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Prologue: Izumi

Location: Scarlet Tower, SunBurst City

Time: 12:17 a.m.

The penthouse definitely had the best view, in Izumi's opinion at least.

The glass-floored balcony gave off an effect that made it seem as if he was floating above the metropolis; the lights twinkling like stars. The city, from the top floor of its tallest building, appeared like a toy model. The noise wasn't too bad, being up high lessened the clamor, and actually made it pleasant. Some days, he liked sitting on the balcony, observing the day-to-day routines of the people below.

If he had to name one of the perks of his job, this would be no. 1.

Izumi laughed to himself. For an occupation such as his, naturally the pay would be far higher than most middle-aged salarymen.

He hadn't been born into wealth, so under different circumstances, he wouldn't have afforded a night's rent at this penthouse, much less ownership. His sleek sports car resting in his private garage below would have been but a distant dream. A normal job would have, at best, allowed him to buy a tyre, at a blowout sale.

Not forgetting his private swimming pool and gym; the gourmet meals prepared exactly to his tastes; the expensive vacations to some of the most surreal paradises in the world; and the respect that followed him wherever he went, thanks to the amounts he deposited into his bank accounts.

The women?

Well, if he tried, he knew he could get just about any girl he wanted. He had good looks, knew how to excite them with his personality and charm, and to top it all off, he was filthy stinking RICH!

What girl would be an idiot to turn him down?

Which was why Izumi never tried. This lifestyle, this image that people perceived, felt so superficial, that he couldn't bring himself to make it even more plastic. He didn't need women who only saw how much his car cost and his bank statements.

What he truly wanted, what he truly craved, was an honest relationship with someone he could treasure, and who would treasure him back.

But the price he paid for all this, included his one wish.

He could never let anyone close or attempt to get close to anyone. His hands would never comfort or caress, only hurt. That was the path he had always known, the path he was bound to forever.

He would always be alone.

A cliché, uncool jingle broke through the silence, indicating he had a call. It was the kind of jingle that made girls run from him, thinking, Loser!

That was the reason why he used that jingle; he didn't want people close when the call connected.

Sliding his finger over the touch screen to answer the call, he opted to put it on loudspeaker, too lazy to hold up the phone to his face.

"Evening, Sir," he said politely, lying down in an utterly impolite manner. "How may your humble servant serve you this evening?"

"Impeccable as always," the man on the other end said approvingly. "That's why you're the best, Izumi."

Izumi smiled to himself. "Thank you, Sir, but I am only doing my duty as one of your subjects."

There was silence, which meant his master was satisfied with Izumi's conduct.

Izumi could almost see the grin on his master's face, as he said, "Tell me, my favorite assassin, how long do you need to prepare for another kill?"

Everything in this world has its price.

Some paid with their hearts, some paid with their bodies. Izumi's price was easy; a life, every time his master ordered it. In return, he received the immense wealth that gave him everything his heart desired. Well, almost everything.

Yet, as he heard the name his master spoke of that night, for the first time, Izumi wasn't quite sure how willing he was to pay this time.

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