She was born in one of the poorest towns in Terra Firma to the east of Capital around seven hundred miles away. It was a medium sized town and full of crime, to the point where a special police force was created to enforce the laws. The police were made up of B through A Rank Fighters with Martial, Gun, and Blade users. They started as great policemen but after ten years they came across the only organized crime in the city, simply known as the Yakuza. It was then that things in the city began to get even worse, especially when they found her.

She was born in one of the poorest towns in Terra Firma to the only kind and law abiding family. She had a dad who was in the special police force, one of the newest recruits, and a mom who had taught her to make dolls out of old clothes and cotton balls. It was only a few months after her dad entered the police force that he uncovered their secrets and only two days after it that they struck.

She was born in one of the poorest towns in Terra Firma to a family who would later be found brutally murdered in their home with their eight year old daughter blankly looking on as she sat in their blood.


Their fighting had quickly escalated into a craze frenzy with Cross towering above all of his opponents and crushing them with ease while Hannah shot down anyone who got too close to her. The small group of fighters that they had been fighting had grown in size after the call for reinforcements and now was forced to fight a large force than they were prepared for.

Cross was quick, especially for someone his size, and took down his opponents with a single punch but it was rare that he stopped there. While he wasn't brutal he clearly lived up to the name he was known by; The Strongest A Rank.

Hannah had, even in all of their time together, had only seen him fight seriously twice before and could clearly see the difference between those times and the one now.

It's almost like he's holding back, weird. Hannah frowned before quickly spinning on her feet and aiming her rifle up, shooting down an enemy who had jumped into the air above her from behind to catch her by surprise, I get that he doesn't need to fight seriously against these idiots but at the same time we'll be done much quicker if he does. Is it because he doesn't know what he's fighting for…like the last times?

Two and a Half Years Ago~

The head of the Yakuza was a high A Rank and the strongest in the town named Akihiro with the Earth Manipulation ability, the only Elemental Class power in the city. He was bald and without a single scar and wore a black suit and a red tie without an undershirt. Akihiro was tall, around 6'2, and muscled with veins his veins easily visible.

His base was in the police force building, a ten story tall building with large glass windows. The entirety of his force, besides a few dozen, was stationed in the building with the police force numbering in the fifties and his personal force numbering in the hundreds. And it was in that building that she had lived for the last five years.

In that time she had grown from the small emotionless child and into a preteen with clear anger problems that rivaled Akihiro's. She had long dark blonde hair and lusterless hazel eyes with tan skin and almost constantly wore a black jumpsuit with splatters of red on the chest.

The two of them stood in a dark room with stone flooring and dim orange lights above their heads, dozens of people lining the wall with their eyes trained on the small preteen who stood at only about five foot.

"Good job taking out that pesky thief, the kid was costing me money." Akihiro spoke as he sat down on a tall red velvet chair with mahogany wood arm rests, "That makes your Eighth kill, how do you feel about that huh?"

The thief he had talked about was simply a purse snatcher and had nothing to do with any of Akihiro's business. But she had known that he meant something to him, to her, and that was simply because he was her eighth test.

She didn't talk, instead blankly looking at him.

Tired of her silence one of the men around them stepped forward, "Answer his question you bitch!"

She still talk and Akihiro shrugged, "Oh well, you don't need to answer. I know how you feel about it anyways if that blood stain is anything to go by. Strange, you're a sniper but you have a blood splatter. Now why is that?"

Still silence and he continued, "I'm willing to bet it's because you wanted it to be close and personal. I'm proud; however I have been given word that his family is still alive. I would have killed them and let him live knowing it was his fault for their deaths; don't you think that is poetic?"

She merely nodded her head and he groaned, "Five years and no sound, I wonder if you could even scream…I'm actually tempted to see if you could, would you like me to test it?"

Her fingers twitched and a black spark appeared above her palm, hidden from his sight.

"However you are doing surprisingly well for someone your age and I feel like you should be rewarded somewhat. Return to your room for now, I will call you when I have another job for you."

She nodded and turned around, walking away and out of the room in seconds, closing the large doors behind her as she left.

"Sir!" Akihiro turned his head as one of his men ran forward, holding a phone in his hand, "I just got word from one of our men that thirteen Fighters just entered the city, and you won't believe who was leading them."

Akihiro frowned, "What, is it some big city gang? Some greenhorn?"

The man gulped and shook his head, "Worse Sir, it's the Seventh Rank Fighter in Capital Cross Yuudai!"

Her name was Sniper when she was called however she was mostly accustomed to Brat and Bitch. She had started working in their gang when she was eight, not the youngest of their new recruits but easily one of the stronger. At eight she was a D Rank and now five years later was a medium B Rank and one of the strongest in the gang.

She was born in one of the poorest towns in Terra Firma to a loving family to later on forsake them by joining the gang that killed them. She would join them, knowing who they were, with free will and the conviction to do anything. It was because of that conviction that she quickly rose in power and rank, both in herself and the gang. It wasn't soon after that she caught Akihiro's attention.

For it was weird for their recruits under fourteen to live for more than a week.

Her room wasn't in the headquarters, not anymore, but instead was in a small apartment block filled with scared people or small time criminals.

The many civilians who weren't criminals were poor and constantly terrified were given two choices, pay for their continuing existence or pay a heavy amount of money to be allowed to leave. The sole reason that no one big had stepped in was due to the large amount of hostages. Akihiro had been sent negotiations for years but had always declined, no matter the large amount of money. Since then the city had been all but closed off and surrounded by the police force, almost as if they had become their own war-torn country.

It had been all but closed off yet, as Sniper opened her door to see twelve people lounging around her small apartment, she was slightly surprised to see that their faces were new to her.

"Oh is that her?"

Sniper turned her head to see a young teen, around three years older than her, walk out of her bathroom rubbing his hands with a black hand towel and closing the door after him. He had curly black hair and tan skin and wore obviously well worn clothing. He had blue jeans with holes in the knees and a simple sleeveless white shirt.

"Well hello, my name is Cross Yuudai and may I mention just how nice you are looking today."

Without thinking she punched forward, her small fist meeting his nose and filling the room with a loud crack. Cross fell back against the closed bathroom door, his eyes wide in surprise while he rubbed his nose with the rag.

The others in the room jumped to their feet and moved to attack but immediately stopped once Cross raised his hand, "Don't! What girl wouldn't be scared to see an unfamiliar guy in her house? I assure you though that that wasn't my intention at all."

Sniper blankly looked up at him, ignoring his blatant try to ease her guard.

"You're probably wondering why we are all here…well the answer to that would be because we have been watching you for quite a while."

Sniper narrowed her eyes, A new gang? Are they going to try recruiting me?

Cross smiled at her before nodding his head to her left to her small kitchen, "I took the liberty to clean your kitchen, your sinks were full of dishes, a young girl like you should keep her house clean."

A black spark appeared in Sniper's hands and the twelve in the living room jumped to their feet, "Must we fight, nothing is going to come from it. All I need to do is tackle you and you'll be defeated." He blinked before sending her a lecherous grin, "Unless you want me to tackle you anyways."

Why would he tackle me anyways? Do older men usually tackle for needless fun? Strange, I have not heard of this in the books I read…

Cross frowned and stepped forward an inch, "You don't talk do you? Did they cut your tongue off? I hadn't heard of them doing that before but our information has been lax lately. Capital had an inside man but he was killed three days ago and had his body thrown over the fence with the word "rat" on it, do you know anything about that?"

She didn't and she shook her head to show that and Cross smiled, "Good, I'd hate to have to send a young girl to prison. That would…wait, does anybody here still have a cell?"

The twelve people frowned at each other before patting their pockets before one girl stepped forward and handed him a pink phone with a strap on it. He opened it and pressed a few buttons before raising an eyebrow and turning to her.

"Really? Delete your messages…I did not need to know you talked about Rei like this Ao…" She and the tallest boy in the room both blushed and looked away while the others snickered, "Alright, well do you know how phones work?" Sniper nodded and Cross handed her his phone, "Alright, just type what you want to say and I'll respond, okay?"

Sniper frowned up at him and nodded, How come no one ever did this before? I didn't mind not talking but…he seems kind but I can't trust him. Absolutely not…

"Firstly, any questions?"

Sniper frowned before typing away on the phone and showing it to him, 'How did you find me?'

Cross read the message quickly, "Well it was easy really, there's only one known report of a Kiyoshi Gun user and from there all we had to do was follow you once we saw you. We started two days ago…tell me, that man you killed, who was he?"

Sniper tensed before deleting her previous message and typing a new one, 'His name was Patrick Prey small time thief.'

"If he was small time then why did he have to die?"

She typed a new message, 'Because Akihiro told me to.'

Cross sighed, "What was your goal then, you must have one, especially given your past."

She tensed once again before narrowing her eyes, 'How many people know?'

"Just me." He leaned in and whispered, "I did my research, I've been here for two weeks already. In fact, I just made my appearance here known today. I can't tell you anymore though I'm afraid, unless you are with us."

'With us?'

Cross smiled and held his hand out, "I'm giving you the chance to get revenge, Sniper-san."

Sniper tensed before looking up into his eyes, blinking up at him before frowning and turning around and walking out her door, closing it softly behind her, leaving them in silence.

"Um, Cross?"

He sighed, Even with those lusterless eyes…I could see, even if she didn't want me to, all that pain.

Cross turned around to face Ao who lived up to her name with her blue hair, blue shirt and skirt, with white skin and purple eyes, "Don't worry, she'll be joining us, it's simply a matter of time."

Ao frowned, "How do you know that?"

He smirked as he turned to her, his eyes full of confidence, "She took your phone."

She didn't stop walking until she was at the long abandoned park with just a slide and a swing. She saw the days where she was pushed on those swings by her father while her mother stood to the side and laughed as she saw watched as if it were happening. Her mother beckoning her while she slid down the slide while her father had walked her up to playground.

She blinked and they were gone, gone was the sunshine and the smiles, and all she was left with was a dark world without sun and without smiles.

It had been so long since she had talked that she was sure that she had forgotten how. Now she was contemplating it, having met for the first time in her life beside her parents who had ever smiled at her.

It was strange, that feeling in her chest as she thought of that boy's smile, that boy who was not much older than her and clearly from a clearer side of life.

I have read books on this…but they only described it as butterflies in their stomachs, never this…this feels like I've been hit in the chest. Besides, love is for those who have the choice…and love is something that will not allow. I will not live my life until…until…

The phone clenched tightly in her hands vibrated, shocking her and made her drop the phone, leaving her to stumble awkwardly to grab it before it hit the ground.

When she did so she noticed the message sprawled across the screen.

'Enjoying the phone?'

It was so not what she was expecting that, for the first time in five years, her lips twitched into an incredibly micro sized smile that would take a microscope to see. Having felt it however she frowned and it was gone, replaced by her stoic look.

It took her several minutes but she finally found a response she thought was appropriate.

'Why me?'

She pressed send and walked over to the swing, wondering if he had to think of what to say before sending his messages. She got her answer twenty seconds later after the phone vibrated once again.

'Because you have the potential for so much more than this.'

Sniper's eyes widened and she set the phone down in her lap as she lightly kicked off the ground, the phone not sliding off, Why do I care…I should just throw this phone away, or sell it…phones these days are expensive, I could sell it…no one has that amount of money, if they did they would have left already…Am I really this sad? I'm working for the person who killed my parents…but does he even know? Does he know who I am…what my goal is? If I had my way he would be dead and all his men with him! I've already done so much, I've killed eight people to gain his trust…eight people who were criminals but they weren't threats to him! I'm tired…so tired…I've been doing this for so long that I don't know if there's even a life waiting for me if I succeed…

Sniper closed her eyes and gave a silent sigh before grabbing the phone from her lap, 'What's your goal here?'

She asked yet she knew what he would say and as she read the message that he had sent just a minute later she could feel her heart drop.

'We're going to kill Akihiro and free this town.'

Sniper gulped before standing from the swing, the swing swinging freely behind her before hitting the back of her legs and stopping. She looked down at the phone once more before gulping and sending the last message.

'Meet me at the park in an hour I want to help.'

After she had sent the message she dropped the phone, leaving it on the woodchip covered ground while she walked away.

I can't let some outsiders fight my fight, I'll finish these…even if it means my death!

Cross clenched his fist at his side as he looked down at the phone lying on the ground, his eyes narrowed into slits while his Pressure rose. Behind him was his group, all giving him sympathetic looks.

"S-Sir, I know this was your plan but…Megan-sama didn't tell us to try recruiting while we were here. Are you sure this was the right way to go about it?"

He groaned and covered his eyes with his hand, "When I was younger my family was poor and I was constantly fighting to make money…I was in an underground fighting ring and fought people thrice my age just to make a couple bronze. I thought my life was hard but looking back on it now it was pretty easy and not nearly as complicated as I thought. I was recruited when I was eleven and trained at Capital for a year before I was made the Seventh Rank. Since then I've lived a pretty happy life and my family was well cared for with the money I was making until they died but even then…even then my life was simple but her life…that girl who's the same age I was when I became the Seventh Rank…it's full of hate, death, and pain. Who deserves a life like that?" Cross dropped his hand and turned to his group, "The reason no one has come here to free the people is because we didn't know where all of his hostage warehouses were but now that's changed. We know now where they are, there's ten guards at each one and there's thirteen of us…and thirteen of them. We know the locations, we strike now and we strike hard. When we're done…we're going to help her if she's still alive."

They all gulped while Ao sighed, "So each of us is responsible for an entire warehouse full of people and have to take on guards who are just a rank below us? So ten B Ranks versus us A Ranks? Hm…sounds fun."

Cross grinned as he walked over to them, "Let's go wild, eh?"

They all smirked, "HAI!"

Sniper stood in front of the headquarters with a bag slung over her shoulder and a single black stick in her left hand with a red button on top, gripped tightly while she looked up at the top floor.

It took longer than I wanted to but everything's set now…all I have to wait for is-

"Oh, Sniper-chan."

Sniper turned around to see a tall man walking up to her, wearing the blue and white uniform of the police force stained red in some areas, mostly on his pant legs however.

This was the man who had been her father's Senpai and the one who had first recruited him into the gang. The two of them had been friends for years before the recruitment and it had been him that had first alerted her father of what the police force truly did.

He had long brown hair down to his shoulders and dark brown eyes with tan skin, so average that he could have went unnoticed for his entire life. If there was one thing not normal about him it was the rugged scar on his cheek under his right eye.

I saw what made that scar…and I'll be adding more to it.

He had been her father's Senpai…and eventually the one to kill him. It would be in the later fight against her mother that he would get that scar after she had stabbed him with a small kitchen knife and dragged it down his face with strength that she herself didn't know she had.

Sniper was sure that he didn't know who she was; otherwise he would use her real name, a name that she hadn't even heard in five years and a name that she had since forgotten. Now she could live her entire life going by Sniper and not mind for, if she had went by her real name she knew that she would be forever tormented with the memories of her parents.

"What are you doing out there with that stuff? Is Akihiro-sama sending you on a demolition mission?" He frowned as he leaned forward to become eye level with her, "You're such a great member, I've heard rumors of Akihiro-sama making you a group leader too."

Sniper didn't react yet the rumor shocked her, knowing how high up a group leader was.

They're Akihiro's right hand men…if I had waited for that this would be easier but…I don't have the privilege to wait.

Sniper inwardly smirked, if she knew how she was sure she would make the effort to do it outwardly, as she reached up to touch the man in front of her. His eyes widened and he froze as she did so, her fingers almost dancing around his shirt collar.

She's a bit young for me but I could make it w-

She grabbed his collar and turned him, placing him in front of her as she pressed the button on the detonator. It wasn't even a second before it happened. Four explosions shook the building at its foundations and a cloud of dust soon followed as the building collapsed on itself.

There was an alarming amount of silence afterwards while Sniper felt like she had taken the first breath of air for years while the man in her grasp couldn't move in surprise and shock.

"W-What the hell?"

There was a loud bang and soon after the sound of splattering liquid and the man looked down to see a thin barrel at his chest, pointing at the large hole in his chest. He had been too surprised to even notice Sniper forming her weapon and firing it off and, while he slumped to his knees he looked up to see her looking down at him.


Sniper didn't answer him as he came to the realization as she touched the scar on his cheek.

"Y-You…" He gasped, blood filling his mouth while his cough spread it over Sniper's clothing, "B-B-But I spared you!"

Sniper raised her black rifle once more, the barrel pressed against the man's forehead, But you didn't spare them.

She pressed the trigger and his body fell back soundlessly to her ears while she engraved the sight of his blood bathing the ground into her mind, morbidly happy at the sight.

Her rifle disappeared and she dropped the bag and detonator at her feet, breathing a loud sigh of relief. Looking up into the sky she watched as a single beam of sunlight shone through the dark clouds, giving her a sign that there was hope.

It wasn't until she heard the rustling of stone that she looked down and the feeling of hope faded and replaced it with the feeling of complete dread.

A rock fell out of a pile, tumbling down and soon after a body was thrown out of the gaping hole, falling to the ground in a broken heap. Sniper gulped as she heard loud coughing and the feeling of dread increased as she saw the man pull himself out of the hole.

"W-What the fuck?!" He coughed and looked around with narrowed eyes as he dusted himself off, his suit dusted but not scratched in the least, "S-Sniper…WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Sniper gulped and, for the first time in five years, feeling like the frightened child she was, H-How did he live?!

Akihiro jumped down from the pile and walked forward into the dust covered street, "Sniper, I have raised you up these last five years and this is how I'm repaid?! You better beg for your life now and maybe, just maybe, I'll let you live!"

Sniper gulped and bent down to pick up the bag and detonator, Buildings right behind me, I could run to the left and right however.

Akihiro narrowed his eyes as Sniper charged to the left, running as fast as she could, "I AM TALKING!"

He stomped on the ground and a large wall shut from the ground in front of Sniper, reaching as high as the buildings around them and reaching all the way over to him and, when Sniper began to run to the right, he stomped again and another wall rose.

T-The only way to escape is through the building, I just need to break a window and run through!

As if he knew what she was thinking he stomped again and a third wall rose behind her, completely forming a large circle around the two of them.

"And you aren't answering!" Akihiro dusted off his sleeves as he stared down at her, "I want to hear you beg! Maybe if it's good enough I'll let you live as a servant, oh maybe I'll start a prostitute! Every good Yakuza has at least one prostitute ring!"

It wasn't the threat that scared her, she knew he would never let her live, it was the fact that she wouldn't be able to reenact her revenge.

Mom, Dad…I couldn't do it…I'm sorry…

"I want to hear your answer Bitch!" He cracked his knuckles as the rocks and pebbles at his feet began to float in the air around his feet, "I can beat it out of you if you prefer however!"

Sniper narrowed her eyes and crouched low to the ground, her eyes trained on Akihiro, The, if I can't escape…and I'm going to die…then I'll die fighting.

Akihiro narrowed his eyes as he saw her do the same while the rocks at his feet floated higher around him before a large chunk of earth rose in front of him, blocking him from view, "Well then, looks like the lonely child finally got tired of waiting!"

Sniper's eyes widened, Lonely child?

"Or I guess it would be better to say that you are the Traitor Child. You're working for me, when I'm the one who ordered James to kill your parents! He was supposed to kill you too but he said you had potential! Well I guess he was right!" He turned to look at the body of the man, James, "I wonder if he knew you would one day kill him…but oh well, he was a simple pawn, they were all simple pawns! Replaceable, but I'm afraid that if Capital or Osameru hears of this they'll be sure to send in a bigger force than they already did." He smirked as the rock in front of him broke away and began to cover his clothing, "I already got word that those brats are invading my warehouses, but they won't get far! My top men are in those warehouses and ten of them would equal thirty of them!"

She gulped as he talked, knowing what his plan was for the rocks but feeling fear for the group that she had seen just an hour before, A-Are they already dead? I knew they would fail but…I was hoping that that man was as strong as he looked…strong enough to beat Akihiro for me…but it looks like that won't happen anytime soon.

"Well it seems like you wanted me to get ready for this fight, your loss." Akihiro spoke as the rocks covered all but his neck and head, looking like someone had simply glued bulky rocks to his skin, "I call this Chi Yoroi and it's never been pierced or even cracked!"

I've heard that he's much slower when he uses that armor and that it'd take a pin point sized attack with great speed and strength to get through his armor. It's because of that armor that he's gained such a reputation in this town.

He smirked as a piece of rock floated in the air above his head before melding over it, becoming firm fitting with two eye socket holes and a moveable jaw. As it formed the bulky rocks shrunk in size, becoming sharper looking and looking like one solid piece of armor with thinner, moveable, parts.

W-What? That looks smaller and thinner but I can tell from the Pressure coming off of him that he fortified it. I doubt I could even do any damage now…

She narrowed her eyes as her own Pressure rose, looking like yellow waves of energy coming off of her like flames, But that doesn't mean I won't try.


Sniper slipped the detonator into her pocket while she pulled a single object from the bag, a small rectangle piece of tech with a small package under it with wires attached between the two.

I only have one more…It took ten of these to take down the building and just one of them has the power to blow through steel. I don't know for sure how strong his armor is but this should be able to at least crack it to give me a weak point…If I can just avoid his attacks I should be able to win, plus in this close range my sniper rifle will be stronger, putting my attacks at A Rank strength. I could win!

She gulped, I hope.

Akihiro flew forward, his speed surprising Sniper who was forced to roll to the side to avoid the charge, immediately jumping up and back into the air, forming her rifle in her left hand. Akihiro turned and stomped on the ground, bringing up a cannon ball sized rock and punching it towards Sniper.

The rock broke into pieces, becoming like shrapnel, and flying towards Sniper who brought her rifle in front of her face to block them from her eyes. While most of the shrapnel hit the side of her rifle many of them struck her chest and legs, bruising them and cutting small cuts in her clothing.

Sniper landed in a crouch, bringing her rifle down to look up as Akihiro appeared in front of her as if teleporting. He jabbed down at her, aiming for her face and she was forced for the second time in the short encounter to bring her rifle up again to block.

Rock and energy collided with a loud crash and sparks flew in the air between him as if it were metal. Sniper gasped loudly as her arms shook while her rifle began to creak. The collision was only for seven seconds but, as the creaking increased to an almost painful level, her sniper exploded in black shards of energy and his fist continued forward.

The pain was almost unimaginable to her as his large fist struck her face, almost feeling like his fists was even large than her face. She flew back, stumbling over the ground before hitting the earthen wall, her back colliding solidly and, after only a second against the wall, she fell forward.

Broken nose…

She never got far as Akihiro ran forward, his fist striking her stomach and slamming her against the wall once again. Akihiro smirked under his helm as Sniper coughed, feeling as if she might vomit any second.

"You're so pitifully weak. To think that one of the strongest in my Yakuza was this small! For a Kiyoshi Gun User to not even get a single shot out, how sad is that?! You should be thankful for me. If not for my walls everyone would see how truly weak you were. You could die knowing those idiots thought you were strong." He pulled his fist back and turned to the side, allowing Sniper to stumble forward, her head lowered with her hair covering her face from view, "What would your parents say if they could see you now huh? What would they tell their dying daughter?!"

She coughed as she fell forward, falling into the small trench that was created from Akihiro's armor, What would they say? That's a good question…I've never given it too much thought…what would they tell me while I was dying? I always thought what would they think if they could see me, not say. I guess…I was just too afraid to think if they were disappointed…who would want their daughter to be like me?

It took her several minutes, in which Akihiro waited patiently for the first time in his life, to come up with an answer.

From where he stood, only meters away, he heard a quiet mumble and he frowned, "What was that?! Did you say something?!" He heard the mumble again and, sighing, his helm fell off of his face and fell to the ground, "Did the Sniper finally talk?!"

Sniper, for the first time in five years, smiled as she turned her head to look at Akihiro's eyes, "They'd say…have a blast."

Her voice, from having not spoken in five years, was weak and hard to hear but Akihiro heard it clearly and, for the first time, felt the weight on his back.

Sniper rolled to the side, crouching tightly before springing upward into the air, her right arm becoming a blur as she threw the explosive at his back, the small package on the back breaking and oozing out a gray adhesive while a green light appeared on the tech.

Smirking inwardly she threw the detonator between her hands, slipping the detonator into her pocket before forming her rifle, her missing explosive going completely unnoticed by Akihiro as he turned to attack.

He quickly reached back, trying to grab the explosive but was far too slow as Sniper brought the detonator from her pocket and pressed the button.

There was a small beep and, within a second, there was an explosion with Akihiro's scream the only thing louder as he was surrounded by a cloud of fire.

It felt like hours to her as the fire raged with some of it reaching the bottom of the trench just inches from her feet. It took longer than she thought it would but finally the fires died down, leaving only a cloud of steam and smoke that blocked Akihiro from sight.

She crawled out of the trench and she looked at the cloud before turning and limping away, grabbing at her stomach hoping to calm the pain, If he was only inches to any side I would've definitely broken my ribs…but how was I able to win? Was it because I was underestimated?

Slumping against the far wall she stared blankly at the cloud of smoke, What do I do now? Everything feels so…blank…the only meaning I had in life was killing Akihiro and now that he's dead…I don't have anything to work to. I could just die now…I still have enough energy to shoot one more shot, getting punched like that hurt far more than I thought, add on the two shots from earlier and the damage I took and I'm down to five percent, forming it alone took ten percent! How sad.

Contemplating it she looked down at her hands, remembering the pain and cries of the eight people she killed, They all had lives…families. But I took them from them. All criminals but…did that make it okay to kill them?


Sniper's eyes widened and she looked up as Akihiro walked out of the cloud, waving the smoke away while rubbing his head with his other hand, "That was hot, if it wasn't form my helm that would have killed me." As he was speaking his newly formed helmet fell away to reveal his burnt skin, the top, and most likely the back, a pale white and brown.

"Third degree burns, hurts like a bitch. Now then, I'm going to kill you now, letting you live would be too nice." Akihiro walked forward as Sniper formed her rifle quickly in her hands, bringing it up to aim at his face, "You had a long run! First kill at age ten, and for the person who ordered your parent's deaths! You probably thought you could get close to me to kill me but I knew all along. No one else did however, I was curious how many people you would kill but to think you'd get them all, impressive."

Sniper couldn't hear anything he said, too gripped by fear, and with wide eyes she pulled the trigger and a loud bang sounded out as a black beam left the barrel and traveled to Akihiro's face. However he flung his right hand through the air, hitting the beam and making it hit the wall instead.

She gasped as her rifle began to flicker, from black to transparent, before finally disappearing and leaving her defenseless.

"That it?" Akihiro sighed before shrugging, "Oh well, you lasted longer than I thought you would. Hm, I could snap you in half, or your neck. I could even rip your head off your body. Hm, let us simply start with choking you."

She began to kick away at the ground, as if hoping she'd somehow be able to crawl even further away from him while Akihiro walked forward.

Knock Knock.

The two froze and both turned to the wall to Sniper's right and his left, "…" Akihiro blinked in clear confusion while Sniper gulped.


Knock Knock Knock.

"SNIPER-CHAN~ARE YOU HOME?!" Sniper's eyes widened as she heard his voice, "COME OUT AND PLAY! WE'RE GOING TO PLAY HOUSE!"

Akihiro narrowed his eyes before turning to Sniper, "WHO IS THAT?! TELL ME!"

Sniper merely smiled, her fear completely gone and feeling like her heart was fluttering with renewed hope, That idiot…

Akihiro growled and took a threatening step forward, "TELL ME WHO IT IS!"

He moved to take another step, bringing up his hand to punch her once again but before he could even move an inch forward there was one more knock.

Akihiro tensed and slowly turned to see cracks spreading throughout the wall, reaching twenty feet outwards while small chips began to fall away before it all plummeted to the ground, creating a small line of rocks and revealing the smiling teen.

Cross smiled as he looked into Sniper's eyes, bringing his fist down from where he had punched the wall, "And Honey I'm home."

Sniper sent him a relieved smile while Akihiro took a step back, his eyes wide and beady while he remembered the words his subordinate had told him just earlier that day.

"Sir!" Akihiro turned his head as one of his men ran forward, holding a phone in his hand, "I just got word from one of our men that thirteen Fighters just entered the city, and you won't believe who was leading them."

Akihiro frowned, "What, is it some big city gang? Some greenhorn?"

The man gulped and shook his head, "Worse Sir, it's the Seventh Rank Fighter in Capital Cross Yuudai!"

"Y-You…what the hell are you doing here?!"

Cross frowned as he looked at him before turning and walking to Sniper and crouching next to her, "Honey, I thought we talked about this. You have to stop bringing guys home, it's making me very jealous. You know you could do better than this! At least aim high if you're going to cheat on me, makes me feel like dirt…"

Sniper sighed, This idiot…is truly a Baka.


Cross's eyes widened and he smiled, "You talk now? That's great, it'll be much easier to talk like this. It's great to hear your voice." He smirked as he rubbed her hair, "And what a cute voice it is."

Sniper blushed before slapping his hand away, unsure if she liked the unfamiliar feeling she felt from the short contact, "Baka."

He grinned while Akihiro formed his helmet once again as well as creating a thicker amount of rocks around his fists as well, "It must be hard to finally talk after so long. You probably need to take some speech classes." Cross sighed as he stood up, brushing invisible dirt off his pants, "Well we could worry about that later, for now I feel like killing me a Yakuza. I hear they give special drop items after they die. I wonder if I could gain a Sniper for my party."

She frowned, Sniper for his party? What does that mean?

Akihiro's gulp could be heard from miles as Cross turned his attention to him, cracking his knuckles as he took the few steps to stand in front of him, "So do most forty something's feel intimidated from a fifteen year old? This must be embarrassing for you; they were going to send Danzai-sama but I told them I'd go with a small group. I just needed a signed letter from Alex and Megan-sama and they let me come here with some A Ranks. Oh, and by the way I forgot to mention that the rest of your men are dead or captured. You should have put more men in those warehouses." He smirked, "My men are tough, you rocky bastard."

Akihiro growled and yelled a loud battle cry as he sent a jab at Cross's face. He leaned his head to the side, crouching slightly before striking the bottom of Akihiro's jaw, cracking the rock there and making him stumble backwards. Cross grinned and jumped forward, his left hand curled at his side while he pivoted his body to the side, throwing his left hand forward and hitting the center of Akihiro's chest.

It was like a knife through butter as his fist penetrated the rocks, hitting his skin and throwing him back. His feet skid across the ground and after skidding twenty feet he leaned forward, grasping the open hole with his right hand while the rocks began to grow and cover it.

"Huh, so you can regenerate the rocks?, you're simply spreading the defense you already have. You may be covering your skin but you aren't being smart about. You're giving me an easier target."

Akihiro narrowed his eyes, looking at the large gap between his wall where he had broken a large section, If I can escape I can form the wall again and use that time to escape.

"That won't work. I'm much faster than you. I'm the Seventh Rank man, consider that." Cross shrugged, "The only one with duel powers, and I've only used one." He raised his right hand in front of him, "Try to escape, I'll give you four seconds."

Akihiro didn't ask any questions as he charged to the gap.

"And one."

Cross snapped and a green circle appeared on the ground around Akihiro before a beam of green light shot upwards before closing into a cylinder above Akihiro's head. Akihiro gasped as he froze in running position, his eyes trained in front of him and unmoving.

W-What the hell?!

"Iteru." Cross walked forward and around Akihiro so he stood in front of him, his right hand, instead of a fist, an open palm, "And this is Nehan Hirate," Cross narrowed his eyes, losing his smirk and gaining an air of seriousness that surprised Sniper, "goodbye."

Cross's hand was a blur and there was a soundless collision as the green light disappeared and his palm struck Akihiro above his heart. There was silence as a hole in Akihiro's armor appeared on his back, his suit torn in the same shape, with no hole in Akihiro's front.

Cross pulled his hand back and Akihiro fell back, hitting the ground with a thud.

"You know, main bad guys tend to say something before they die…I really have to stop freezing them before I do that." Cross sighed before turning to Sniper, "So…doesn't seem like there's much here left to do huh?"

Sniper's eyes widened at his bluntness, He just killed the only reason I lived for me…and he's acting as if he's talking about the weather.

Despite her thoughts she shook her head as he walked towards her before slumping against the wall next to her, sliding down until he sat next to with their shoulders touching, "Well, what do you say? Want to come back with us?"

Sniper frowned, "Why?"

"Why not? Seems like a good idea, you could come back with us, live a happy life, become a Fighter if you want too. Or you could go somewhere nice, meet some guy, and live a happy life without a single bad thing happening again." He grinned as he turned to look down at her, "But what's the fun in that?"

Sniper blinked as she looked up at him before smiling and, making the decision that she would later smile upon remembering, nodded.

Cross's smile could have lit up a city block, "Well then, first thing first. As good as a name as Sniper is I think you'll need a new name, unless you've bonded with it."

She shook her head and looked up at him with wide eyes, much like a child would an idol, I hate the name…but I don't remember the ones my parents gave me…

"What about your real name?"

She shook her head.

He frowned and tapped his chin, "Make a name then?"

She nodded with a smile.

Cross looked down at her expectantly and, after several minutes of simply staring into each other's eyes his widened, "Oh, you want me to make one?!"

She laughed, her old lusterless eyes shining brightly, "Baka."

He smiled before leaned forward, closing his eyes in concentration, "Hm…a good name…preferably a cute one…something nice sounding…preferably cute. Hm…naming you after my mother would be a bit awkward for me…I had an aunt but her name was pretty stiff. Hm…this is much harder. Why couldn't you be like a fish or something? Then I could not care what I named you."

She narrowed her eyes before smacking the back of his head lightly.

He laughed and rubbed the back of his head, "I've always…liked the name Hannah…what do you think?"

Frowning she tapped her chin, "Where?"

"Where'd I get the name? This artist I like, played the piano and was a vocalist fifty years ago. Her name was Hannah Shinoda."

Turning away from him she licked her lips, "H-Han-nah…Hannah…Sh-Shin-Shinoda…Hannah Shinoda…" She smiled before looking back at him with the largest smile she had ever smiled, "I like it!"

Cross smiled and jumped to his feet, spinning around before facing her and pointing at her face, "Very well then, from now on you'll be known as Hannah Shinoda! Now, all you need to do…is take my hand." With the hand he was pointing at her with he opened his hand and leaned forward, "Well?"

Sniper, now known as Hannah, sighed and reached forward, "Thank you…Baka."


Hannah smiled to herself as she remembered her past, almost fondly despite the memories of the eight people she killed, people she still had nightmares about. So much had changed since then that Hannah almost believed that her past was simply fabricated.

The fight had been going on for close to twenty minutes now and the group they were against was almost completely gone with only a few strong A Ranks left.

While he wasn't fighting seriously, going easy for the hope of prisoners, he was getting tired of holding back. It was always harder for him to hold back than to go all out since he had to constantly restrain himself. His concentration was half on the battle and half on his restraints, yet the people here had almost no chance against him.

From where she sat crouched, sniping down the enemies from afar every few seconds, Hannah almost sighed.

I wish I was a Kiyoshi Gun User instead, then I could fight at his side instead of being all the way over here. Why can't I at least make a different gun? Every time I try to form something smaller it explodes. On top of that why couldn't I be born three years earlier?!

She shot and one of the Fighters stumbled back as he immediately grasped the hole in his left shoulder, Cross's fist meeting the side of his face just seconds after. He hit the ground and Cross immediately turned to his next opponent.

If there was one advantage of fighting from such a distance it was that she was able to watch him fight. Watching him fight was easily her third favorite pass time, the first being arguing with him and the second baking.

Which reminds me, Ao's birthday is coming up so I should bake her a cake. I wonder what flavor she likes.

She shot once more and sighed, That's twenty shots now, meaning I have one left. I'm terrible at prolonged fights, as usual…better than I was two and a half years ago though.

Cross punched down another opponent, breathing out deeply while he stood up straight to turn to his four left opponents as a trail of sweat trailed down his brow, "There's quite a lot of you…like cockroaches but less creepy." He groaned and turned his neck at an angle, popping it, "Kinda tiresome…can you guys just give up?"

The four Fighters all looked at each other before shrugging and jumping at him, only three of them getting close as one fell back with a hole in his right thigh.

Hannah sighed as her rifle disappeared, wishing that she had brought her knives along as she usually did, Shouldn't take much longer though, I want my ice cream.

Cross punched forward and their small tumble increased in frenzy while Hannah sat back and waited, only vaguely seeing someone hiding behind a tree.

The first thing she noticed about him was his long red hair, followed by his black tall hat, black cape, and red boots and gloves. He wore black pants and an expensive looking white button up shirt. It was like a mixture of a vampire, with his pale skin and red hair, and a magician, with his clothing. At his hip was a black cane with four inches white at the top.

Hannah's eyes widened, He fits the description of the illusionist that Alex fought in Rosemary's illusion!

The illusionist smirked, not knowing that Hannah could see him, as he grabbed his cane and held it in both hands, pulling on the white hand quietly.

T-That's a blade!

He rushed forward, out of behind the tree and towards Cross's back.

She was moving before she even knew it, as if everything else just stopped and time froze. Even while she ran she was sure that yelling would have been easier but she was afraid that if she did one of the other three would attack.

Hannah had been more than a hundred feet away from Cross, a distance that would take Alex a second and Cross three. However, two ranks below her Boss and one below Cross, she was much slower.

Ten seconds.

A lot could happen in ten seconds. You could punch the person you would later fall in love with in ten seconds of meeting them. You could have your walls fall down for that person, just from their smile ten seconds after punching them.

You could decide to die for that person.

Hannah slammed into Cross with all her strength from the side as the illusionist's blade became a blur in the air, throwing Cross away from his three opponents. She smiled as she saw Cross immediately turn around to see what happened, his eyes widened to a frightening degree as he did.

Even as the blade cut through her she smiled, even as her blood soared through the air and splattered against Cross's chest with a few hitting his face she smiled.

The world fell silent and the blood on his face trailed down, dripping off his face and landing on his shoes.

There was a loud snap resounding in his head and his Pressure skyrocketed around him, a dark green that was almost black, and the illusionist along with the three Fighters all jumped back away from him.

T-This Pressure, he's an A Rank but it's so overwhelming that I'd mistake it for an S Rank!

Hannah hit the ground soundlessly and she clenched her eyes shut before slowly blinking up at the sky, H-He's okay…He's okay…and that's all that matters…My Baka Senpai is okay…


Hannah coughed loudly as she lay on the ground, "B-Baka Senpai…" She frowned as she looked around while Cross appeared above her, scooping her into his arms and against his chest, "H-Hey…you're really warm…" She coughed again, realizing that it wasn't him that was warm but her, "M-My stomach feels really warm…"

Cross gulped as he refrained from looking down at her stomach, knowing what he would see if he dead and afraid that if he saw it that he would collapse, "I-I wonder why that is…you're going to be just fine Hannah!"

Hehe, his Pressure is so nice…I wonder if I ever told him that? His Pressure is my safety blanket, my favorite stuffed animal…I'll name it Fluffy.

Hannah frowned as her bright hazel eyes dimmed in light and luster, "F-Fine?" Before Cross could react she looked down at her body and gave a small gasp, "I-I almost forgot…B-Ba-Baka…Senpai…It doesn't hurt…It's really warm…"

Cross's eyes widened as he started to shake, feeling the tears that he had so desperately tried to hold back stream down his face, "You're going to be fine Hannah! Trust me!"

Hannah smiled as she raised a shaking hand to his face, seemingly not noticing how she had smeared blood on his cheek, "I-I've always…trusted you…but…I felt it…cut through…I'm surprised that I'm…even in one piece…" She cracked a smile as her eyes began to droop, "F-Funny how the body…works…I don't feel the pain but…I know that I'm…I'm…"


Cross clenched his eyes shut and shook his head rapidly, reaching up with one hand to grasp her much smaller one in his, "D-Don't say that! You'll be fine Hannah! I-I still haven't gotten you your ice cream yet!"

Hannah shook her head as she looked up at Cross, even though his eyes were closed, "C-Cross-kun?" Cross's eyes snapped open, meeting hers, "Y-You may be a Baka Senpai…but…you're my Baka Senpai…right?"

Cross nodded with a small smile as he looked into her eyes, even as blood trailed out from the corner of her lips, "O-Of course!"

She nodded and turned her head to cuddle into his chest, her eyes finally closing and her ear pressed against his shirt, "Y-You're so warm…"

You…You're the one who saved me…now I can die without regrets…I can die and go, find my parents, and tell them all about my Baka Senpai…My Baka Senpai…

His eyes widened as her hand slipped out from beneath his, falling silently to the ground beside her as her breathing slowed down to a stop.

Dying…for my Baka Senpai…isn't a bad death.


Cross gulped as he lightly squeezed her shoulder, "H-Hannah…" After minutes of silence he gulped one last time as he felt her heartbeat stop.

Not a bad death at all.


Techniques- Chi Yoroi

Translation-Earth Armor

Power-Earth Manipulation






Description-He covers himself in a layer of rocks to create full body armor and that had never been pierced until Cross had fought him. His speed is slightly decreased using the armor and the time it takes to reform it leaves him open long enough to take damage.



Power-Time Manipulation

Users-Cross Yuudai




Range-Close Range

Description-He creates a small dome of green see through energy that covers only one person at a time and freezes them, or slows down quickly, for three seconds. However if someone's Pressure is high enough they could break through it before the three seconds.

Techniques- Nehan Hirate

Translation-Nirvana Palm

Power-Super Strength

Users-Cross Yuudai





Description-His usual finishing move in which he uses all of his strength to strike at the center of an opponent's chest, not piercing the skin but crushing all under and even able to destroy clothing and armor on their back.