Veronica West was a well respected girl, both in her student body and among adults. She had impeccable grades, an ambivalent personality, and a winning smile. As current Vice President of her Sophomore class, most the work fell on he shoulders and all the work was done right. She aimed high and was hoping for President in her Junior year. She was sharp and mature; the epitome of a model student.

So the argument she was currently in now would blow the mind of most who new her.

"The class colors are purple."

"No, they should be green!"

Unless those who knew her were also aware she was in the presence of her best friend Richard. Then they wouldn't be nearly as surprised.

"I already said no to green," Veronica said, massaging her temples. "So stop bringing it up."

Francesca, the current class president and person who had come to Veronica in hope for a solution to the class color dilemma, nodded her head vehemently.

"I'm not even sure I own green!" she supplied.

"Me neither," agreed Veronica, hoping he wouldn't catch on her to her lie.

"Yes you do!" accused Richard. "You have that green shirt you wore to match me for twin day!"

Veronica outwardly grimaced, scolding herself for forgetting that piece of information.

"Well that's only one thing!" She replied. "And Francesca still doesn't own any green. I say purple is a much more common clothing color."

"I resent that," said Simon from across their lunch table. "I'm with Richard on this, green is the color for me."

The two boys fist pumped as Veronica rolled her eyes. Honestly she could not believe how much time this was taking. Already half of their lunch time was gone, and she had barely gotten through her meal! When Francesca had come to her in the beginning of the lunch period, she hadn't expected this much trouble on such a simple situation. She couldn't help but bitterly think that if her school was more organized, they could've just assigned school colors like they did all the years before to avoid such conflicts.

"I still don't see why we can't do blue," quipped Alex, taking a hire of her noodles.

"Juniors have dibs," Francesca automatically responded. "Seniors get the school colors of red and Freshmen called white."

"Aw why do Freshmen get white?" complained Richard. "We're older, we should tell them to pick another color."

"Don't be mean," Veronica said narrowing her eyes. "They deserve it for getting organized before we did."

Richard huffed, but dropped the subject.

There was a lull in the conversation until,

"What about orange?"

A collective "No!" rang out among the table as the speaker, Jess, rose her hands.

"Sorry just suggesting!" she excalimed.

"Enough suggestions, the color is purple," Veronica said frankly.

"I thought we already said no one had purple," rejected Richard.

Turning on him, Veronica looked directly into his eyes, leaning close to him and pointing her finger into his chest.

"Do you own any sort of purple at all whatsoever?" she demanded in a low voice.

Richard swallowed, finding it hard to meet his best friend eyes. Raking his mind, his eyes widened as his answer came out.

"Yes," he realized, looking quite surprised.

Turning to look at Simon, she pointed her finger accords the table to him too.

"What about you?"

"I do too," he thought aloud, looking a bit pleased by the realization.

"And you?" She asked Roger, their patron quiet boy, who looked startled bythe question.

"Yeah," he shrugged, going back to his meal.

"So there!" Exclaimed Veronica. "We all own purple. I'll take that as a good estimate of the student body and purple will be our class colors."

"But I still like green better!" Richard said, not giving up without a fight.

"No one likes green better!"

"I totally agree," said Francesca. "Green does nothing for me."

"I like green," said Jess, picking at her green jacket.

"Well green looks good on you," Veronica said. "It makes your eyes look fantastic. But you're a Junior, so you don't even have to worry about it!"

"I still say her vote counts!" proclaimed Richard, looking quite smug.

"You can not be serious!" exclaimed Veronica. "Okay. That's it. As Vice President I say the class color is purple."

"Dictator!" hollered Richard, standing up from his seat in the center of the cafeteria. "Tyrant! Suppression of the voices of the people! Listen to the words of our so called leader! I call for anarch-"

"Shut up!" Veronica hissed, cheek warm and eyes livid.

"We'll you can't pull the Vice President card and expect to get away with it," Richard stated, obviously pleased.

Veronica collapsed her head onto the table, wincing only slightly at the pain of her head colliding with the plastic.

"You suck," she mumbled.

"So I've been told," he replied warmly, referring to the many, many, many times she had said that to him.

"Okay what about this," she said warily, lifting her head from the table. "What about we have two class colors, green and purple, and allow the Sophomores to chose to wear whichever the prefer."

Silence blanketed the table as the only thing to be heard was the test of the loud chatter of the cafeteria as the table occupants (and one standing girl holding a clipboard) mulled over the idea.

"Will that be allowed?" question Jess.

Veronica shrugged, taking a bite from her pasta.

"The school can't exactly get too mad considering they never assigned us actual class colors," she deduced, continuing on with pasta.

Francesca rolled her eyes at her friend's focus on her food before scribbling down something on the clipboard and nodding to herself.

"Okay I'll run this President Emmett (insert snort here from Veronica) and get the certified," she said, eyes glued to her notes.

"Thanks so much Veronica!"

Said girl smiled warmly at the secretary and opened her mouth to reply before she was interrupted by the bell ringing.

"Seriously!" she yelled, throwing her hands in the air. "I barely got through my food!"

"Don't worry, you and your food will be soon reunited," teased Richard, mockingly patting her back.

"Don't you start!" she exclaimed pointing her finger at him. "If you hadn't gotten so caught up on this green business, than this wouldn't be a problem!"

Collectively rolling their eyes at the duo, the rest of the table gathered their things and left, leaving their bickering friends to their conflicts.

"You have got to be kidding me."

If Veronica West could hit her head violently against a wall without fear of mental damage, she would do it.

"You've got to admit this is kinda funny," quipped Richard, smirking at his friends defeated look.

"This," she said, waving her hand wildly at one of the bewildered offenders. "Is not funny!"

Said reason that the offenders were, well, offending was because they were dressed in purple. Decked out from head to tie in the violet color actually. Veronica wouldn't be upset if it wasn't for one thing. They were Freshmen.

"Their color was supposed to white!" she whined. "I would've loved white, but they sakes, and then they went and stole our color!"

"Aw are you upset because I was right," cooed Richard, poking Veronica in the stomach.

"One, this is not about you; two, you were not right; and three, I can't believe your still on this!" Veronica replied in one breath, cheeks red and lips puffing.

Richard paused before clearing his throat and reestablishing his arrogant demeanor.

"Think whatever you want, but if we had listened to me, then none of this would be a problem," he explained, smirk growing on his face.

"Oh green isn't even that fantastic a color," she huffed. "You barely even wearing any!"

"Oh I wasn't pushing green so much for me," he replied nonchalantly. "You, however, are able to look even more enchanting in green and I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to try and get you to wear it."

And this is when the eloquent and knowledgeable Veronica West was lost for words and could only reply in short sounds that sounded a mix of cat meows and cow moos as Richard chuckled and sauntered away. While in her stupor, he paused, the turned his head back to her.

"I also wouldn't have minded white," he called out. "Considering it was supposed to rain today."

This breaking her out her trance, Veronica's cheeks heated up even more as she hollered at him, running after Richard as his laughter rang in his trail.

She almost hated field day and the Freshmen at that moment more than him. Almost.

So. That. Inspired by true events! Seriously picking class colors when they're not assigned to you is the worst thing ever.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this little snippet as I attempt to avoid your glares and laser beams for seemingly abandoning my other story! That shall be updated hopefully soon!

Until another time that's maybe not in distant future, bye!