Lenora Lloyd

Daniel Og Ballad

Literary Magazine


Love Letter

You have ripped apart my self esteem

And replaced it with some

Viscous liquid

That swims in my chest and

Turns solid

Each time I see you.

You have torn from me the value

Of solitary sweetness on a summer's day.

You have taken the night from me;

You have taken the moon from me.

You have burned my feet under their weight

In circles made tracing

The very thought of you.

You have pushed me from the sidewalk onto the road,

Among the roaring creatures of Solution,

And slapped me back with your becks

And calls

Till I lie here in the gutter,

Staring up wantonly at your stars.

You have taken myself from me

And abandoned her in a convent,

Trapped with God and unabashed

By his presence.

You have deafened me to music

Not from your lips;

You have driven me blind to chase you


In darkness.

But worst of all,

You have taken love from me—

You have taken Hope from me.