MadHouse: The Hypocrisy Movie

One day Ann was exiled from a foreign forum. All alone and in need of a forum to express all of her most inner feelings that she doesn't tell anyone about she was reminded of an also-alone exiled friend who she went to because neither of them had annything better to do with their lives other than type on a forum on a writing website except no one talks about writing there because, just like christmas, no one cared what the original meaning was.

Ann decided to invite another exiled friend who she was clinging onto for months before and persuaded her into our house. It became mad, our house, because these three people were fucking lunatics and they all loved TLDR posts. There was also this other guy that payed the mortgage on the house but no one really cared because he is a side character in this story. There's also this other guy who was the reason this house was bought but he is also a side character.

Because Ann loves being a hypocrite, she tried to make someone feel better by making this long ass post. Many months were these people cramming into their tiny ass home that was in the middle of the ghetto. Because of the tight space our hero Ann became a restless bitch. Eventually the side character in her story bought a new house due to the demands of our restless bitch hero and then, magically, our hero stopped being a bitch. This house was still mad though because it hated that one person in the beginning because he left his underwear everywhere. He said, "U MAD, BRUH?" and the house got even madder. Because of how mad it was it piqued the curiosity of this one guy. Upon first meeting, Ann divorced his ass because she could.

But, because of their divorce, there were children that became of it. These darling children were twins and the villain of Ann fought in a magical duel with her that may or may have not been related to a court. The fighting was indeed intense and there was a many flying debris that may or may not have pissed off some of the house's occupants, but when it was all over Ann triumphantly stepped on his dead carcass to show her superiority. The darling newborn babies were dropped from the heavens and she may or may not have caught them. She held the two lovingly and licked their heads as if she was their kitteh mama. Rapidly-and by that I mean immediately-they were all grown up and Ann presumably had empty nest syndrome but she didn't really because she didn't like how they couldn't poop in the appropriate place and how they shat all over the house. This made it madder but the twins yelled, "YEW MAD, BRO?" and the house got madder.

Once these twins became actual people and not just shitting machines, they joined the household and, again, Ann got bitchy at the landlord for not getting an extension done on the house. Because of her bitchiness, the landlord once again expanded and we were now competing our houses with the neighbors. To make our house better, the landlord paid cheap Mexican workers-that just so happened to also be part of the household-to pimp our house. The first character that was mentioned-character 1, if you will-started working on cutting the grass. The grass was mad, just like the house, and it broke his tractor. Outraged, character 1 left the house that was mad for about a week because he was so pissed off at that fucking mad grass.

The next character-character 2, if you will-sat on her ass all day and watched Ann prune the bushes in her underwear. The FBI didn't like this so they snatched her up-which may or may not be true-and they carted her off to a madder house, if that is actually possible.

The landlord loved calculating how many inches each part of the house was and, being math OCD, he fixed the house so that it was 100% PERFECT. He emphasizes this 100% because he has math OCD and he does not like any numbers below 100 which may or may not be true.

The next character-character 3, if you will-that may or may not be a number between 0 and 99 was quietly painting the house that was mad in an attempt to make it not mad. Everybody yelled at him though because they loved having the maddest house on the cul-de-sac. He secretly still painted though in the dark of the night because it made the house look better than the others because he was just a good person like that. But, no matter how much he tried, the house would never waver in its forever state of mad.

The next character-Ann's villain, if you will-was cray in the beginning and further proved to their fight that Ann was far superior. While Ann was distracted by her pooping machines Ann's Villain fought back and tried to be more superior. He further and further was brainwashed by our landlord and character 1 and was suck into such a large abyss that no one wanted to go into. And they didn't care enough to save him. Her villain can be found, to this day, follow our landlord around because he claimed him as his duck mommy and he must follow his duck mommy otherwise he'll end up like the ugly duckling. Except he won't turn into a beautiful swan.

Ann's child proved to be a demon spawn. Aghast, she dropped the poop machine and watched as it grew like one of those tiny monsters you put in water and wake up in the morning to find him 8x the original size. Except, instead of waiting all night, she watched him on fast forward because she found that waiting boring just like when you have to rewind a VHS or sit in study hall with nothing to do. He burst out with his armor and demon shit that she was so surprised that she dropped the other baby that grew like those tiny monsters too become a final transformation. She became the darling angel. The demon spawn got into a rebellious teen phase and slithered away to hell and never came out. But it wasn't a big deal because she called him everyday to remind him to change his underwear and to clean his chamber. Whilst doing this, the angel also had a rebellious teen phase and went to a doll store and was never seen again. Except, again, her mother called her everyday to remind her to change her doll's underwear.

After all of the strain that the mother went through, she came back to the house to try to use it as a relaxing spot and would try to take eight hour long baths everyday but the other inhabitants found all ways to annoy her including, but not limited to, throwing baseballs throw the window to sprinkle her body with shards of glass, bursting in to yell at her for some thing she did the other day at that one time that this other thing was happening, having people ask her to get out 'cause they needed to take a piss, getting lava into her water-only bath, accidentally dumping their math homework in her bath water, blaming her for taking too long in there, making fun of her prune-y body when she came out and, worst of all, the landlord told her she was using too much water and that if she wanted to continue her eight hour long baths that she would have to pay rent.

Having no source of income, our hero needed fast money. Her crack dealer recommended her to go to school to get a job. Ignoring his hypocrisy, she decided to go to cop school. Because this also required money she took out a shitload of loans. Unable to pay the landlord her rent, she also got a loan from him. She would've used her loan from the bank but she was using that money for crack. Ten exhausting days later she graduated cop school. She was so happy that she celebrated by spray painting the side of the house that was mad, "ANN ROCKS." The landlord didn't care but it enraged character 3. He didn't do anything about it though because Ann had been issued handcuffs from her new job as a cop.

Her employers made her sign a contract that she must be undercover. She explained this to the occupants of the house and they all shook their head at her. This foiled her work plan so she went to the plastic surgeon and told him to make her a plastic lawn flamingo. He tried to protest this by saying that that isn't how plastic surgery works, but she told him to STFU and TAKE MY MONEY OR GTFO. He took her money and began the operation. During the operation character 1 got jealous of our hero and went to cop school too. When the surgery was over ten days later she came home to character 1 being the FBI. Character 2 became enraged at character 1 and took a pink lawn flamingo and slapped him silly. Fortunately, this wasn't our hero.

Character 3 became jealous of character 1 for his newly found badass that he, too, wanted to go to cop school. In a failed attempt to make it look like he wasn't copying him, he became a detective instead of a undercover cop or an FBI agent. All of these cops scared Ann's Villain because he was a drug dealer creating crystal meth in the basement. This was 15% of the reason the house was mad. Ann's Villain got scared and hid under his bed to never return.

Our hero was adjusting to her new job as a plastic flamingo and watched as her landlord got confused because a plastic lawn flamingo was taking baths eight hours a day in the bath. The pink lawn flamingo couldn't pay rent because the flamingo had to pay off all of her student and rent loans. This took a long time because she was still doing crack. She did it secretly in the bathtub. When people walked in to take a piss she tried to hide her crack but they all knew about her crack addiction annyway so it didn't really matter.

Character 1 ended up in a spin off movie with character 2 where they fall in love only to be ripped apart due to character 2's lingering for a moment in the bathroom during the eight hour time period that our hero was in the bath and him, being an FBI agent, had to detain her which may or may not have been a roleplay. And the roleplay may or may not have to do with secks and cybers. This movie was popular but not as popular as this movie which you are enlightened to watch right now.

Our landlord ended up the rest of his years counting the little money that our hero gave him and counting the amount of rent that she owed. Our hero was never able to pay off her debt because she tried heroin and was never seen sober again.

Character 1 ended up killing character 2. It was like Romeo & Juliet but only dah chick died.

Character 3 ended up getting into Ann's Villain's weed stash and got high everyday and spoke to the wall and whispered raunchy things. He also got a spin off movie but it was porn. Ann's Villain had to hide for so long that he became very sickly and thin. Once character one became depressed and angsty, Ann's Villain found it safe to come out of his smelly hiding place. Actually, everyone was smelly except for our hero. She at least had eight hour baths. Ann's Villain had another spin off movie where he went on a magical quest to find his long lost sons. His demon spawn ends up killing him. The demon spawn claims it was an accident.

Our hero became a stripper and ended up making enough to start paying off her rent debt. After all of those days she still had a mountain of more debt. Her crack dealer introduced her to a billionaire sugardaddy who ended up paying all of her bills off. Feeling a huge weight off her plastic wings, she waltz back into the house that was mad. The house became so fucking mad that everyone was far crazier than her. And far deader. Distraught, she desperately tries to find something that wasn't mad or dead to cling onto. She considers getting pregnant but then remembers that she has an angel child out there! She runs through the forum searching for her angel. She loses all hope once she's scoured every inch of the forum but then her angel child appears before her. Ecstatic, our hero hugs her child and spins her round and round like a record baby. This is the most movement that the angel had in her life and she slowly dies in her mother's arms. Realizing what is happening, our hero stops her stupid music parody and holds her child dramatically. The Angel breathes out, "Mama..."

Our hero says, "Yes, darling," with tears in her eyes.

The Angel says, "You are such a hypocrite," and then dies.

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