Dear mother and father at home, how are you? I hope everyone is doing well. I really wish I can come home soon, but I guess it is hard to realize that wish in the current situation. There is a good reason for that, and that is...

"Where is our backup!?"

"Three enemies seen behind us, reload quickly!"

"We defeated five of them just a minute ago! Just how closely packed is their formation!?"

"No more talking, on your guard!"

Because the current situation is, to say the least, very chaotic.

"Just how did it come to this…?"

July 6th, 3789, 06:00 A.M. - A mission order was issued to four platoons of the Royal Gates Army, to protect a group of special elites whose job is to quickly dispose the enemy's, City State of Jane's, Supreme Commander, Troy Vallen, to end the long fought war between the two countries.

July 8th, 3789, 04:00 A.M. - The operation, code name: Heart Strike, was initiated. Seventy four troops left the Royal Gates Army Base towards the capital of City State of Jane, Gracia, secretly by using several stealth land vehicles.

July 9th, 3789, 02:23 P.M. - An ambush prepared by the City State of Jane Army several kilometers from Gracia took out the special elites team using explosives. Strong possibility of a spy leaking information speculated. The platoons ordered to protect them was scattered and forced to retreat.

July 9th, 3789, 03:04 - 05:37 P.M. - One by one, the platoons fell by the hand of the pursuer forces from City State of Jane Army. Currently confirmed casualty: sixty eight personnel.

"When I got home, I will never leave my room ever again…" I muttered as we, the remnants of the 17th Platoon, run from our lives while taking down enemy pursuers.

"This is all because the captain is too trusting! I knew there is something wrong when we suddenly took a different route!" Leon Stark, one of my comrades yelled. Always hot headed and reckless, he is visibly irritated by how things turn out.

Well… I doubt that any of us is pleased with our current situation, I mean, being stuck at the enemy territory, pursuers hot on our trail, comrades dying around us every minute... nope, not an ideal situation, I presume.

"Where is the captain!?" Mary Stone, our platoon's medic, also a skilled combatant, shouted desperately.

"Dead. He was left behind and shot approximately seven minutes ago." Calm and calculating as always, Tigris Stark, our platoon's self-proclaimed genius strategist and Leon's younger brother stated indifferently.

"I guess that increased the casualty count by one, then… hopefully it will not increase anymore." I said, stating the obvious.

"Great deduction, genius. Now I would really appreciate it if you don't jinx us like that…" My buddy, the kind yet cowardly whose choice of job as a soldier being questioned almost daily, Stephen Beatrix whispered while trembling.

"You guys need to talk less and run more!" Nina Bartholomew, our intelligent and fierce vice captain, scolded us loudly.

My current greatest wish is… to go home safely with all my limbs intact. If I say that out loud at the current situation, I'm sure I will get yelled at, so I keep it in my heart.

Several hours later, the surroundings is too dark to keep going. Our pursuers has not been seen nor heard for more than half an hour, hopefully they lose us.

"We can rest here, everyone try to get yourself comfortable sitting on the ground. We are going to discuss our plan" Nina said, she really is a good leader. I guess her title as vice captain is not just for show.

"I will proceed to think up a strategy to get out of this mess, please do not talk to me until I am done." Tigris seems like he can use a break, actually, he is the least physically fit of us all.

"No brother, you need to rest. We are moving again tomorrow." Leon seems concerned for his younger brother. I guess that is only normal.

"Please stop treating me as a kid." Tigris coldly answered.

" What!? Listen to me! You are tired so just rest! " Leon, always so quick to anger, the siblings' personalities are just too different… are they really siblings?

"Stop yelling please, we don't want the enemy to pinpoint our location…" Mary calmed him down. Well, it is a dangerous situation unsuitable for quarrels…

"Jade, is your left knee still in pain? I need to change the bandage tomorrow morning."

"It's already fine, Mary, thanks for your concern." I said, looking at my bandaged left leg. It still hurts a bit, but I can walk or run just fine.

"D-don't worry, w-with me here, we are as safe as… um… as turtles!"

"Turtles falling off from orbit, that is…" I muttered quietly to myself. I guess my friend is trying to impress Mary by acting tough and dependable. Just when will you learn, Stephen...

"Now, what do you want our goal to be?" Nina asked solemnly.

"Going home of course, what else?" I said, subtly expressing my current greatest wish.

"It's not that simple, we are in the middle of enemy territory here, even with small numbers, it is too risky to walk to the border and cross it." I guess Tigris is right…

"We can just surrender and hope they spare us."

Great, a very smart line from my kind friend. Just where did that show off attitude went off to?

"No way, I am never giving up, and I hope neither will any of you."

Leon is right, I will do whatever it takes to see my house again. Surrendering is just too foolish.

"But the situation is…"

"Man up, will you? He is right, we are soldiers, surrendering is unsightly."

Stephen seems depressed because Mary scolded him, don't worry man, you deserved it.

"What are your thought vice captain? I bet you already have something in mind." I said, the Nina I know would just selfishly initiate her plan, hearing us out just out of courtesy. But since her plans always work in the end, she is really dependable despite her selfishness.

"Good observation, Jade. I have a plan that can let us go home significantly more safely than now. That is , by using the confusion and chaos spreading through this country."

Okay… I don't like the sound of it. I sure hope she is not up to something crazy. Please Nina, I am counting on you, just let us all go home safely without creating anymore troubles…

"What do you mean?"

Mary asked her, I wanted to ask too, but too worried to do so.

"We are going to initiate "Heart Strike" by ourselves. Tigris, I leave how we do that to you."

Yup. It is something crazy, all right.

Several days later, we somehow managed to reach Gracia. Being small numbered made us hard to track, and our trip here was relatively smooth, with just three of the enemy's scout as casualty. We are currently in an outskirt inn.

"Now Tigris, please, the strategy." Nina seems to be eager to hear it… me, not so much.

"Right, by taking into account our current equipments and fire power, I have long deduced that a full frontal strike will not succeed."

"Well, duh." Way to go, Leon, you stated what I have in mind. Now I won't get yelled at for saying it.

"Silence, brother. By asking Mary, Jade, and Stephen to ask around the city, we have obtained information that Supreme Commander Troy Vallen is going out to another base around thirty kilometers from here, with several of his trusted men. We are going to take part on this trip."

Ah, our hard earned information comes up. The three of us were just one step away from crying and begging to get that from the old man who seems to be war veteran selling fruits across the street. We just told Tigris this and his face made me imagine a light bulb showing up over his head… I wonder what grand strategy he is going to… hold on, take part?

"Wait, you are saying that…?" I try to confirm.

"Correct, we are infiltrating their rank, this trip is just guarded with several men, not a platoon. We can replace five of their soldiers and go with them."

Oh great, another crazy idea, can't we do something more normal like sniping from a far place? Wait, I guess they must be full alert on snipers so scratch that…

"Won't they get suspicious?' Mary asked.

"No, Troy Vallen made sure none of his men are friendly with each other so that they are able to sacrifice any of their own at will. Obviously, he doesn't remember any of their faces either."

What a great boss, he must be good at chess.

"Must be hard to work here…" Stephen, you are too kind for your own good, no need to show remorse to soldiers trying to kill you.

"I understand… so after we infiltrate what next?" Nina seems to like it so far, she is smiling brightly.

"We improvise."

"So much for the genius strategist." It seems like my thinking and Leon's is on sync, I liked it because I don't need to get yelled at, but it is getting annoying since I am supposed to be the deadpan snarker here.

"Give him a break, isn't it more interesting to do it this way? Good job getting all that info, Tigris." I guess Nina has a few screw loose.

"Naturally, vice captain."

"I thought we were the ones who asked around?" Stephen asked me.

"Nah… forget it…" I am just too tired to rebut anything anymore.

"Okay, BCN Platoon, we are going to give this mission code name: Heart Attack."

"What does BCN stand for, vice captain?" I asked, deciding to ignore the only slightly altered and now sound exactly like a disease code name.

"Beautiful Captain Nina, what else? Oh, and everyone, stop calling me vice captain. I am now the captain of this platoon."

Nina grins happily, just how coldhearted is this woman to disregard the recently deceased captain just like that…

"Here we are, in the middle of enemies, dressing as them, you scared Jade?"

"Stop talking to me idiot, we are not supposed to talk to each other, don't raise suspicion." I don't want to die because some hot blooded idiot is just too eager for some action.

"My bad, man." Leon seems so relaxed, I bet Stephen is trembling heavily right now, speaking of which, his position is… oh there he is, wait, he seems remarkably calm…

"I am strong. I am not afraid." He muttered repeatedly. Okay… I decided to ignore him. Be at peace, my friend.

Our mission is simple, we are all holding a long barreled fire arm on standby, and the person closest to Troy Vallen will shoot him and the others will shoot around them when that happens. After that we run for our lives. And the job to shoot him falls to… me.

"Just my luck…" I calmed my heart and position my gun, and shot the great supreme commander on his head, he fell. Dead. Eh? Isn't this too simple?

"The Supreme Commander was shot!?" the angry yells resound all around me, my friends quickly silenced them with gunshots and we retreated to the forest with them hot on our trail. What incompetent men these people are… to lose their commander so easily… maybe they are not too motivated…

Thinking useless things, I keep running, while occasionally firing toward pursuers behind me, and just like that, the long awaited last battle ended in a very anticlimactic way. I knew not giving up was worth it. I know I can go home now.

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." — Franklin D. Roosevelt