What makes a person believe they must change
the body into which they were born?
With every new addition
their flesh seems to weep and mourn.

Whether it be a hip new hair dye
or a colored contact for their eye.
A few more piercings in their ear,
a tattoo of something they fear.

Did they believe no one would love them
if they stayed the way they were?
Or was the change made
for a special him or her?

Oh, how self-confident they must have been
to lay on a bed to tan their skin.
An article of clothing they don't even like,
denial at the fact their mothers were right.

Where do they think life will take them
if they lok just like that?
Despite what people have said
they thought themselves rather fat.

So instead of saving their cash
they went and got their "tummies tucked".
They better prepare themselves for the real bash
'cause y'all look rather fucked.