Reality 01: Team World

2AM. Inside the Neo London Bank Complex. Men wearing masks and holding firearms were walking to and from. On the floor was a mixture of civilians kneeling down, their hands on top of their heads.

"Damn it all!" One of the men screamed as he kicked the wall.

The robbers wanted to finish the operation before the authorities caught on. The Neo London Bank Complex was a huge building so it was a equally huge operation to take complete control of it.

"Where the hell is Curtis!?" The man who appeared to be the leader screamed at his subordinates. They all turned their gazes away from him.

*Bang!* - A gunshot rang out. A moment later one of the hostages fell lifelessly forward into a puddle of his own blood.

"KYAAAA!" Several of the hostages screamed whilst shaking in fear. Looking at the man who needlessly lost his life.

"Be quiet!" The man ordered as he pointed his gun at another hostage.

The screams instantly muffled, but their shaking continued.

"Yuri, your job is to secure the safety of the hostages." A voice of a young woman came through the headset a boy in his mid teens was wearing.

"Okay, nee-san." He replied.

The boy had the look of a delinquent, dyed pitch black hair , and piercings in his ears and eyebrow. This boy was Yuri Sekai.

"Remember the plan." The voice reminded. Yuri did not reply, he just continued walking.

He was currently on the roof of the complex. Neither the robbers, nor the authorities were aware of this.

Peering through the door, Yuri noticed a single masked man carrying a handgun patrolling the area.

If I cause a scene the hostages will be endangered Yuri thought to himself as he decided on a course of action.

The man's back was turned, he was approximately eight metres away from Yuri. However, Yuri quickly appeared behind the man.

"Huh?" The man exclaimed as he turned around. "GUH!" He was knocked unconscious before he could even react.

Yuri quickly took the man's gun, before dumping him in a empty room.

"It's my first time holding one of these." Yuri said to himself with a smile, like a kid who had just received a new toy.

*Bang!* - Yuri exited his happy mode when he heard the familiar sound of a gunshot.

I best hurry, He urged himself.

Inside a room full of monitors sat a girl who was about sixteen years old. The room was where all the CCTV recordings were stored. She was not meant to be in there, but she was. Two masked men were out cold on the floor.

This girl was Reina Shiina. She was an average height girl with shoulder length red hair and a slim build. She, like Yuri, was also wearing a headset.

"Reina? Have you got the data?" A woman's voice asked through the headset.

"Yeah, I've got it. There will be no trace that we were ever here." Reina answered.

"Okay, wait for Yuri's signal then." The woman ordered through the headset

"You got it." Reina replied before talking to herself "I just hope Yuri doesn't go too far and screws up."

"Urgh..." One of the unconscious men had awoken and was now pointing his handgun at the teenage girl.

Reina sensed her danger immediately. The ring on her hand began to shine slightly.

"Shield Of Illumination."


Reina's voice and the sound of the gunshot overlapped. The bullet was on a collision course with Reina; however, it never reached her.

A stream of light appeared in front of Reina and held off the bullets advance.

"Well, I guess I can't say anything about Yuri now can I?" Reina said to herself as she strolled towards the man.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* - Three more bullets were released from the chamber. However, like their predecessor, they did not reach Reina, the light protected her.

"What the hell are you!?" The man shouted, having lost his composure.

"Nothing that you will remember," Reina replied before mercilessly kicking him in the face.

The man once again was left unconscious, and Reina returned to her seat.

"Oi, guys, respond!" The robbers leader was speaking into a radio. However he was unable to establish a connection with any of his subordinates that were patrolling the building.

"What the hell is going on!?" His anxiety of not knowing was causing his face to distort in anger.

"You four go check it out!" He ordered.

The men gave a nod and ran off through the door. Their leader was in a very edgy mood, so they were glad they had an excuse to get away from him.

"And where the fuck is Curtis!?" The leader yelled "He was the one who suggested that we pull this shit! A walk in the park my arse!"

Yuri was running down the corridor, his destination was the area where the hostages were being held. He had already taken down all the other robbers that were within the complex.

"You, hold it!" A voice came from Yuri's right as he was running past a crossroad in the corridor.

Yuri stopped and looked at them. There stood four robbers that were armed in the same manner as the rest. They were all pointing there guns at him.

"Your gun, drop it on the floor." One of the men ordered.

Yuri held the gun down in front of him and released his fingers from the grip.

Gravity slowly pulled the gun down to the ground. However, just as it was about to hit the floor, Yuri kicked the falling gun at one of the robbers. "URGHH!" The force of the impact threw the man backwards.

The other men reacting upon Yuri's resistance pulled the triggers to their guns. Yuri reached for several copper coins in his pocket. The coins in Yuri's hand suddenly disappeared and left something else entirely. A long thin bladed sword.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

*Ching! Ching! Ching!* - The sound of metal hitting metal sounded as Yuri moved his sword at a speed that the human eye could not follow.

The bullets that should have pierced through the boy, had been deflected by his sword. The men stood dumbfounded, wondering why he was still standing.

Yuri suddenly appeared right in front of the three robbers. Almost like he had teleported. However, that was not what happened, he simply moved so quickly that it looked like he had.

Yuri, using the grip of his sword and his free fist knocked out two of the men before they could take a second shot at him.

The final remaining man quickly re-aimed his gun at Yuri's head.

*Bang* - The bullet sounded out, but it hit nothing but air. Yuri had quickly tilted his neck and dodged the oncoming bullet. He then quickly knocked out the final man and relieved all four of them of their guns.

"Such weaponry is useless against a Realitist." Yuri said to the men who could no longer hear him before continuing on towards his destination.

I highly doubt that they didn't hear that racket. Yuri thought to himself as his feet carried on.

"Report! Report Damn it!" The leaders anxiety had increased even more. He was now unable to contact the four men he previously sent out.

"What is going on here!?" The leader asked rhetorically as sweat saturated his face.

The leader had heard the gunfire through the door, so he knew there had to of been something that caused his men to fire. But the said men were not answering their radios. The only reasonable answer was that his men were beaten. If that was the case.

"Grab the hostages. They are our bullet shields." The leader ordered his men.


"No stop!"

The hostages screamed as they were pulled onto their feet.

*Bang!" - The leader shot his gun into the air. The atmosphere stiffened even further as they looked on in fear, recalling the man who had already been killed.

"Yuri, the robbers are using the hostages as shields." Reina reported through the headset.

"Don't worry, I can handle it," Yuri replied fiercely. "Do it now."


Six men stood, each with a hostage being held in front of them.

"So they never had any intention of giving in to our demands." The leader spat out. "But I won't go down here!"

Suddenly something happened that shook everyone within the room. All the lights suddenly went out.

"WHA..." The robbers and the hostages were both equally shocked.

With no light, neither the robbers, nor the hostages could see anything.

Here goes nothing. Yuri thought to himself as he rushed into the room that was now pitch black.

"Urgh!" One of the robbers leaked out as they collapsed.

"Shit!" The leader shouted as he tightened his grip on the woman he was holding and pointing the gun towards the noise.

*Bang! Bang!* - several bullet shots were let out towards Yuri, who simply avoided them after pushing the hostage to safety. He then moved onto the next robber.

"Damn It!" The leader screamed in frustration. As he pushed the hostage away and tried to run away.

Yuri quickly apprehended him.

Within a minute of the lights turning off, all the robbers were knocked out. Yuri quietly left the room before the lights were restored.

"Okay, our work here is done." Yuri said over the headset.

"I've finished altering the memories of those who saw us." Reina reported.

"Yeah, the rest now is up to Nee-san, let's pull out before the police storm the complex." Yuri ended his conversation at that.

"Ha ha ha. I've got the Artefact." A man said as he ran down the deserted street. This man was Curtis. He had talked the leader of a group of armed robbers into robbing the Neo London Bank Complex. However, whilst the robbers objective was money, Curtis was only after the Artefact that was stored inside of the bank.

He had them rob the bank as cover so he could escape with the Artefact.

"That is as far as you go." A voice suddenly proclaimed from behind Curtis, who turned around to look at it's owner.

Stood there was a woman in her twenties with long dark hair and glasses that gave her a very intellectual and dignified appearance. This woman's name was Lana Sekai, she was Yuri's older sister.

"You're from Genesis?" Curtis asked after looking at what Lana was wearing, a uniform that has the letter 'G' emphasised on both the chest and arms. "I thought that Genesis did not involve itself in issues that have nothing to do with Realitists."

"But we do involve ourselves in issues that do have something to do with Realitists," Lana answered back, "You were trying to use regular bank robbers to try and camouflage yourself from us. You were hoping to take the Artefact without Genesis even realising."

"I guess there is no longer a reason to beat around the bush." Curtis stated with a sigh. "I'll teach you to mess with Venus!"

Curtis materialised a sword with a very broad blade. He was different from the bank robbers who were just regular humans. Curtis was, like Yuri, Reina, and Lana, a Realitist. Someone who was capable of re-writing the laws of reality with their mind. This included, but was not limited to, turning something into something else, or even creating something new entirely. The amount of power they each wielded, was only held back by their own subconscious.

Lana materialised her own personal weapon of choice, a spear. She then charged towards Curtis at a speed the human eye would not be able to follow. Increasing ones speed by distorting reality was an easy task for a Realitist.

*Ching! Ching!* - Their respective weapons clashed, once, twice, thrice. Their high speed battle kept going.

A bracelet on Curtis' wrist began to shine. Suddenly, several fireballs the size of soccer balls appeared.

"So, he plans on using the Artefact he just stole." Lana said to herself.

"Die!" Curtis shouted as the fireballs flew towards Lana.

Lana did not move, she had no need to. Suddenly, a huge quantity of water fell down on the fireballs Curtis had fired. Lana had created water from nothing to dowse Curtis' attack by re-writing reality.

"How did you!?" Curtis was visibly shocked. She was definitely a stronger Realitist than him.

Lana moved quickly whilst Curtis was still shaken. "URGH!" She delivered a powerful blow to his body, that fell limply onto the ground.

A few moments later Lana heard two pairs of footsteps closing in on her.

"It looks like you're done Nee-san." A voice she recognised called out to her. It was Yuri, Reina was walking beside him. These two along with Lana were part of an organisation of Realitists called Genesis. Genesis' function was to resolve incidents related to other Realitists that regular authorities don't even know about.

Yuri, Lana, and Reina were collectively teamed together within Genesis, they were known as 'Team World'.

"Have you dealt with the robbers, Yuri?" Lana asked her younger brother.

"They are all in dream land, Nee-san." He replied.

"Did you make sure to cover our tracks, Reina?" Lana this time asks the girl.

"I've altered the memories of all those that saw our powers. And this is the data for the CCTV." Reina replied whilst holding a chip between her fingers.

"And I've just dealt with the Venus grunt who masterminded this fiasco. All right then, mission accomplished." Lana states as she grabs Curtis by the shirt and throws him over to Yuri. Who in turn was displeased that he was left with the manual labour.

The three members of Genesis' 'Team World' then walked down the empty streets of Neo London, having finished their task.

Author Notes

A side story to Reality of one. I'm planning on making this one a bit more faster paced than the main story. Updates will be whenever they occur (I doubt anyone will be interested in this story anyway) I'm thinking of completely re writing the original Reality of one to make it more appealing (I thought of too many ideas for the story to leave it.)