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White puffs of hot breath painted the dark sky as she laboured on through the dimness of the twilight hour, every stride taken with long legs sent burning sensations as she sprinted through the unfamiliar trees of her homeland. Scots Pine towered overhead, their roots threatening to trip the frantic woman. Not far behind her were the savages -once thought to be family and friends- that threatened her life. Of course she did nothing to cause any of this, the issue lies within her, they know that she is different and they could not stomach the possibilities. The final break in the fragile trust for the unknown was her very survival of her broken slender neck caused by the noose that still hangs in that pitiful room of hers. She could see the torches and the pitchforks, the angry expressions. The worst of it all is that she could hear every harsh word that was thrown at her.

"Incubus!" a raging brute of a man called out, "Necromancer! Satan's whore!" The shrill voice could be made out close behind the distraught woman. The pain in her heart now was nothing compared to the pain that she experienced just days before. The day she lost the people she loved the most and the innocence that had grown within her. She could not look back, not while her life still hung in the balance. Continuing to dodge the grabbing trees' the girl eventually comes upon a clearing. However, the clear space abruptly ended a mere eight yards ahead of her, leading down to the waters of the sea. Getting close to the edge of the cliff, peering down and seeing the rocks that rise up to the heavens like daggers. She saw no way out of the situation, even playing every possible scenario in her clever mind and still coming to the conclusion that this is the end. If she jumps, she will die. If she is caught,she will be burned for the crime that she is unaware of.

Before making that final decision, the sound of hounds and their masters breached her awareness. Ever so slowly she turned to meet the gaze of her people. In their eyes she could see the hatred, the disgust. However, there was one set of eyes that looked at her pleadingly.

"Margaret!" a young man before her cried out over the snarling crowd. His eyes were puffy and red from the tears that had been shed. The light from the torches fixated him in a dim glow, the new tears that threatened to descend upon his freckled face. His red hair became flames in the glow of the light that cast shadows upon the other villagers.

"Jacob... Go home to Mother and Father! Tell them I am truly sorry." Margaret exclaims to her brother.

She could hardly stand to see him so broken up about the situation at hand. Oh how she wanted to hold her brother close and ease the suffering he will go through, but the times have changed. Both were no longer children. Neither could hide from the truth of the world.

Slowly she began to step back closer to the steep rock face. She continued this slow unwilling walk until she could feel the air beneath her right foot. Glancing behind her, she could see nothing but the black sea below. Turning her skull to the starless night sky, at last the tears that she held onto finally ran their course down her pale skin.

With a fierce but broken shout she called out to the heavens above.

"God! Why have you forsaken me with this grief! You leave me no choice but to die a terrible fate!" Snapping her head to the mad-minded before she spoke, "Before my life is taken I will say this to you, I am not of the monsters we tell our children. I am the unjustly accused."

Jacob looked at his sister in utter horror as he realized what was about to be done.

"Do not do this, sister! I swear I will help you. You jus-" He was interrupted by her broken laughter.

"Brother, you have yet to learn the ways of this world. Do you not see that these good people have murder on their minds? I am beyond saving." With a sad smile to her younger brother, allowing the salty drops to fall.

"What about Mother and father? What am I to tell them?" Jacob asked. The people knew what was going to happen, however, they were going to do nothing because of their lingering love for the woman before them. They would let the siblings talk before Margaret's wretched end.

With a calm face, Margaret stared at her brother with nothing but that sad knowing smile upon her pink lips.

"Tell them the truth. Tell them that I love them and that I shall see them in God's kingdom. This I say to you Jacob. Lead a happy life, one that was taken from me. Have children, love your wife and stay a man of God. If you do not, you shall have a similar fate as I."

With that last word, Margaret took a deep breath and allowed her body to fall. All that she could remember from that night was the face of her brother watching her and calling out her name as she fell into the warm waters below. The next thing she realized was that she wasn't breathing, but she could hear her heart beating behind her ribs. All around her she felt the warm brush of a current against her light and cold skin, her undergarments rustled and her skirt flowed with the water that surrounded her body.

The sea continued its false sense of safety and sank her even lower into its arms. Her Amber eyes remained open until the once light hug of the water became too tight of an embrace. Then she heard a voice calling out to her.

This voice was strong yet gentle, commanding yet understanding. It was like the voices of angels were calling to her. Whispering sweet words into her water filled ears. Words of sweet promises and honey, a voice like no other.

"Sleep, you are tired. When you wake you shall have the world at your mercy. For now, however, you must rest." The voices called out.

Margaret couldn't deny that she was ready for a long slumber. The voice stopped its whispers and she began to fall into a sleep that most would never wake from. Her slumber was undisturbed and unbroken for what seemed to her only mere minutes. Eyes bursting open and lungs burning she desperately grabs at the water that surrounds her. Furious legs kick as she pushes her tired limbs up towards the light of the sun above the warm waters surface.

As she gulps the cool air, Margaret, checks her hands and arms. Her skin seemed to be several shades paler than it once was, and, to her utter horror, her nails were so long that they were curled and yellow at the ends. There was a tickling sensation on the bottom of her feet and she began to panic. Something was in the water with her and she could not see it. The water behind her was beginning to push waves against her and the sound of people pulled her out of her panic long enough to call out for help thinking it was people from the village looking for her. She thought being hung was a far better fate than being devoured by a beast with black eyes and thousands of teeth that could rip the flesh off of her bones.

The sun being too bright to glance up from her water logged hands to see if the people were coming to her rescue. The next thing Margaret knew, someone came splashing into the water next to her. In their tow they carried two ropes that were connected by several pieces of shining grey material that she had no idea what it was made of. She found an arm encircling around her terribly thin waist and began to hoist her up along the side of what appeared to be a metallic boat, that was larger than a simple fishing boat would be. As her rescuer began to hoist their sea soaked bodies out of the waters grasp, Margaret felt that her head was steadily gaining weight.

She peered down and witnessed the culprit for the tickling sensation was none other than her hair. Its length was too great to know for sure but it was well beneath her feet. That was when her rescuer began to grunt.

The rescuer began to yell out something but the words were unrecognizable to the girl in this strangers arms. However, before she could say anything to the person holding her, hands shot down and fingers curled around her thin arms lifted her onto the metallic boat. The faces of men and women peer down at her as she was gently lain on the deck. All around her was a jumble of noise, their mouths were moving but the words made no sense. Margaret tried to tell them that she could not understand but all that escaped her mouth was a strangled moan. Things got quiet, things began to shake all around her. Something wasn't right. This shouldn't be happening, there was yelling going on all around her.

Darkness once again consumed her…

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