Somehow, I knew I was suspended in air. My weight was upheld by his long, spindly arms. I was lost. His devil's mouth was clasped at my throat, while the immediate world around me was spinning in circles, and all focus I attempted to retain was lost to me, I felt the untimely surge of pleasure, of joy. I was ecstatic and I loved him. I didn't know who he was, but somehow I knew everything about him. I was connected to him. My heart beat with his. I breathed what he breathed.

Evander was his name. It came to me in a rush. Completely unspoken, yet I knew it as well as I knew my own.

I opened my eyes to find the world falling beneath me and I was too weak to even let out a moan. The cold, hard ground greeted me with a kiss as I landed on its surface. The sky collected itself as I stared into its depths .The stars marked their place, the shadows spread across, and the everlasting blue stared back down at me.

It was then, after what felt like years of immobility, I realised how cold I was. The icy feeling was like a second layer of skin for me, and I was shivering and shaking uncontrollably, and I hadn't even realised!

Evander's tall, ghastly shadow formed over me. His mouth was a thin, hard line, yet his eyes were wide and deep. His hair was long and had a natural kink to it that curled his ends that stopped at the middle of his back. He looked like a shape cut out of space and time itself. He was wearing all black. He was a shadow, apart from his stark alabaster face.

He crouched down beside me in a movement so fast it was inhuman. His limbs were long and spidery, unnatural, yet they fitted him well, with his long face and lean torso.

"You're dying." I vaguely heard a whisper that was almost too soft for me to understand. This followed with a soft, tinkling laugh that almost hadn't seemed real to me.

I barely mustered up enough strength to draw in my next breath, let alone speak, so I didn't. I stayed silent, my eyelids had dropped heavily, and I was weak. I felt as though I couldn't lift myself up. I hadn't the physical or mental strength to tell me to climb up and run away!

Evander's eyes were simply black. There was no definition of colour, no glint of light, no human emotion, just pure, hard, charcoal black. My body told me I was in severe danger, but I couldn't leave. Even if I wanted to. I didn't have the energy; I didn't have the strength to get away. And I couldn't even look away from those eyes of his. They devoured me. They interested me. They disturbed me.

"Would you like to live forever?"

My muscles tightened from an alien source; as if they were connected to a pulling drawstring. It hurt to breathe and I hadn't the strength to even try, and yet I persisted. A film of sweat had broken out on my icy skin, my hair was plastered to my forehead, my jaw was quivering, and lines appeared on the Vampire's forehead as his eyes seemed to darken.

"Mortal follies will be lost to you." He hissed at me. His glare cut me deep, and somehow, from some unknown connection, I gathered up enough strength to try and calm myself down. "The world will be your playground." He whispered, and yet I hadn't seen his lips move. "Your hunting ground." He continued. "The world will be yours."

The following silence stretched on for what felt like forever. Evander, this demon, this creature of the night, stared at me with his evil eyes that I loved so much. His dark hair hung loosely around his chiselled face. Flat planed cheeks, a long nose, an angled chin, a high forehead, and dark, perfect, eyebrows with a natural arch.

"How would you like to be immortal?"

The word was caught in my throat. 'Yes!' I wanted to scream. Oh, I'd dreamed about it – living forever – seeing the world – experiencing the change of passing decades – but what if this were just a dream? Everything seemed so hyper-real. I was in a haze. The coldness of my skin almost wasn't there anymore, Evander's face was becoming a white blur with glinting, evil, teeth.

'You're dying.'


I hadn't even heard myself say it until it was hanging thick in the air like smog. I hadn't been able to read Evander's quick grin. It was just there.

He pulled up his sleeve and bit hard down into his wrist. "Drink." He commanded and brought the bleeding wrist to my cracked lips. His blood – my blood – pulsing through his veins dripped onto my tongue, and once I got a taste, I couldn't help myself. I began lapping at the wound like a dog, and soon I had my mouth clamped against it, drinking, sucking away at the sweet life-energy that filled me, letting it hold me, caress me, love me like no one had loved me before.

I was finally at one with him, yet again. My heart beat as his did, and I hadn't realised that it was only his heart beat that filled me, and that mine was absent. His pulse was slowing at every mouthful I swallowed. I couldn't stop! I was thirsty like I'd never been thirsty before. I was parched and dry, and as my dehydration began to subside, Evander pulled his arm away and threw himself back from me.

"That's enough." He commanded as he clasped at his wrist . His hard expression began to fade as his dark eyes regarded me.

I was staring at the sky. My eyes were wide, my mouth open, the sharp taste of blood still on my tongue, and I felt as though I could finally breathe, after a lifetime of weights lifted from my chest.

My breathing was short and rapid and I concentrated solely on the stars that smiled back down at me. The sky was unimaginably blue. The stars that dotted its surface almost sparkled like the light against a diamond. It was unbelievable. I'd never seen anything quite like it. I stared in fascination as my frantic breathing calmed and every part of me seemed whole again. I was at peace.