The wedding was in full swing. Maggie kissed Cady on the cheek and then left the room to stand by Darren Henderson, waiting for the music to finally begin. She pushed her bangs back into place and gave a reassuring smile to Noah who had taken his place back by the podium. His shoulders relaxed immediately and he was finally able to show a real smile.

Darren leaned into her ear. "Cady's okay then?"

His blue eyes peered into hers, calculating and assessing. He was almost twice the size of Noah, all of it muscle. She remembered when he'd attacked the two vampires that had held her and Cady's mom captive. He'd held her so tightly to him and yet, he hadn't hurt her in the tiniest. Secretly, she'd developed a small interest in him, but had quickly passed it off as a form of Nightingale Syndrome and had left it at that. The problem was, as the wedding had gotten closer and closer, her interest had peaked. She smiled at him and nodded. "Just last minute nerves."

He nodded and looked ahead. She smiled as Heather came out of the room and nodded. They were ready. Miriam returned to the piano and began to play the wedding march. Darren took Maggie's arm and wrapped it around his. Butterflies flittered around her stomach but she pushed them away. She didn't have feelings for Darren, she told herself. They'd barely talked and if he wasn't working, he was either sleeping or pulled away for a fitting for the wedding. He'd spent the rest of the time ignoring her or casting annoyed glances her way.

He walked her down the aisle, but let go of her quickly, retreating to his position as best man. She would have laughed at this if she wasn't still worried about Cady. The chords played and everyone stood, looking for the bride. From around the corner, Heather walked her daughter down the aisle, her smile wide. To everyone else, Cady looked cool and happy, but Maggie knew better. She knew how nervous her best friend was and knew how hard it had been for her to do this.

Tears fell when her mother kissed her cheek and handed her off to Noah. She repeated and answered perfectly, not even fumbling when Maggie gave her the ring. When the preacher gave the final words, Noah took her in his arms, wrapping her in love and kissing her passionately.

Maggie smiled, her eyes growing misty. She was so happy for her friend. Cady absolutely deserved happiness after her long life of solitude. Noah loved her completely and absolutely and that wasn't going to change. The two exited, followed by her and Darren and then the rest of the guests.

The reception was amazing, everyone laughed at the toasts, the food was incredible and the place was warm and happy, everything that could have been hoped for. As Maggie made her quiet entrance, several children, the youngest three, the oldest sixteen, ran up to her. "Maggie!" they called.

A boy, eleven years old, took her hand and began to pull. "Sit with us! Sit with us!"

"Don't pull on her, Lucas," said Jordan, the oldest. Lucas was more gentle, but was determined to have her sit with them.

She laughed. "I would love to sit with you, I really would, but I have to sit with the bride." There were exclaims of sadness and her heart melted for them. She sighed. "Okay, I will sit with you, but once the cake gets cut, I have to go back to my spot."

The smaller children cheered and escorted her to their table. Sarah, seven years old, ran to the refreshments table and came back with two glasses of punch. She handed on to Maggie, spilling it some as she set it on the table. "Here you go Maggie!"

"Oh! Thank you, Sarah," she took a sip of her punch. "That was just what I needed!"

Jordan smiled knowingly. He looked at the long banquet table. "Okay, it looks like everyone's been through, let's go get some grub."

Being pulled once more, Maggie quickly stood and helped get food for everyone. They managed to get everyone sorted and went back for their own. "How are you doing, Jordan? I know watching over the kids wasn't exactly what you had in mind," she said eyeing the teenage girls sitting at another table with other teenage boys.

He smiled. "Yeah," he sighed. "But if I didn't, no one would."

"You know," she said, lowering her voice conspiratorially. "One day, there will be a woman who's attracted by that quality. It's a really good one to have, even if no one can see it right now."

"You really think so?"

"A guy who loves children and will quit hanging out with his friends to watch over them? I'm honestly surprised none of those girls are all over you as we speak!"

They laughed and rejoined the children. It was a pretty clean meal, though Maggie was glad her dress was a darker color. Soon, they left the table to return to their parents and the first dance began. Maggie watched, her heart happy. Cady looked so in love with Noah and vice versa. They were truly soul mates, or mates for short as the tribe called it. Maggie wiped a tear from her eye and clapped with everyone as the song finished.

Now, everyone stood, ready for the next dance. Jordan and Maggie glanced at each other and laughed. For someone so young, he was mature for his age and him and Maggie had bonded since Noah had become alfa.

A girl, the same age as him came up to the table. Giggles from behind her made her blush. She was a little chunkier than the other girls and had never quite fit in with the prima donnas that seemed to encompass the women born into the tribe. Maggie had always thought she'd been the most beautiful of them, though. Her style was her own and she always looked amazing, no matter how shy she seemed to be. "Hi, Jordan."

It was as though the room had been forgotten. He smiled wider than she'd ever seen and he leaned forward. "Hey Onya, you look incredible."

Her cheeks turned even more red. "Thanks… I was just wondering if you've seen Sarah, she's not with our parents."

He stood. "She was just at the banquet table. We can go find her."

As they left, Maggie watched them. Jordan kept close to Onya and even made her laugh, not an easy feat concerning her. She wasn't too serious, she was just reserved and it took a while for her to open up. Under the table, Maggie caught sight of a girl hiding behind the table cloth. Onya shrugged, loudly whispering that she had no idea where Sarah was. "I guess she's going to miss when they cut the cake. All that cake she could have had given to someon-"

"I'm right here!" Sarah said quickly, appearing out from under the table. "That was a mean thing to say, Onya."

Onya laughed and helped her to her feet. "Well, you've had mom worried, c'mon, we better show her you're in one piece before she organizes a search party," she looked at Jordan, smiling. "Thank you so much for helping, Jordan." She turned and left. He watched, smiling when their mom wrapped Sarah tightly in her arms causing the young girl to try to wriggle away. He returned to his seat next to Maggie. She was smiling at him.

"What?" he asked, unable to contain his own smile.

"You like her."

He paused. "I… Well… I just don't want to embarrass her."

She nodded. "That is a good point, but no matter what she's probably going to be embarrassed. She's just shy, but she really likes you too."

"Do you think I should… Ask her to dance with me?"

"Personally? Yes, and maybe invite her to sit with you for the rest of the wedding. It doesn't look like she was having too much fun with the others. They don't seem to take to her much."

He nodded. "She's the step-daughter of Baron. Her mom had a teenage pregnancy, so they don't see her as part of the tribe- at all."

"I see," she smiled at him. "But you don't see it that way do you?"

He rubbed the back of his neck. "She's…" he sighed and let his hand fall to his lap. "Beautiful, Maggie. Her personality is amazing and she's always watching over her sister, who's her half-sister. She never lets the ridicule of the werewolves slow her down, or at least, she doesn't let it show. She's…"

Maggie's eyes widened. "You're…?"

"I believe so."

"Well, what the hell are you still doing talking to me? Go and ask her to dance!"

He laughed, his eyes sparkling. "You're right!" he stood, but stopped to kiss her on the cheek. "Thanks, Maggie. You really are like the sister I've always wanted." He went over to the table with all the teenagers, where she sat off to the side, reading. The girls sat up, waiting for him to ask them to dance. When he passed them and went over to Onya, they sneered and sat back, crossing their arms. Onya, on the other hand, hadn't even noticed anything had changed. When his shadow spread over her book, she glanced up, instantly alarmed and blushing.

"Oh! Uh… Hi…"

Jordan's smile softened. "Will you come and dance with me?"

Her eyes widened, mirroring everyone at the table and then she frowned, skeptical. "Really?"

A laugh burst from Maggie, but she quickly covered her mouth, hiding her blunder. Jordan glanced at her, giving a knowing smirk. He looked back. "Of course, I've been wanting to all day."

"Really?" she asked again.


Onya's eyes were glazed in amazement, but she set her book on the table. "Sure…"

When she stood, he tucked her arm around his. "Good," he smiled.

She watched Jordan and Onya, who looked at each other like they were the only people on Earth. He led her in slow circles, his eyes sparkling as she stumbled over his feet. She stepped away, apologizing, embarrassed, but he pulled her back, telling her not to worry. She didn't seem convinced, but when he kissed her cheek, she flushed redder, smiling. And she didn't pull away again. They stayed through the second song and soon he was making her laugh, all her worry disappearing.

Maggie smiled to herself, it was incredible watching young love flourish like it did. Darren, sitting at the head table, caught her attention. He was talking with a man with multiple tattoos, Mattie, she believed. They laughed and finished off their champagne, more engaged in conversation. Two women, part of their tribe went to both of them. They asked the men something, probably to dance, but both men declined. The women, walked away, shaken that they'd been denied. They continued their conversation. While Mattie at least looked like he felt bad that he'd declined, Darren looked as if he'd hardly noticed. She was sure he knew he was desired by most of the women, and yet he acted oblivious. Maybe he just didn't care.

He'd taken his jacket off and it showed the stark white of his dress shirt was almost tearing at the seams across his chest. She wondered what it would be like to be the woman who unbuttoned that shirt one by one, feeling his hard, toned stomach while he pulled her tighter kissing-

She blushed and looked away, appalled at thought. That wasn't like her to think such things. She was happy when they called for the cake cutting. She joined everyone as it was her duty to, but she kept to herself and watched from a distance. She was amazed, watching all of them. She wondered what it was like to have that many people care for one another. She could count on one hand how many people cared for her and that was three fingers too many.

Everyone dispersed with their piece, except for her. She took her designated seat and was happy she'd done so, because Jordan and Onya had taken her old seat. She was glad they were able to spend some time together. Darren sat next to her with his piece. He eyed her. "You're not having one?"

She shook her head. "I'm full."

He nodded.

Mattie sat down then and they were locked in a conversation.

She sipped her champagne as Cady sat down next to her. "Whew! I never thought I'd make it through to say hi to everyone, but there's just one person I haven't gotten to yet."

"Who's that?"

Cady turned to look at Maggie. "Hi."

Maggie laughed, taking her friend's hand in hers. "Hi. How are you doing?"

Cocking her head to the side, she looked at Maggie. "Funny, I was going to ask you the same question."


Cady looked at her friend closely. "I know I've been over emotional lately, but that doesn't mean I'm still not your Watcher and your best friend. You're good at hiding it, but I know something's up."

"Cady, it's your wedding. I'm not going to spoil it."

"You won't," she squeezed Maggie's hand. "Talk to me."

Maggie looked out the large church windows and over the rolling hills, searching for something. "I can't figure it out. For the past week I've had the same feeling… Something's coming…"

"What does it feel like?"

She thought for a moment, "Like I've forgotten something, and it's very urgent that I remember…" she glanced at her friend and then frowned. "Don't even think about calling your honeymoon off."

"But Maggie-"

"No," She pointed at Cady. "Don't pawn your own neurosis off on mine. Noah's been excited for the honeymoon."

"I am excited, but I mean, do I strike you as the type to be a wife and mom? I mean, you at least know how to hold a baby."

"Don't underestimate yourself, you're more gentle than you think."

"And you're stronger than you think."

The two laughed.

Noah came and kissed Cady on the temple. "Hope I'm not interrupting, but we're going to miss our flight."

Eyes glistening, Cady nodded and then turned to Maggie. "If anything happens, if you feel anything's wrong, you're to call Darren right away, no excuses, okay?"

Maggie nodded, standing up to give Cady a hug. "Just relax okay? You deserve this."

With a shaky breath she nodded. "I'll call in a couple days."

Smiling, Maggie kissed her cheek. "We've been away longer before. I'll be okay, I promise. You'll be the second to know if anything goes wrong."

Cady nodded and Noah led her to the car, Everyone piled out to throw bird seed as they went. Maggie stood back, feeling out of place. But she'd always felt out of place and she'd always been alone. They waved to everyone, but Cady found her, making eye contact and blowing a kiss to her. Maggie smiled and waved. And then they were gone on their honeymoon.

Slowly, everyone started to pack up and clean. Jordan and Onya left, he wanted to continue their day together. Onya looked absolutely dazzling and incredibly happy. She smiled to herself. She would never find her soul mate, but at least she'd been able to help them find each other.

The sun was setting when the last few stragglers were leaving and she was finishing cleaning. She was used to being alone so she was surprised to see Darren cleaning up the place like she was. He tied a full trash bag up and pulled it out of the large can. Maggie had been tossing some missed plates into the can nearest her when he saw her.

"Oh," he said. "I didn't know you were here." The slight annoyance in his voice seemed to cut her deep. She frowned and dumped some more plates into the trash. Darren sighed. "I'm sorry, that came out wrong."

She smiled politely. "Don't worry about it. I'm used to it from you." The words had flown out before she'd been able to stop them.

"What is that supposed to mean?" his eyes narrowed on her.

Sighing, she looked at him. "It just means that that's usually the expression you have every time I see you."

Darren frowned. "No it's not."

She waved her hand. "Just forget I said anything, okay? It's not a big deal," she turned away and continued cleaning.

There was a crash as the lid to the trash can was slammed colsed. The next thing she knew, Darren had walked over to her. "It obviously is a big deal because you brought it up."

Maggie looked at him for a long moment, searching his eyes. "You pick fights with people in order to ignore what is really bugging you," she said softly. Without thinking, she took his hands in hers. They were calloused and rough, obviously work hands. And yet they warmed hers, making her feel at home even though he'd stiffened at her touch. "And what is really bugging you, Darren Henderson?" she whispered. As she stared into his eyes, she gasped and images flew across both of their eyelids.

"What's going on?" he demanded.

"We're looking at why you're so angry," she said. Just then they saw him growing up and growing angry with himself. "You don't like or trust in your werewolf. You don't like that it tells you what to do, that it has control over you…" more images played before them, his parents kissing and holding hands. "Your parents were truly in love, and you loved them, but because they were bonded by the werewolf, you were skeptical that anything like what they had was actually possible. You don't think you need love."

"Maggie," he said hastily. "I don't-"

An image of her appeared. She was trapped by a vampire. They felt his instant longing to get her to safety. Then they saw a dinner they'd both been at and she felt an overwhelming desire from him to hold her, and then anger, frustration and doubt. His parents flashed again, them laughing and kissing. Then pictures of the sky, followed by dirt, and multiple people in tan, dirty clothes, working in what looked like a camp. Maggie gasped. Hunger, depression, fear and sadness swept over them.

Pain shot through them as they were thrown to the ground. They looked up, confusion and anger, coursing through them. A magnificently handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes that stared at them menacingly. He spoke, his German words spilling over them like ice. "Look what you have made me do, meine süesse. Because you denied me, you have forced me to kill all these worthless bitches." They gasped and looked ahead at five women standing shoulder to shoulder. Men stood behind them with handguns at the ready. "FIRE!" the man shouted and the guns went off.

"NO!" they screamed.

Maggie yanked her hands away from Darren, the echo of the scream following them. He realized she'd screamed as well when they had come back to reality. He looked at her and found her shaken and white and absolutely terrified. "What were those last images, Maggie, I didn't recognize them," a sudden thought crossed his mind. "Was that your memory?"

She looked smaller than he'd ever seen her and she turned away. "You… You weren't supposed to see that," she frowned. "You shouldn't have been able to see that," she said more quietly. "I don't understand…" she went to a window and looked out of it. She practically screamed.

Quicker than a second, Darren reached her side. She backed away from the window, stepping into his arms. Her hands covered her mouth. "Maggie," he said, but when she wouldn't tear her eyes from the window, he turned her away from it. He gently pushed some hair out of her face, but she flinched away from him as if his hand were fire. He drew it back. "Maggie, talk to me."

"We have to leave. Now. Something bad is going to hap-"

As she said this, the lights in the church went out. Darren looked around them, his hair standing on end, something was definitely wrong. He turned to Maggie and found her shaking and crying. "Mag-"

"You have to get out of here," she said, cutting him off. "Listen, leave out the back way and I'll distract him. He doesn't want you, he's after me."

"No, I promised Cady I would make sure you're okay."

She shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I can't let anyone else die because of me," with that, she spoke something in a foreign word and suddenly Darren stood outside the church.

He cursed and headed for the nearest door. He couldn't just let her handle this on her own.

Maggie shook, but keeping focused, she crept as lightly as she could out of the main hall, feeling for any disturbance. She heard soft cries from a room in the back and headed towards it. Peeking around a corner, she spotted a man dragging in a struggling woman. He looked young, but his eyes were black as night and full of death. He wore a wife beater shirt and she was surprised to see his skin was clean from any tattoos, normally a necromancer was littered with markings from the dark magical origin. His hair was gone, his head completely bald. The woman he drug in was young, beautiful and terrified.

"Now, you ladies guard the room while I'm gone, I need to go get the rest of the supplies." A moment later, he left the room, disappearing around the corner. She heard a door slam shut. Maggie stepped forward quietly. She knew she was most likely walking into a trap, but she couldn't let any more people die because of her.

There were five women, all around the same age, all just as lovely as the last. She was relieved to know that none of them were from the wedding. Quickly, she went to the first woman and began to untie her bonds. She felt his presence moments before he attacked. He went for her and she ducked, twisting out from him. He took hold of her wrist and she swung her fist, catching his nose. He back peddled and she ran for it. His yells and heavy footsteps followed her. She had to free those women.

As she turned the corner, she ran into the man. Screaming, she threw out her hand and spoke in Polish. The man flew across the room, hitting the wall and collapsing on the floor. She ran in the opposite direction, toward the women. As she reached the door, her stomach twisted and then an arm wrapped around her waist and threw her to the ground in the hall. All the air left her and she gasped. The man, his features Greek, brought his face close to hers. "That wasn't a smart thing to do."

She tried to push him away, but he grabbed her wrists. She struggled to get out from under him, wriggling and kicking. He pinned her hips under him and took a firm hold of her arms. He pulled out a rope from behind him and tied her wrists together. She pushed her hands, hitting him once more in the nose. He cursed and then brought his own fist down on her ribs several times. Then he pulled out a knife and brought it down to her leg, he slowly dragged it over her thigh, pushing her dress upwards. Her skin crawled the closer he got to her private area. She wriggled, but it was almost impossible with all his weight on her. With a quick motion, he pushed the tip of the blade into her, slicing downward.

Pain erupted through her and she screamed, angry words spewing from her before she could stop them. "Idź do diabła!" Go to hell. She breathed heavily, after sixty- eight years, she still fell to her birth language when she wasn't paying attention.

"What did you say to me?" he demanded. When she didn't answer, he glared at her for a moment and then smirked. "You sound hot when you're angry." He pulled a handkerchief from his other pocket and pressed it her leg, sopping up the blood. His features softened a bit, his eyes turning from rage to an even muddier brown. His hand moved up her thigh, they were cold and she jumped, trying to get away from him. He smirked, his hand clamping inches below her most feminine parts, he squeezed. "So it is true," he leaned towards her face, whispering so she could barely hear. "Virgin." His hand slid a centimeter upwards and she flinched away. His smile widened. "Eighty- seven years old and never touched by a man," his hand rose further. He was almost touching her now and she flinched further. He clicked his tongue, reprimanding her. "It's nothing to be ashamed about," he pushed her dress further, exposing her. His mouth lightly touched her ear. "I love virgins, knowing that I'm taking away the last of their innocence by force just gets me going like nothing else," he squeezed her thigh harder and she winced, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Eighty- seven years, is a lot of power for one little girl," he pushed her strap off her shoulder. "Would you like that? To be taken in front of all those other virgins in the room?" He nuzzled her cheek and then licked where her tears had streaked. "I bet you'd end up being quite the little slut once a real man took you," his hand snaked to her stomach, his nails digging into her. "I just bet you'd salivate over any man's cock if it was shoved in your face."

He stood, pulling her with him into the room. Once they were in there he pulled her against him, her back to his chest. His arm wrapped around her torso, almost touching her once more. He whispered into her ear. "Just think about it, think about how terrified they would be to watch me force you. It would be the sweetest thing to see, I can almost taste it." He let go of her, but kept a hold of her arm. "But, I'm afraid it'll just have to be a fantasy between the two of us. You are marked for greater, more important things." He pushed her into a chair and, after tying her to it, went to the side where a duffle bag sat. Maggie was seated in the middle of a circle of women, each with their heads pointed towards her. She knew instantly what the spell was and looked at him, searching for who he was bringing back from Hell. Her eyes grew wide when her answer came to her. The Greek chuckled. "Perhaps I underestimated you. Yes, I am going to bring your future husband back, it's almost a shame, if we had more time and you weren't already claimed, I'd be able to show you how a real man works. And don't bother trying to chant or whatever it is you do, you won't be able to perform any magic with those bonds touching you."

She suddenly wished she hadn't sent Darren away so quickly. But it didn't matter because he was safe and that was all she needed to know.

Darren pulled on the door to the church and found it locked. He swore, it was the fourth door that he'd found locked. "Dammit, Maggie," he said, his stomach twisting into knots. He was growing more and more anxious the longer she was in there. Maybe she could get away from whoever it was that was after her. But there was something in what she'd said that made him uneasy.

The scream that erupted from within almost knocked him over. He knew without seeing that it was Maggie's. His skin crawled, his stomach churning, wanted to throw up. He could almost feel hands on him as if he was being felt up. His beast went wild and he knew he had to break in. Whoever was in there was touching her. He grabbed the handle and pulled with all his might. Instead of the door falling off its hinges, a black light rippled across the door and he went flying backward.

He stood, and looked at the door. There was a force field keeping him out. Rage welled up inside him and he ran at the door, hitting it with all his strength. He was knocked backward again and again, he stood and ran at the door. He was going to bust his way through and he was going to kill the bastard that had touched her and had made her scream.

The Greek began to draw a circle in front of the women, surrounding her. She watched him draw a large pentagram, using each woman as a point. Then, he drew symbols around each of them. He set to work then, mixing ingredients and rubbing the paste onto each woman, rubbing it into any exposed skin. When he reached any of her intimate parts, he would press as closely as he could, making them struggle against his touch. He laughed and winked at her. He stood and lit candles around them and then he was done. He took out his knife and went to the first woman. He smirked at her. "It says only a small amount of blood is needed, but," he shrugged pulling the woman's head back, stretching her neck taught. "It wouldn't hurt to make sure the spell works." Maggie screamed for him to stop as he pressed the knife against one side of her and sliced deep, letting the blood flow deeply, pooling at the bottom. Before it could roll in any direction, it was sucked by an invisible force, along the drawn lines to the center. It pooled and surrounded her, but didn't touch her.

When the blood flow waned, he moved on from the young woman. Maggie's heart stopped and she began to thrash around, trying to loosen the bonds on her wrists. He reached the second woman and repeated, letting her blood drain. Tears fell down Maggie's cheeks and she thrashed harder. "STOP THIS!"

The Greek laughed. "So this is what gets a reaction out of you. Watching other people suffer?" he moved to the third woman. "It's almost a shame they're meant to die, I would have love to see you watch me take all these virgins." He slit her neck, drained her and moved on. By the fourth one, she turned away and closed her eyes.

She needed to concentrate on getting the rope loose. She needed to be free.

"Almost done now," He stood from the fifth woman and went to her. "There is just one last thing I need." He pulled up her dress and pressed the knife further into her wound. Pain spread from her thigh through her body. She gasped and choked. "Just a little of your blood, to make sure the right soul sucking demon is brought back."

As he stepped away there was a crash and shattering glass. The Greek looked in the direction and then at Maggie. "Guess your rescuer is here to save you." He tapped the knife, her blood dripping to the puddle. He smirked. "But he's too late." He spoke the incantation and Maggie felt the energy around them turn thick and black. It hit her stomach and she could barely breathe.

Darren appeared in the doorway, his form taking up the space and casting a shadow on them. His eyes swept the room and landed on hers.

"So," the Greek said, laughing. "This is who's here to save you, some guy? This is going to be too easy." He leapt at Darren and the two locked in battle, rolling and throwing each other. Maggie tried to get the bonds free, but they wouldn't budge. The pool of blood around her began to bubble. She froze and watched, hoping she had been mistaken. When it rippled again, she knew the spell had worked. Fear throttled through her as a round object began to rise from it. Away, she needed to send him away.

Darren and the Greek were still fighting. He kicked and punched the man, but they hit the wall and fell through it.

It was a man that was coming through the pool of blood. Maggie's heart pounded, drowning out all sound. She had to move him away from here, teleport him to someplace where it would take him longer to regain his energy. She concentrated on her bounds, but they weren't loosening anymore. There was a full torso now, the man's head was bent, looking downwards. Fear gripped at her, but she fought to stay controlled. She knew what it meant if he was back, and it terrified her, but she needed to keep focused right now.

From the wall, Darren emerged, bruised and cut, but without the Greek. He saw the man rising from the ground and frowned, but made his way to her. "Maggie what the hell is going on?"

"Quick, untie me, I can't do any magic if these ropes are touching me."

He made quick work of the bonds and she was out of them and standing next to him in seconds. Her whole body quivered, but she kept still.

Darren looked at the man emerging from the floor. "That's the guy from your memory…"

The man stood tall, his shape still in the perfect condition she remembered, his muscles rippled as the blood seeped into his body, exposing the peach skin, perfectly clean. He'd been young for his position in the military when he'd met her. Young and dangerously handsome, but he'd been the best at his job. His head rose. His blue eyes fell on her, his smirk widening to a grin. He opened his arms wide, taking a deep breath in. "I am back," his thick, German accent sent shivers down her spine.

He stood firmly on the ground, naked and more menacing than she remembered. Looking her over, his grin widened. "You have dressed to meet me," he stepped towards her and she quickly moved behind Darren, holding onto him for security. "I have missed you, meine süesse Jude."

"Przejdź na Antarktydę," she breathed, keeping her eyes on the man.

He paused, staring at her curiously. "Who is this man? Why do you hide behind him? Who is he to you?" Suddenly, his face grew pale and he stared at her incredulously. He grabbed for her, but Darren backed them both away, guarding her. "You-" he face contorted.

From the wall, the Greek came into sight, surprise and then realization hit him. He swore and ran for his master, but he was too late. The German had disappeared.

The man turned to them, furious. Darren tensed, ready for anything. "Where the fuck did you send him to!?"

"Przejdź do pustej wyspie," Maggie muttered and the next instant the Greek was gone.