I had been alone for so long, and then I found you.

You were my friend. My only friend. Nobody trusted you, but I did, because I knew something was different about you. I let you in, into me, a place where the doors are always locked. But not them. They thought I was being naive.

And so they took you away.

Alone again. As soon as I find someone I connect with, someone I think I can trust, they leave me somehow or another. It is as the book Vendetta! says, "In this world, no one, however harmless, is allowed to continue happy. Fate, or caprice, cannot endure to see us monotonously at rest." Is this my destiny? To be alone? Should I accept it and hermit myself away, as I had done before I met you? Should I stop reaching out to others, and consequently stop causing my own tears?

I'm so young, so... clueless.

I'm forced to go back to where I was. To be alone is the only thing I know.