A calm, dark night came as quietly as could be expected
falling over the green grass and black roads like an icy blanket
lulling most small children still awake into dreamful sleeps
except for one small girl, gazing out her window.

As she looked at the twinkling lights on the black canvas
she began to notice a dark fluff obscuring her vision
bringing with it, droplets of water
splashing across the glass pane.

She had seen the same drops, falling from Mommy and Daddy's eyes
when they got a message from Nana a while ago.
She didn't know what was said on the other side of the funny looking toy,
but it made that water fall.

When she asked what they were, having taken notice of them before
Daddy answered they were tears, and they usually fell
when someone was sad. Sad?
She wondered what could have made it happen so.

After a visit to a funny looking building earlier that day
where everyone was dressed in nice looking black clothes
and where they had lowered a box into the ground
she was put to bed, even though she wasn't tired at all.

That water had fallen from the eyes of almost everyone there
though no one had thought to explain to her why.
Try as she might, she couldn't figure it out
just like she couldn't understand why Papa hadn't been there with Nana.

Looking out at the streams washing down the clear panel
she concluded that the angel sky Mommy kept talking about was sad,
and since it had no face for it to wash down, and no hands to brush it away
it came down to her, where she could patiently watch and wait for the lights to come back.

As the drumming on the window continued with the beads of water
she came to notice she didn't miss the orbs of night as much as she thought.
She closed her eyes to her own black canvas
and waited to paint her own pretty pictures.

Something that popped into my mind as I watched the rain come down earlier.