always painted as the violent one,

the one misunderstood, all forgotten

the ones closest to me are eating me alive

the agony they caused, hollowed me from inside

as the world spins before my eyes

i try to recall the predicament last night

cruel words were spewed

thoughts awfully confused

emotions all over the place...

a gulible little child

stabbed by none other than his mom

whom with he were to solace...?

puffy bloodshot eyes

head bursting with pain

all eyes on me

betraying their disdain

in times like these

when the air screams "TRAGEDY"

peace exists only

in cherished fantasies

not all words were said

not every witness shot dead

yet it came to be one heck of a brawl..

the morals were immured

the goodness subverted

the flagstaff of Evil stood smug and tall...