Chapter Nine

Lannie and Lerry were in the guest room between Lin's and Lulu's, both staring up at the ceiling.

"You two okay?" Leinad asked as he and Lin entered.

"No," Lannie grumbled, pressing her face into her pillow. "This room smells like a hospital, I won't be able to sleep without my music, and Mrs. Temple will get mad that our assignments were destroyed."

Mrs. Temple was the old, sour-faced governess who had taught Lanoir children for nearly thirty-five years.

"I wish Mrs. Temple had been in the tower when it fell down," grumbled Lerry.

"That's not a nice thing to say!" said Leinad. "I hated her too, but I don't want her dead. Besides, I don't think you'll be seeing her for a while."

As he went to check and see if Aunt Ileda had a music pod that Lannie could borrow, Lin said, "Why don't you forget about that crone for tonight and think of something positive?"

"You mean like no more classes with Mrs. Temple?" Lerry suggested.

"That's right," said Lin. "Not for now, at least."