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Lightning lit up the sky, illuminating the ruins of what was once a large warehouse. A loud groan sounded out as a man lifted himself to his feet, his brown eyes gleaming madly in the dark night.

"You're finished, give up now and I'll let you walk away with your pride still intact."

The man growled as he looked up to the younger man sitting on an upturned piece of rubble, his light blue eyes lit up in triumphant victory.

"My pride intact?! You came here and attacked me without a single thought! How could anyone's pride still be intact after such an occurrence?!"

The blue eyed man nodded in fake understanding, "Well, I guess that's true. Do you think you can try though, crushing pride is something that even I don't enjoy doing. However!" The man grinned and leaned forward, waving his index finger in a circle next to his head, a blue line following his finger as it moved, "For what you said about our lil' Mascot though I have decided that even though I don't enjoy crushing one's pride I will crush yours without mercy."

The brown eyed man gulped and began to back up but stopped once a hole appeared right next to his right foot. The man's eyes widened and he looked down at the hole.

An inch thick hole in solid stone but there's no bullet! Is it pressurized water? Wind?!

The blue eyed man smirked, "You're probably wondering what made that hole there right? Well that would be our friend Hannah Shinoda, but she's known as Hecate through the streets. She isn't that strong close up but give her some distance and she's a difficult child." He sighed, "She really does let that go to her head though, who cares if she's one of three Kiyoshi Gun Users in all of Capital?"

The moment he said that another hole appeared on the stone he was sitting on however he wasn't nearly as surprised as the other man, "I told you so. Now then, now that she made her appearance known, is your decision the same? Or will you stay and continue to try to fight me?"

The man clenched his fists at his sides and his eyes searched the area, looking for a route to escape, "Y-You bastard!"

"My parents were married when I was born, to my knowledge at least, but I suppose you are merely speaking out of anger." He sighed and snapped his fingers, a bolt of blue lightning lighting up the area, "Now give your answer, keep in mind I have Judgment HQ on speed dial."

The man gulped and gave out a loud sigh, falling to his knees in defeat, "Damn it...damn it!"

The blue eyed man nodded and stood up, "Good choice, now I'll have Hecate keep her eyes on you but I need to be gone before they all arrive. It's been fun, Leader of the Reapers."

The victor smirked a final time before turning around, disappearing in a bolt of lightning.

Hannah sighed under her breath as she kept her eye on the fallen gang leader from hundreds of away, her right eye pressed against the rim of a dimly lit black sniper rifle. Her dim hazel eyes didn't blink and from the look of her body laying on top of a building it appeared that she wasn't even breathing.

She wore a black jumpsuit with all of her dark blonde hair pulled into a black cap with green screened military issued goggles over her eyes. The sniper rifle she had appeared to be solid but every couple seconds it would shift and solidify once again.

However, despite her focus, she immediately noticed the presence that made itself known on the rooftop next to her.

"What do you want Cross?"

Her eyes didn't leave the scope of the rifle but she could sense the sheer power pouring off of the man besides her.

He had long curly black hair that covered his right eye, his left eye held back by dark red hairclips. He stood at 5'11 and muscled, almost losing any of his natural lean build. He wore a white jacket with golden trims, a short sleeve blue shirt under it and blue denim pants that were tucked inside his blue and white boots. He had a clip showing out of each of his front pant pockets, his two switchblade knives inside of his pocket.

"I want a lot of things Hannah, nothing you can give me though. Well probably a few." He smirked, "I'm just here to check up on things, Juan was freaking out at HQ so I promised to check up on things."

At the mention of the gang's mascot's name Hannah stiffened, an act that was clearly seen by the Second in Command, "Oh well, I left her at HQ, I'm having Takeshi cover her."

Hannah clenched her teeth, Takeshi?! That immature punk who's going through puberty?! If he's alone with her for any period of time who knows what will happen?!

"Yup, his thirteenth birthday was a couple days ago, wonder if he's going to want Juan to give him a present."

Hannah growled, "You do realize you're going to make me kill my target don't you?"

Cross shrugged, "Yeah but even if you did Al-"

"-Zeus you mean."

Cross frowned before letting out a sigh, closing his eyes and running his right hand through his bangs, "Fine, Zeus," There really isn't any point to these nicknames by the way, "would give you hell. You remember your last punishment don't you?"

You mean having to sing in a karaoke club in front of the whole gang?! Yeah I remember it, I still have nightmares! You teme!

Cross sighed and crouched down next to her, "Do you want to hear the full reason why he attacked that gang?"

Hannah's eyes widened by a fraction before narrowing, the rifle aimed at the back of the gang leader's head, "You're going to tell me, a mere B Rank?"

Cross nodded seriously, his eyes trained on their target as if he could see him from their distance, "You may be a B Rank but at the same time you are the third strongest and you even were given a codename. Now, before I tell you why our leader attacked do you know what's going on in our city?"

She gave a slight nod, "Besides what happened to the Second Rank Knight?"

Cross shook his head, his eyes gaining a sad look from the reminder, "While her death is sad and too soon something else has happened, something that deals with us."

Hannah frowned, "Is it the disappearances in the downtown area where our competition has been?"

Cross nodded, "Indeed. As you know there are, or were in this case, around six gangs. We've fought with all of them up to this point but until today there's only been the two major ones, the Reapers and then us, the Olympus Gang. Lately however even the small gangs have been wiped out, the members of the Reapers must have either left the gang or joined with whoever has been wiping them all out. Either way though it's a hassle."

"You're talking too much."

Cross tensed and the hair on his arms stood on end, "H-Hey there Boss…"

Hannah grinned, knowing that Cross would be punished for being there, "Hey Alex, how was the fight?"

Alexander Adlar narrowed his eyes at the back of Cross' head, "It was fine, he was a simple high C Rank at best with a simple blade control, against my Internal Lightning ability it was nothing. Now Cross, can you tell me why you are here when I specifically told you to stay at Headquarters?"

Alexander stood at just an inch below his right hand at 5'10 but his aura greatly surpassed him. He had blonde shoulder length hair that was slightly wavy at the end at the end and swept above his right eye, contrasting with his light blue eyes. He wore a faded blue long sleeve jacket that ended at his knees zipped up and covered his chest. Under that was a long sleeve black thermal shirt that was tucked into his black pants with a brown belt, almost the same shade as the dark brown leather shoes he wore.

Cross gulped, "Well…it was boring…and I wanted to run by the store to get some popcorn because I ran out of the stuff at my apartment."

Alex sighed, "Nice excuse, well whatever. Judgment is there right now so we can leave, let's get going now."

Hannah frowned, finding that she became distracted from the appearance of Alex. She turned her attention on her target and wasn't surprised at all to see a girl wearing black and blue leading the man away.

If I'm correct then that must be either the Third, Fifth, or Sixth Rank Judgment. I'll stop using my powers then.

Hannah stood up and let go of the rifle, the rifle expanding before shrinking into a small spark that faded into the air. Her dim hazel eyes lit up briefly before turning into their regular hazel shade.

She sighed before turning around and facing Cross, "Now about what you said earlier…"

Cross looked confused before his eyes widened and he realized what she meant. He gulped and looked over at Alex before looking back at Hannah.

"Holy mackerel there's a giant butterfly behind you charging its mega lasers of death!"

Hannah and Alex gave him blank stares before he sighed, "I thought that wouldn't work…" He turned and without warning jumped off the top of the building, letting out a feminine scream as he realized once again what he did.

Alex turned to Hannah with a blank stare, raising a thumb up, "Sick 'em."

Hannah nodded and ran towards the edge of the building before jumping off of the building as well, her words drawing out as she raced towards the ground, "I'm not a dog!"

Alex gave a small laugh before turning around and looking up into the air, staring up at the bright full moon.

Are you watching over us up there? Megan?

The Headquarters of the Olympus Gang was a large warehouse that used to be a clothing and thread factory, the first story that used to be concrete floors was now covered completely in different carpets ranging from checkered to polka-dots. There was several boxes littered around and several kotatsu mats, the doors were even renovated to resemble an old fashioned Japanese home. The second story was half the size of the bottom story with two staircases leading up to it on both sides of the warehouse. The second story was simply a large room with only one kotatsu mat in the center, a bright red carpet covering the ground with golden trimmings and tassels, a portable stove pushed in the corner next to the large refrigerator next to it.

At the moment there was only one person in the second story room, his legs folded under the mat and a children's book in his right hand.


Alex raised an eyebrow as the door slammed open, the young sniper skidding into the room, this time wearing a green and tan military jumpsuit and without a cap, her dark blonde hair cascading down to her shoulder blades.

"Alex! I can't find Juan anywhere! I wanted her to try the new brownies I made; they're double fudge peanut butter macadamia nut brownies!"

Alex's raised eyebrow staid raised and he gave a small laugh, "Juan's allergic to macadamia nuts but try giving them to Cross, I'm sure he'd enjoy them if it was given to him by his precious kohai."

Hannah's face lit up and her smile spread from ear to ear, "Yeah, maybe I can even get him to choke on one of the nuts! I'll go find him now!"

She all but dived out of the room, Cross' name clear on her lips as she slammed the door shut behind her.

Alex gave a small smile, "I can't tell if she loves him or hates him."

Just as he finished saying that Hannah poked her head back in the room, "Alex why are you reading a child's book?" She frowned and looked at his hand, her eyes naturally able to see clearly at the distance at the red book with a drawing of a young boy on the cover, "Oh it's that book…I'll tell everyone not to bother you."

Alex nodded and she left the room.

"What story are you going to read me today?"

Alex looked down into inside of his jacket, looking into the big eyes of Juan Yan who sat inside of his jacket, her small body fitting easily inside of his jacket.

She wore a small ceremonial orange yutaka with yellow sparks and a black obi, covering her entire body including her hands and almost touching the ground.

"I was thinking about reading you this new story that came out by this amazing woman, the book is called "Spark of Life" by an anonymous author. Want me to start?"

Juan nodded and poked her head out, her head the only visible part of her body now, "Have you read it, Alex-oniichan?"

He nodded and refrained from looking down at her, knowing if he did then his chin would hit her scalp, "Many times, I read this almost every day." He opened the book and flipped to the first page, showing a picture of a boy alone in a field, "Want to read it?"

She smiled and nodded, looking down with a large smile, "A long time ago there was a boy named Cub who didn't have any friends. He had a family but had not seen them in years. He one day found an empty place where he went every day." Alex flipped the page, showing the boy in a big room filled with boxes with a girl standing at the door, her face covered in the shade, "One day he met a girl named Flower who had a lot of friends." Juan frowned and looked around the room they were in now before looking at the opposite page with a picture of the boy spreading carpet across the floor, all of the boxes pushed to one side of the room, the girl relaxing comfortably against the wall , "They became secret friends and were always together."

Alex turned the page, showing a picture of a girl with light brown skin and white hair standing in front of the boy, "It was because of her that he stopped be lonely and began to open up and one day the two of them met a young child named Light.." Alex frowned and Juan sniffled before looking at the other page, showing a picture of the boy sitting by himself in the middle of the room, "The next day he brought the two to his secret hideout and-"

"-I wouldn't expect you to share that book."

Alex tensed and Juan, jumping from fright and shrinking back into Alex's jacket. Alex narrowed his eyes and closed the book, setting it down on the kotatsu. He gave out a low sigh before unzipping his blue jacket, exposing a frightened Juan Yan.

"Juan why don't you go downstairs and tell Cross I have a visitor? Make sure Hannah or anyone else doesn't come up here either, okay?"

She nodded and shakily stood up, making a beeline for the door. The moment she left she quickly closed the door and raced down the stairs.

Alex sighed and stood up, turning his head to send a glare at the man behind him, "How did you get in, Ichiseizu?"

Ichiseizu was a tall man, standing at 6'2 and muscled, with long red hair that reached his chin, the back of which was held up in a ponytail, contrasting greatly with his hazel eyes and shirt. He wore a green short sleeve shirt and blue denim pants, cuffed above his blue sandals. Hanging on his collar was a pair of sunglasses.

"That doesn't matter Alex-kun." He smiled and put his hands behind his head, "I just came to check up on my lovely kohai-kun."

"Even you don't make time out of your day to see me, Knight, so don't expect me to believe you."

Ichiseizu sighed, running a hand through his hair, "You don't always need to bring rank into this, I'm only one above you to begin with."

Alex narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, "Are you going to tell me what you want or am I going to have to force it out of you?"

Before Ichiseizu could answer the door opened behind Alex and Cross walked through with his shoulders slouched and his eyes closed, "It's rare for us to have the First Rank Knight grace us with his presence, I don't suppose it'll be too much for this lowly servant to know why you have come here," He opened his right hand, his usual brown eye glowing dark green, showing the proof that he was charging his powers, "would it?"

Ichiseizu smiled at the new company, "Now this is something, the strongest A Rank and one of the strongest S Ranks in the same room, I'm surprised that this building can handle the sheer Pressure."

Alex narrowed his eyes, raising his right hand in front of him, "Tell me now before I lose my patience."

The Knight gave out a loud sigh, "Man, if Meg-"Before he could even finish her name Alex's eyes glowed bright blue and blue lightning crackled at his fingertips.

"-Yari no Raiko!"

Ichiseizu's eyes widened and within a second of Alex yelling out a large beam of blue lightning surged towards Ichiseizu, striking him in the chest and throwing him back.

Cross' eyes widened as the First Rank Knight soared through the wall, "BOSS?!"

Alex clenched his teeth and lowered his hand, lightning crackling around his body, "Don't follow me."

Cross quickly raised his hands, "Iteru!"

However before Alex could be caught by his right hand's power he was already gone in a flash of lightning.

Cross clenched his teeth and dropped his hands, his bright green eyes fading back to his usual brown, "Damn, that Inazuma technique!" He growled and turned away, stomping childishly towards the door, "What idiot attacks the only mobile SS Rank in Capital?!"

Ichiseizu sighed as he brushed a small pebble from his shoulder, not looking even remotely damaged despite the large attack.

Geez, that Alex is always so quick to attack, probably the only thing he has in common with his brother, however-

"Not even Leo could charge such a powerful attack in that amount of time...he really does deserve the name of Zeus, the God of Lightning." Although from what I hear the nicknames were given by a child…

"A compliment from you receives the opposite effect."

Ichiseizu didn't turn around as Alex appeared behind him, his index finger pointed towards the back of his head, "I remember seeing you fight before you mastered that technique, it sure has changed the way you fight hasn't it?"

Alex sighed and ran his left hand over his face, "I'm tired of your skirting around your reason for visiting."

Ichiseizu frowned but didn't move, "Very well then. I came for two reasons but before that why don't you drop your hand?" He turned his head to look over his shoulder, "Even my patience is thin when a gun is pointed at my head."

Alex's eyes widened as what appeared to be green energy surrounded Ichiseizu's body, This Pressure?!

Alex gasped and jumped back as a wall of water arose behind Ichiseizu before it shrunk to reveal a person behind him, her chocolate brown eyes glaring daggers at him.

"What fool attacks a Knight of Terra Firma in broad daylight? You must either be very cocky or simply a dumb beast."

Alex raised an eyebrow at the girl, Who is this?

She wore a long sleeve blue shirt with baggy sleeves with a gray vest over it with black diagonal stripes. She had on a black skirt that went to the middle of her thighs, blue shorts barely seeable, and black knee length boots with white shoelaces.

She isn't the strongest person I've seen but she's definitely formidable.

"I'm neither however if you referred to me as a dumb beast and still came between me and my prey then doesn't that mean that you are the dumb one here?" Alex narrowed his eyes, "Never get between a beast and its prey, as the saying goes."

Ichiseizu turned around, his Pressure plummeting and his hand patting the newcomer's head, "She's one of the reasons I came. Meet Rosemary Wynne, the only S Rank in all of Western Terra Firma that can control all states of water."

Alex frowned, "Why does this concern me?"

For the first time since his visit the First Rank Knight looked somber, "She's the newly instated Second Rank Knight; she was Megan's Judgment Fighter."

The lightning user tensed before nodding, "It's only been a week, has she been put through the usual tests?"

Her glare didn't lessen as she looked him up and down, "If you mean the psyche evaluation, the written test, and the fight against the current Third Rank then yes, I did pass. With flying colors."

If anything Alex didn't look even slightly impressed, "Current Third huh? Well isn't that something. Another girl Knight and she's an Element Type, just like the last one. But I'm willing to bet that's all in common. Now that we've met can I hear what the other reason for your visit is?"

Rosemary narrowed her eyes, This guy...I barely felt it from before but he's easily Knight material. He's just like Ichiseizu-senpai and Leo-senpai, this amount of power is like breathing to him. I may have beaten Leo-senpai but he had a Limiter to the minimum Knight level. If the two of us fought right here...who would come out on top?

"The disappearances in the downtown area, I was wondering if you happened to know anything about it."

Alex stared at Ichiseizu for a moment before giving out a loud sigh, "If this is Terra Firma business I suppose I have to lend a hand." He turned and started walking towards the large hole in his wall, "I hope you like can coffee."

Hannah clenched her teeth as she took a look around the kotatsu, "I get why you're helping them with their work but why am I here?"

Ichiseizu gave his best charming smile as he looked at the young woman, "I heard the rumors of an amazing shot in the Olympus Gang, wanted to see for myself who it was. I don't understand the nickname Hecate however."

Cross grinned, "I thought of that, her beauty is magical after all!"

Hannah's face reddened and without any hesitation she formed her rifle between her hands, the muzzle pressed against Cross' cheeks, "Say that again and I'll kill you, you fool!"

Cross gulped as he raised his hands, trying to back away from her without seeming suspicious, "Sorry..."

Rosemary clenched her fists on her lap, "Let's get down to business! I'm tired of all these idiots, Ichiseizu-senpai!"

Alex sighed as he opened up a brown can of coffee, Juan sitting on his lap once again with a cup of apple juice cupped between her hands. Ichiseizu sat on the other end of kotatsu than Alex, Rosemary sitting to his right with Hannah and Cross opposite of her, Hannah sitting under it while Cross stood almost protectively behind her.

At the mention of the word idiots Juan frowned and glared at Rosemary with all the strength her small body could handle, "Alex-oniichan she's being mean!"

Alex patted her head, his eyes closed while drinking some of his coffee. He sighed as he stopped and set the can down, his hand not leaving her head.

"Rosemary, please refrain from speaking rudely around her."

She glared at Alex in response, "Don't tell me what to do. Also don't refer to me by my first name! Put a 'sama' on the end!"

Ichiseizu smiled happily as he drank his own coffee, "This is nice, feels like a family."

Hannah and Cross sweat dropped as they looked at him, What kind of family does he have to make him think this is normal?!

Alex however wasn't nearly as humorous as his comrades, "Can you get to the point please, Ichiseizu-san?"

The Knight nodded, setting his coffee down on the table, "Does the name Karasu ring a bell?"

Cross frowned and shook his head. Hannah looked at Juan and the two frowned at each other, their leader however nodded.

"Karasu Hajime, A Rank Fighter Level, Animal Transformation ability. From what I remember he creates crow wings and talons. Last I heard he was released from prison after attacking the Sixth Rank Knight out of anger, injuring five of the trainees at the academy. But if his name is the one that comes up here then I must wonder if he is the one who is responsible for all the disappearances."

Ichiseizu nodded, "I'm not surprised you know all of that. He was released three weeks ago and since then we've received reports of dozens of missing people however what is the most concerning would be a man named Sadoa Osamu."

Cross' eyes widened, "Him I know. I've ran across him once when I was still Fighter. He doesn't have an alias or anything but his mind control power is an A Rank and it's almost impossible to break free initially however he wasn't able to control multiple high rank people. We were able to catch him after he took control of my squad leader, leaving him defenseless and exhausted after taking control of a dozen civilians."

Hannah turned her head and gaped at him, "The way you're talking it's as if you were actually serious once."

Cross grinned and sent her a wink, "What? Falling for your senpai now?"

Hannah rolled her eyes and turned around, "You give a guy a compliment once and you pay for it for years."

Alex sighed, "Alright so what does Sadoa Osamu have to do with this? Is he with Karasu Hajime?"

Ichiseizu nodded, "An eyewitness account placed him and Karasu together a couple hours away from here. Before that we know that the two of them were inmates to the same prison."

Alex shook his head, "That may be but someone like Sadoa would be placed in an isolation chamber, Karasu would probably be placed in a sealed room as well. There's no way anyone could even send messages between them considering that no one is allowed to be in an isolation chamber except the inmate. Even their food is given to them by a armored guard sending the food in through a slot with a five foot pool."

Ichiseizu nodded in agreement, the rest of the people looking on in either awe or indifference.

It's almost like Alex is a Knight as well with how he's talking, thought Juan as she looked up in wonder at the person she thought of as her big brother.

"I thought the same thing. There's no reports that Karasu even had visitors so there's almost absolutely no chance at all that he could have talked to Sadoa, the only thing I can think of is a guard but even then there's been no recorded instance in which a guard even talked to Sadoa." Ichiseizu frowned and rubbed his chin, "This is troublesome. Even as it is with Karasu it is already a B Rank threat however with Sadoa it could easily become an A Rank. If it becomes an S Rank threat then there's the chance an execution order will be sent out and I'd like to refrain from that as much as possible."

Cross' eyes widened as he realized what Ichiseizu had just said, "I see, you want us to check around don't you?"

Rosemary glowered and jumped to her feet, "Don't be stupid! We could do this wi-"

"-Yes I do, I'd be much obliged."

Rosemary's eyes widened and she looked down at Ichiseizu, "WHAT?!"

He frowned in response, "The Olympus Gang is easily one of the strongest forces we have here in Capital. They have the one considered to be the strongest A Rank Cross Yuudai, the only recorded one in all of western Terra Firma who has duel powers. They have the child considered to be an angel sent from heaven with one of the rarest powers to ever be recorded, "Heaven's Touch", Juan Yan. After her you have one of three Kiyoshi Gun Users in Capital, Hannah Shinoda who's accuracy is said to be able to shoot a single bullet and take the wings of a fly. But even with those three you have the Internal Lightning User Alexander Adlar who has the potential to become-"

"-You're talking too much." Alex glared at the First Rank Knight before looking down at Juan, "What do you think we should do, help them or simply turn the other way and let them deal with this themselves?"

Juan frowned and tapped her chin, her young eyes narrowed in futile concentration. The more she concentrated the redder her cheeks got as a tick mark appeared at her temples.

Hannah cupped her hands in front of her chest, her eyes becoming sparkles as she stared at Juan, "Kawaii!"

Ichiseizu frowned before sighing, "You're going to leave such an important decision to someone other than yourself?"

Alex nodded, "I don't consider this an extremely important decision. Not unless there's a direct danger to Terra Firma that I don't know about?"

"No, as far as we know there's no hint of any threat towards us, it is more of a possible threat towards us that we are reacting." Ichiseizu frowned before reaching into his pocket and taking out a single key on a string, "However if you decide to help us I've been told to give you this."

Cross gulped and slowly inched back as he saw the key, "That's..."

Hannah's eyes widened and she clenched her teeth, her hazel eyes becoming dimmer as a black energy started to form in her hands, "How dare you?!"


Hannah gulped before nodding, her eyes becoming their usual hazel and the black energy fading away. Alex patted Juan's head and slowly stood up, Juan sliding to the ground slowly without a single care, still trying to concentrate. The moment Alex fully stood he cupped his chin and closed his eyes.

"It is simply unfair if I take this request of yours after offering me something of that value. I have twenty-one members under my command so if you are going to offer me something personal then I require that you offer the other twenty-one of us something as well. Considering the danger and mystery surrounding this request it should be labeled as a B to A Rank mission correct?"

Rosemary decided to answer that as Ichiseizu slipped the key back into his pocket, "We've labeled it as a low A Rank mission."

Alex nodded, "Then that means the usual would be sending either a small group of six with a leading A Rank Fighter or two S Ranks with an optional choice of any number of people following them. With twenty-one members I'll require equal pay amongst all of them, and considering the threat of the two known enemies I need to know that I'm putting them in danger for a good price. So with that thought in mind I want three hundred gold coins for each member, putting the complete price at 6,300 gold coins total, or 63,000 silver coins, hell I'll even accept 630,000 bronze coins." Alex smirked, "I'm not picky."

Rosemary jumped to her feet, shaking the kotatsu, "Are you crazy?! 6,300 gold coins could buy you a large house and still have enough left over to buy a condo! There's no way we'll accept that!"

Ichiseizu sighed, "It'll take a while to amass that much, you said silver or bronze could also be accepted right? It'll be easier if we paid in that amount, using a Value though, I'm sure the national bank has at least a couple dozen times that amount. If you accept we can sign a contract soon, if you give me your answer now I can go to the academy and discuss this with the Principal and we'll have a contract ready to be signed by the day after tomorrow. Is that fine with you?"

Alex nodded, "It is. I'll accept this request of yours. With that much money we can add some much needed additions to this base of ours. Not to mention fixing that hole in the wall."

Once again Cross and Hannah sweat dropped, this time looking at Alex, A hole that YOU put in the wall in the first place!

Ichiseizu nodded and stood up, walking past Rosemary and towards the door, "Very well then. I'll send a messenger for further information." He turned and bowed his head slightly, Rosemary not bothering with any politeness, "Thank you for your time, Alex-kun."

He turned and opened the door, slightly pushing Rosemary through before following after, silently closing the door after.

The moment the door closed Cross and Hannah let out a sigh of relief, not noticing Juan still trying to concentrate, her whole body red and shaking.

"That was insane! I never expected them to agree to such an outrageous pay!"

Their leader nodded in agreement, "I didn't either but for them to do so means that the Knights are too busy preparing for something. Something is going on, something big, which is why we were asked to do this. I can only think of one thing in this instance that would require the attention of all of Terra Firma Academy's forces."

Cross raised an eyebrow, "You don't mean what I think you do, right?"

Alex turned towards his right hand man, "It's been sixteen years since the last time they tried to invade us, meaning they've had sixteen years to gather their strength. It could be mere speculation but...if it is true then that means even we will have to do something." He narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, "Thanatos."

Technique- Yari no Raiko Rank A

Translation-Spear of Lightning

Power-Internal Lightning

Users-Alexander Adlar

Strength-Rank A-

Speed-Rank S-

Range-Medium Range

Energy-Rank B

Range-Medium Range

Description-A quickly charged beam of lightning that has more penetrating power than blunt. At full strength it is able to rip through several people before stopping. As it is a lightning ability it can shock and paralyze if unprepared for it and can also conduct on metal. After it hits metal its power rises however if the metal is thick enough it won't completely transfer through.

Techniques-Inazuma Rank 0

Translation-Lightning (Flash of)

Power-Internal Lightning

Users-Alexander Adlar




Range-Non Combatant

Description-The user's body becomes lightning and they travel using it, usually used to move around on the battlefield. In Alex's case to increase his speed and deliver quicker attacks.

Techniques-Iteru Rank A


Power-Time Manipulation

Users-Cross Yuudai




Range-Close Range

Description- He creates a small dome of green see through energy that covers only one person at a time and freezes them, or slows down quickly, for three seconds. However if someone's Pressure is high enough they could break through it before the three seconds.

Omake 1-


Fake cheers sounded out as Hannah stood alone on a stage with large red curtains behind her and a microphone stand in front of her. Instead of her usual military clothing she now wore a black v-cut dress that ended at her ankles, making her look older than her fourteen year old age.

"Today I'm proud to announce the reboot of Terra Firma Academy Year One, now known as Terra Firma Warfront." She grinned and winked, a small heart flying out towards the audience, "Less of a mouthful isn't it?"

Once again fake cheers filled the room and Hannah gave a smile, clearly enjoying the show she was giving, "Today we brought a special guest here to discuss some of the differences from the original and the reboot and here to discuss that with us is~" As a drum beat sounded off the curtains opened up behind her to reveal a smiling Ichiseizu wearing a black tuxedo.

"The First Rank Knight and the only mobile SS Rank in Capital Ichiseizu!" She frowned and shrugged, "Last name unknown!"

Ichiseizu waved and nodded to the audience as he walked forward, "Glad to be here! It's certainly an honor to be the first guest on this show." He turned to Hannah and gave a deep bow, "Hello again Hannah-chan, so how does this go?"

Hannah frowned and scratched her cheek as he raised himself, "I was thinking that I'd ask questions and you answer…is that okay Ichiseizu-sama?"

"That's perfectly fine. Well let's get this show on the road."

Hannah sent him a thankful smile, "Well let's start this off with something simple. Obviously from this chapter alone we've seen a lot of differences from the two versions. Let's start with the difference between our Alex and the first one."

Ichiseizu nodded as he cupped his chin, "There's a large difference between the two, there's a three year gap with the age and the power scale is a gap as wide as the ocean. In this universe he actually went out with the previous Second Rank Knight Megan Meltzer while in the other one he had an almost unfounded crush on Rosemary Wynne, so maturity is obviously a factor as well. His powers are also slightly different. In the other universe he was able to control external and internal lightning while in this one he can control only internal but with an extremely large difference in power."

Hannah nodded although there was a strange glint in her eyes, "It's a bit weird how much you know…" Before Ichiseizu could reply Hannah cut him off, "Let's discuss the ranking system a bit now as well. I'm a B Rank and you are a SS Rank, a rank we haven't seen before now."

He grinned and rubbed his head, "Hehe, that makes me feel like such a bada##!" He frowned and looked around, "Was…Was I just censored?"

Hannah nodded with a sorry smile, "This chapter was rated T but the show here is more K, we try to censor as much as we can."

He frowned and scratched his cheek, "Well…okay. Well the rankings are C, B, A, S, SS and then the almost mythical rank of SSS. Low to medium ranked Fighters are given the C Rank, high level Fighters are given B," Hannah smirked and winked once again, "And low Knight levels are given A, and by low I mean barely Knight level. Medium to high level Knights are given S Rank and then there's me. Rare Knight Level, meaning a rank that is rarely achieved, is given SS. As for SSS it only goes by one name, President Level."

Hannah opened her mouth to say something but stopped after a low drumbeat started to pick up, "Ah darn, we're out of time. Tune in next time for our guest Cross Yuudai, the person known as the Strongest A Rank and…unfortunately my Senpai…" Turning to Ichiseizu she gave a small bow, "Thank you for coming today Ichiseizu-sama."

"It was my pleasure." He gave a small smile before turning to the audience, "Thank you all for reading!"