The Political Wife

Insight into the head of a political wife who stays with her husband after he publically cheats on her multiple times. Reviews are Returned. Cheating. Politics. Reasons to Stay.

Help me understand the wonder surrounding the words

Rolling from your tongue as you give a dissertation

On our love to your support group as a motivational tool

So that they too can experience the "joy" we supposedly felt

During our whirlwind romance, engagement and subsequent married life.

Tell them about our ups and our downs,

Our moments of peace,

And our moments of depression when we thought the world might be falling down round us.

Then, tell them about how you feel we have climbed back up to the top of the mountain

And are looking down over everything we have accomplished.

And while you're doing that, please tell me about how we are not still in the valley looking up at an unconquerable Cliffside

Tell me how we are not facing a plight which will most definitely end in failure and our eventual demise.

Tell me about how you can look me in the eye every morning and believe that I don't know about her,

The other women who holds all your secrets, your hopes and dreams,

Secrets, hopes and dreams that you used to entrust in me, and me alone

Tell them how we are facing this and every challenge together

And then explain to me why it feels we are speaking different languages to each other

From two different sides of the Earth.

One side in perpetual night,

And the other side in perpetual day.

Just tell me.


Tell me something.

Tell me anything!

Just talk to me and not about me to virtual strangers.

Help me understand your words

Or listen to my words for a chance.

Because soon you will miss my dead eyes each morning,

You will miss my support when you give these talks at different podiums across the world.

And you will miss your current reputation.

When your political trophy wife leaves you and your stories are revealed to be exactly that.


Make your choice.


Don't Talk.

I don't care.

You seem to be a master of words, summon them to your mouth and tell me something.

But keep in mind, as you speak, that you will no longer abuse me.