Various Haikus

All is Vanity

Cycles thrive in this sunlit
Hell. Nothing is new.

First Love: A Haiku in Three Parts

Mute joy, muffled laughs;
A solitary secret
Shared in its own time.

Strong hugs, mouth music;
Freely reign the passions of
Teenage girls and boys.

In first love all is
Paradox and clouded thoughts.
Unreason is king.

Priorities: A Didactic Haiku

Put first things first or
You lose not only it but
The second thing too.

Quo Vadis? Or, "Where Are You Going?"

Quo vadis? The shape
Of your heart compels you to
Go where your sins fear.

Your Eyes

I look in your eyes
And in them I see a glimpse
Of highest heaven.

In His Image

The mirror reflects
Divine beauty, and He
Is coming at death.

Celesma, 2009