Canto 1-Count/Little Things

The fool thinks him great,
For the little he has done,
He is proud of that which he create,
"I'm proud," he says, "The battle's won!"

Destined to death was him,
Who teetered on that wall,
The same applies to he of sin,
That ever ascend, only to fall.

Many minuscule victories, here and there,
That serve no purpose but to fan,
The foolish flame that is their care,
For themselves, and nothing more.

One, and one, and one, and one,
Five hundred! Sadness, all but none.

Canto 2-Ignorance/"Friendship"

Always in that little shell, that bubble of theirs,
Only themselves do they seek,
As friends forever, ever dear,
Ever so much! Their habits reek.

Flaunting themselves, the many crests,
They've stolen, the magpies, them!
Worthless, yet still in the nest,
For they have never, never learned.

All in furious pursuit of that gold,
It eludes them, angering, infuriating,
Even to the devil, have they sold,
Their souls forever, forever flaming.

Friends forever, BFFs,
My thoughts? Burn forever, fakes.

Canto 3-Superficiality/"The Top"

On many things they all fixate,
Things material, short-term success.
Simple in nature, it is their fate,
For them, anything else detest.

Individually they are fine,
Groupthink! Their fault,
Adeline again, every time,
Goals never achieved, forever in vault.

But nothing ever changes. Why?
The will of evil always reigns,
In those who dare to cheat and lie,
For the glory of their name.

Scratch, claw, fight,
For even the glimpse of a little light.

Canto 4-Hope

Now is the time to change,
To release our bonds, release our chains.
Never go back to this past here,
And always see, always hear.