyes and she jumped in surprise, "Let's go find them!", she cheered.

"Now, now ", my mother began, "they don't want to be trapped by our little friend here, do they?"

Eville pouted and held out her pinky, "I won't! Pinky Plomiss!"

"Oh, really? Is that so?", my mother raised her eye brows thoughtfully and pinched Eville's tiny nose making her giggle and struggle to break free.

"NOMON!" she chuckled back, flapping her arms up and down. Translation- 'No mom.' Oh, yes. That's how she speaks.

"Tickle attack!" my mother cheered as Eville ran across the yard, now in a bucket full of giggles, followed by my mother.

This is what usually happens on holidays in the Charles Household. Racing, giggles, Merla-continuously-punching-me, cooking some Italian food in dinners. And me? I just stand there and STARE.

Stare. Just stare.

Life's been like this for years and years, don't know how long. I wanted something new. Something different. Something exciting. Never did I knew it was going to happen all too soon.

I was happy. Yes. I was happy that we adopted Eville. Eville was born to a family of 10 siblings. Which itself was illegal and against every law stated by the Government. Her father known as Garrison something was a criminal and ran away leaving the Mother with 10 children. She died when Eville was born and eventually the children were sent to the orphanage. My Mother decided to bring her up to aid the orphanage, plus she felt pretty lonely with me hanging around with Merla all the time. Even though we do not have any blood relations, Eville means the world to me. To see her and Mom circling the yard, slipping, falling and tickling was a treasure. But something was missing. Guess what? My father.

If you ask me, I was never in need of a father. Indeed I don't want him after spending 16 years of my life without him, do I? Where was he all these years? He's been invisible and I wouldn't mind it if he stayed being at it. I've gotten used to myself in answering different things everytime somebody asks me about his death. I remember my ridiculous yet mouth-hanging answers.

*"Car crash. Yeah, that was it." -stares-

*"Eaten by sea monsters. I mean... sharks and...stuff." -Confused-

*"He was an architect. There was an explosion and BOOM!" -jumps-

*"YOU DON'T KNOW HIM?" -Gasps- "Just...go away dude." -slowly escapes-

I always love the way everyone stares at me afterwards. Like one of us has lost their brains. Not me, so probably them. Not to forget that I was grounded every-time my Mother found out my doings. Which happens quite a lot.

I clutched the last bit of my apple and slipped inside my room through the huge, dome shaped, glass window. Which of course is the entrance to the roof-yard. Yards's are permanently supposed to be on the roofs. It helps in the moving of houses. Literally. We changed our locations once or twice. Tell you, it isn't a happy journey. And all the plumbing and everything needs to be redone. Our house is just built like that. Almost most of the houses are. Except those lonely dark ones. Which stay at their place and are not able to be moved because they are stuck to the ground, which must be miserable.

Modern ways? They say so. But I disagree. I say some lunatic had it coming when he thought of putting these ideas into action. I stepped inside my room which was circular and hall-like if you look from outside, but gave a cosy feeling because of the amount of cushions and mess.

"Looks like 'someone' doesn't like to fetch faeries," Mer grimaced behind me and followed.

"Why doesn't 'someone' then do it their-self?" I replied in the same bored tone as I chewed the last bite of my apple and tossed it upwards. "Gulp," I ordered and a little door opened just when it hit the roof and gulped the left over. That, let me tell you, is where the dust-bin is. Sigh, same lunatic theory.

"What's up with you?" Mer said aloud, giving me a stare, her hands akimbo. She had this bad habit of speaking aloud.

"I'm bored," I groaned, falling on the cushion infested poor couch.

"Tell me when you weren't," That was true. She rolled her eyes and placed her hand on a little duck on the wall. A clicking sound came from within and a chair emerged from the wall. There she sat, feeling like a queen, smiling widely.

The chair was obviously for toddlers. And I couldn't help laughing at those happy expressions. "That was Eville's, dumb-head. You look like an idiot," I made out through my laughter.

"HEY!" She jumped up, ready to throw something at me.

These were very dangerous moments. Seriously. No wonder I always kept my most beloved belongings away and locked. In case of Merla's extremeness attacks.

I, however was not in a mood of a duck-and-hide game so I flopped on my bed and waved, "Goodbye Mer."

"I'm going anyway!" She snapped. "Thanks for the awesome company, Miss Charles." She continued sarcastically.

"Well, you're here everyday," I replied. That was quite true. We went to each other's places a lot. And treated each other like soul sisters or born enemies depending on the circumstances.

"That's quite rude," Well yes. It was. I felt her glare as I closed my eyes and turned to my side.

"See you tomorrow," I replied. Of course. Everyday's the same.

Merla turned to her left where the staircase took her outside. There were as many staircases as bedrooms in our house. So anyone could sneak out any-time.

She took a few steps down and then looked back at me till her head was at the level of my floor.

"You're turning into those 100 years old's who owns 500 cats," she commented.

Perhaps she was right. But who was to blame? Life's all boring.

"And you're that young teen who throws a kitty down the roof everyday," I laughed and she cackled in return.

"Goodbye Velly," she said finally.

"See you tomorrow," I replied back.

"Or maybe never," she whispered, trying to sound mysterious. And took the steps down.

"Mm," was all I said before darkness embraced me and I fell in a deep and sound sleep.

It felt like I had just started to have a comfortable sleep when something woke me up.

"Whoa, mom! It's still Summer y'know?" I blurted out, bolting upright, eyes still closed.

That was my reaction to the scorching heat and the burning air which blew all around me.

"MOM! This place is burning!" I shouted in exasperation. Who turned on the heating system?

Apparently my room made no echo, because of the furniture and the window. But this time I heard my voice ringing. As if taken to every corner by the wind. The wind? What wind? The question echoed in my mind. I slowly opened my eyes, just to be turned to a stone as astonishment took over me, hanging my mouth.

I was taken aback.

It wasn't my room. No. It wasn't anywhere I had ever been. I was in fact, in the middle of a lonely, burning, going as far as I looked, ruined, wreckage of a town.

"Am I hallucinating?" No, no, no, no, no...

One thing I was sure of, very much sure of, it wasn't a dream. It was real all right.

(A/N) The sister 'Eville' is pronounced [Av-vill] as the 'Av' is in Avalanche, NOT 'evil'. So for all the people who think she's evil, that's a misunderstanding. (*-*)