(it's late at night when)

I remember the time we went
to see James Bond & I wanted so
badly to have you like she did,
& stealing glances at the color
of your eyes, when you weren't
paying attention.

(and in these bittersweet minutes)

I guess I'm realizing that
what we had was perfect,
& you were only trying to
preserve it


I pushed you &
I'm sorry for that.

I just hope (oh god)
I hope we can go back
to those high times when
everything felt like summer
& I could tell you everything
without feeling like you had to
ask first, & pizza on fridays,
the way you laughed at my ideas
& the yes i always got from my
standard question "do you want to
hang out?" and fuck, i just really

miss you,

'cause you're my best friend.

(you were)