The young maiden entered his tent. When he saw her, he felt like he had never seen a more beautiful creature in his life. Eyes the color of a deep ocean and hair as red as fire, her very presence made him forget the world around him.

"Aimyra," he breathed, looking up from sharpening his sword.

The young maiden, Aimyra bowed her head a little towards the young soldier.

"You sent for me," Aimyra said, eyeing his sword and his other weapons which were spread out over his bed.

"Aye, I did," he replied. He set his sword down on his bed, which was nothing more than a small pallet in the corner of his tent. He walks over to her, running his hand through her long, red hair. He places his other hand on her waist. He pulls Aimyra closer to him, their chests barely making contact.

"My Lord Owyn," Aimyra breathes as Owyn draws his forehead closer to hers.

"Shhh. . . Fair Aimyra. . . " Owyn's lips brushes against hers. He closed his eyes as he drew their kiss deeper. The kiss was long and deep, full of a quiet passion only they could create. The kiss ended, Owyn looked deep into Aimyra's ocean eyes.

"You sent me away last time," Aimyra's voice trembles.

"I know I did," Owyn said. He felt shame but he wanted to fix his past mistake. He began kissing Aimyra's neck. First kissing her behind the earlobe then slowly trailing down to her collarbone.

He could feel her heart beat faster as he pulled down her blouse, kissing her chest. He gently caresses her chest with his strong, firm hands. The hands of a fighter and a lover. She runs her fingers through his curly, black hair as his grip on her chest becomes firmer. Owyn then slowly peels off Aimyra's blouse, tossing it over his shoulder.

Aimyra pulls off Owyn's tunic. His upper body now exposed, she kisses his neck then trails down to his chest. She rolls her tongue in circles on his chest. Owyn's body tingles in response.

"My sweet Aimyra..." Owyn breathes deeply. His fingers untie her skirt's woven belt. Aimyra's skirt fell to the floor. Her fingers took off Owyn's pants as well.

Owyn kissed Aimyra even deeper than before. He never wanted to let her go. Never wanted her lips to leave his. Never wanted her to ever leave his life. She made him whole, how he could not explain but yet she did.

He picked her up into his arms and laid her down on his make shift of a bed. Owyn showered her with kisses on the neck as he got on top of her. She caressed his chest as he kissed deeply one more time.

She wrapped her arms around Owyn's neck as he spread her legs. He thrusted Aimyra, causing her to moan in pleasure. Her moans fired him up, causing him to thrust harder and deeper inside of her. She moaned louder and louder until she reached her peak pleasure. Owyn licked the sweat between her chest as she kissed his neck, telling him how good of a lover he was.

They switched positions. Aimyra rode Owyn until he couldn't breath. During that time she was on him, he grabbed her buttocks. He traced her fingers through her hair, feeling the warmth of her panting on his face.

"My sweet Aimyra..." Owyn said again.

She kissed him before getting off of his body. Owyn wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He kissed her shoulder and up to her neck and then down to her shoulder again. He was about to kiss her lips again when he noticed that there were tears falling down her cheeks.

"Aimyra. . . ?"

Aimyra buried her face into Owyn's neck.

"Don't go, Owyn. . . " Her voice came out muffled and cracked.

He knew what she was talking about. She was talking about him going into battle again early tomorrow morning. He rests his head on top of hers, breathing in the sweet scent of her hair.

"I have to. . . " Owyn said.

"No you don't," Aimyra counters. "The king won't notice one soldier missing."

"It would be dishonorable to leave the battle."

"Please don't go. . . "

Owyn cups her chin into his hand and said to her,

"Do not worry, my sweet Aimyra. I will return from battle."

"Promise me."

"War has no promises."

"Then I'll come with you."

"Its too dangerous for you, Aimyra. You'll be killed."

Aimyra doesn't reply. She reburies her face against Owyn's neck. He caresses her back, brushing his fingers back and forth back and forth on her back. The feel of his touch on her makes her feel safe, like she's wanted. Before she knows it, Owyn has calmed her down enough to where she's falling asleep in his arms.

"I'm tired," Aimyra said drowsily.

"Then rest," Owyn said, kissing her softly.

Aimyra closed her eyes, asleep.

When she woke the next morning, Owyn was gone.