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Jason pov

Jason was curious to who know the great Percy Jackson was all the campers acted like he was a big deal. He couldn't cross the whole camp without hearing about him like Percy Jackson this Percy Jackson that they should talk about him he defeated a titan yes a titan. He couldn't even bring up the subject without getting glares from Annabeth who the Stolls told him was Percy Jackson's girlfriend. He could only praise him for one thing that is making Annabeth his girlfriend she was like the most dangerous person at camp. Clarisse told him that when Percy was here she used to be careless and make out each night (Jason was surprised Annabeth would make out with anyone). The guy was like a legend here if only someone would tell his story and what he did to make him so famous nobody would speak of it not even the Stolls even after he bribed to pay them 50 drachmas all of them were to sad to mention it or too scared to get on the on the end of Annabeth's dagger. He even asked Rachel camp- half blood's oracle all she told him was you'll find out when the time comes. the guy was weird according to the campers he even had a brother Cyclops Tyson (he thought Cyclops were supposed to be the enemy)and he even had a pet hellhound the size of a garbage truck at first he tried to kill it but a pale boy wearing black clothes stopped him saying its Percy's hellhound and I was like it's a hellhound we should kill it before it attacks us. The boy told him its the worlds friendliest hellhound. Jason left it at there and went away muttering how did he even get a pet hellhound. He went into his cabin praying Jupiter or Zeus to let him know what happened here last summer. Then he got hit by something on the head and he blacked out. Once he woke up he groaned and picked up what hit him it was a book all this trouble for a book. There was a note on it he opened it and read it

Dear Jason i know your all waiting to know what happened last summer well here it is this book contains Percy's thoughts on what happened last summer. Oh and take whoever you think should know about this

Sincerely the awesome god Apollo and the three fates.

This was it his chance to know what happened last summer and why Percy is so famous he thought. He opened the door and ran with all his speed shouting 'guys come out i think you should read this'. The Stolls were the first to come out what is it Jason its the middle of the night . he showed them the book 'look a book about what happened last summer' the Stolls were wide eyed. He told them to meet him at the big house while he called everyone else.

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Once he was satisfied he went to the big house there was piper, Leo, Annabeth, the Stolls Conner and Travis, Rachel and Thalia who came when he iris-messaged her . Annabeth was teary eyed like she was crying. 'Guys who wants to read first' he offered I would piper said he smiled her gods she was so beautiful. She was about to start when an another note appeared in front of her saying

Dear demigods

Time I have frozen time until you finish it you will feel no hunger or thirst so finish it quickly

Sincerely Apollo and the fates

Okay that was weird everyone said piper read out the chapter: i go cruising with explosives.

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