Chapter one: Origin story

It's hard to explain to your brother, who is only four at the time, why people get older. As time passes for him and he comes to realize that it doesn't for me, that his sister is the same as she were when he was four. Nearly two and a half centuries have passed since my 16th birthday and I haven't changed a bit... That's right my body hasn't aged a single day since. My brothers and sister have long since left this world. As for my parents, they have been gone for ages.

Before my youngest brother, Jacob, passed away I vowed to him that I would forever watch over his children and our brother and sister's family as well. However I have isolated myself in order to protect them from harm and from ever gaining the knowledge of my existence. My kin have never known that I exist in this world, and I plan to keep it that way for an eternity. The burden of living for so long has begun to take its toll on my very soul. I have starved myself to try and end this curse; I have tried every suicidal thing humanly possible; hanging, drowning, overdoses, bloodletting, blunt force trauma, even having a train pass over me hasn't worked. Now I know that I am forever damned to live and walk on this forsaken planet.

Some mortals would claim me to be a vampire, ghost, demon, or some other supernatural being, but I am none of these things. Even though these creatures of darkness do exist in this world, I am not associated with any of those seductive species.

I can feel my self-losing my sanity every waking day and restless night. I wish to end my suffering peacefully and hope that one day my heart will fail in my sleep, although that hope dwindles by the day.

I long to see the smiling faces of my siblings, feel the warm embrace of my parents, but most of all, I miss the touch of my late husband and the laughter of my little girl. Yes, I was married long ago. In the year 1738, two years after my 16th birthday, I met a baker who always smelled of fresh bread and sweets. We met, fell in love, got married and had a child. My only child and my beloved died not because I had out lived them, but because of disease. I looked on helplessly as my husband's emerald eyes turn pastel green, witnessed his last breath, heard his final words, they were for me as always.

"Margaret, I love you, I love you so much. Do not let our daughter's death and my passing end your life! Please move on and find love again once you are ready... Even if it takes you a century to find him." My dear sweet Henry begged in gasps, tears streaming across his pale cheeks.

"I love you dear, I love you more than you could ever know. I do not want you to leave. Henry please, please hold on for me!" I sobbed, feeling as though my very heart were being crushed by a giant's hand. If only it were that simple, I would have torn out my heart and died with my husband, but the world is cruel and didn't work that way.

"I love you. My dear, sweet Margaret, I will see you in god's kingdom, I know it. I love you. I. Love. You." And with one last heaving rasp. My darling husband, Henry, left this world, left this world and left me.

Staring in shock I begin to scream. "Henry please come back! What am I to do without you?!" I begin to shake his lifeless body and scream even more, I curse at him and beg him to open his eyes. I did not stop until my friend Anya ripped me away from his body. I cried throughout the night.

Three days after I lost my love I did something unspeakable, I tried to conjure his body back to life, only, when I tried I did not succeed. It turned out that his soul had already moved on, I was truly alone, or so I thought. I discovered weeks later that Henry blessed me with one final gift before he died. I was with child, a pure and innocent soul. I carried the child with much caution and protected it with my life. However, when I gave birth, the babe did not scream its first cry. It was as still as the dead, and that's exactly what it was. My last gift was gone, and due to that I began to hate myself and my entire existence.

I tried to end my wretched life for the first time by hanging myself in my birthing room after my son was buried. I lost conciseness but awoke later still off the ground, I untied myself and dropped to the floor with a loud thump. "No, it cannot be! I-I died! I hung myself," I mumbled in whispers, my voice was hoarse do to the stress and weight I put on it. I ran out to the creek by my home and peered into the reflective liquid. All that was there was a burn mark around my neckline, but I saw with my very own two eyes how fast it was healing. This is when I came to the conclusion that I am not able to die by my own hands.

I began to look back at past accidents after I married Henry. I should have died a long time ago, why did I not pass on? I thought to myself. I began to pace around my yard and realize that there truly is something wrong with me. After sending letters to my closest friends, only one of the few witches that I have befriended could tell me that I would not die anytime soon, she was unable to tell me more because something blocked her magic. She did, however, tell me one important piece of information.

"Child, I do not know what plagues you, but the Goddess of knowledge in all her glory has told me that only one knows of your creation. Unfortunately, for you that is, he was buried under the earth one cycle ago."

In the end I discovered that it was my husband that had known about this curse. I told others about my condition and they either shunned me or called me the devil, casting me out of the village. With this, I took the opportunity to travel the world, avoiding all friends and family. I remained loyal to Henry and never fell in love. By keeping my heart locked away, I was able to avoid many heart breaks for two hundred years.

My Henry was the only person to know of my lasting life. He did not care that disease never touched me, or that when I fell from the roof and cracked open my skull, I would still live. Henry was only 25 when he died, and my little girl was 6 when she passed in her sleep from fever.

It took nearly two hundred years for the mind numbing sorrow and despair to show any signs of lifting but at least it did and that showed promise, did it not?

It is now the year 2014 and the world has become quite strange, much stranger than the one I was born into, musicians of all sorts have emerged, people such as 'Lady Gaga' and 'Katy Perry'., Various technologies entrap and entrance the world, the latest trend being a touch screen electronic from a company named after a fruit. A fruit of all things, would you believe that? Apple is the company's name and its products are exorbitantly priced yet still people buy them.

Technology has also advanced far passed what I had ever thought possible, especially in this land of freedom called America; there is medicine that can cure multiple diseases and discomforts, things that consumed many, many lives. Schooling has changed drastically, girls are now allowed to learn alongside boys so I guess that it's not so bad here. For the past 70 years I have been moving around Asia, Europe and Africa. Staying hidden from people who may figure out my secret. However it seems that I have been having thoughts of telling some one of my misery once again. I feel so alone in this cruel world and even though it could be dangerous to say anything to anyone, I moved back to America. The first thing I do once I return is go to see my beloved's grave and my children's tombstone.

After an hour of driving to the grave site from the shipping yards of the Atlantic coast, I manage to find the section for historical graves. Dressed in a black dress and holding two bouquets of flowers, I step out of my vehicle and begin walking towards my husband's grave first.

"Hello Henry. I've brought you a gift for our wedding anniversary. Also some flowers for Bell's birthday." I whisper to the empty air. I choke on the tears that threaten to run down my cheeks.

I turn to look at my daughter's grave and say, "Bell? Mommy loves you and misses you so very much; I promise that one day I will join you in god's kingdom…someday. I promise you." I pause to hold back the salty rain that blurs my sight, with a sigh I state a simple congratulations of birth to my child and return to my vehicle. I walk a ways to my sons' grave lastly, I lose all my strength and weep until I have no more tears to shed.

"I am so sorry, mommy was not strong enough to bring you into this world. But don't worry, I promise to join you, daddy and bell as soon as I can." Like so many decades ago, my voice was weak and my vow only came out in a whisper.

Once I've made it back to my Cadillac, I make my way to the trunk and pull out a picnic basket and blanket. I return to the grave site, flap open the gray sheet and tuck my legs under me. Sitting down with the brown basket in hand. "Look dear, it's the basket that we made together for our picnics. Somehow I managed to keep it well preserved after all these years. Also I packed garden salad from the garden and I smoked some fish over the fire, I even made the honey bread from your cook book." I smile at the things I managed to grab from my old house out in the woods, glad that they had been preserved so well and hadn't fallen prey to bandits. After all these items were the last things I have from my family, everything else has decayed and/or burned during the wars.