A/N Hi everybody! I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to leave comments and I'll do my best to respond! The story begins slowly, but I promise things make sense and pick up as you read. Enjoy!Note that the preface wont really make sense until after the story really begins, so read it, but tuck it away for later.

Kaine! Stop this senseless killing! Ferdand's voice echoed in his mind, but the endless search for more continued. These people stood in his way, and it was his duty to dispose of them.

More power, more strength, more, more, and more. These were the monster's only thoughts. Chelsie Rowen, Lily Santana, Colin Harper, and Roger Loyd lay in front of him as proof. Their pale faces seemed to mock him even in death. They lay on the wet earth, with eyes that stared blindly from cold, motionless faces. The deep burgundy of their blood clung to the monster's hands, taunting him, for taking it had not granted him the information he sought.

Are you happy now son? Are you happy now that you have betrayed the balance? Does their blood feed your blackened heart? Disgust filled the echoed voice in Kaine's mind. He held his hands to his head,only growing more agitated with the drying blood that now smeared his face. His pacing didn't seem to clear the seemingly ever present voice in his mind.

"Silence Father!" he burst aloud, forcing himself to stand still. Kaine closed his eyes and sought out the final two. They would find their loved ones, he was sure of it. They would come and meet their inevitable death. Their blood would bring answers. His father would be sorry he had chosen to stand by the balance. Did he really think turning his own sister over to the light would stop him? Kaine chuckled and toed the face of the body nearest him. Dirt smeared over Colin's colorless cheek. He wondered if his sister was prepared to meet the same fate as the four at his feet.

Hours passed slowly, and moonlight bathed the still, staring bodies. Kaine sat in the nearby brush and watched them, forcing himself into stillness almost resembling the patience that never came naturally to him. His reward came from the trees on the far side of the clearing. First came a man. He was tall and lean with dark eyes that searched for danger Kaine knew he wouldn't see until it was far too late. Pain and grief raked his aura when he caught sight of the bodies. Kaine smiled, knowing grief weakened his opponent. The man turned and murmured something to the woman behind him, and then moved forward alone.

You can't protect her this time. He thought darkly.

The man knelt down and touched the bruised neck of the nearest body. His thoughts were easier to see when he distanced himself from the woman. Kaine's brow furrowed. The woman had a guard up. Could she sense his presence? He searched for her mind, but he reached a block. Breaking that may alert her.

damn! Kaine thought

Dead… The man thought. We're too late...

Kaine began to step forward, intending to grant the man the same fate, but just as he moved, the woman stepped out of the shadows and halted his movement. She seemed to look directly into the blackness of his soul. For the first time in his life, Kaine felt genuine fear. His blood ran cold enough to halt his breath, but his heart sped of its own accord. Kaine's mind froze.

The woman radiated silence he was unfamiliar with. Physically the woman stood there, but she seemed to be otherwise absent. Although he could plainly see her, Kaine couldn't hear. Her mind was clouded, and as she neared the man, his thoughts became clouded too. As if to mock the silence of her mind, the woman spoke.

"We aren't alone." Her voice was clear and cool, although the hand she placed on the man's shoulder trembled. Violet eyes full of sadness and anger so intense it bordered violence looked straight into Kaine's. All her pain and sorrow ripped into his soul, bringing him to his knees in inexplicable sadness and regret. Death seemed to grip his throat and block his airways. Fear ripped into his heart painfully, and his father's rumbling laughter rang in his ears. Every single murder played back to Kaine, and he could feel his victim's pain. His only thoughts were of death, for surely this evil he had committed would kill him now. The pain that radiated out of this woman was tearing him apart. Kaine fell sideways into the wet earth. The woman's eyes burned into his very soul. The last thing he saw before the blackness took him was violet eyes, brimming with his past.