She was a prodigy. A piano prodigy like no other. After only thirteen years in this life, she had managed to surpass many great pianists before her.

Her single mother noticed this gift and decided to share it with the world. Her mother had her featured in performances. She started opening for famous composers and her mom had finally arranged for her to have her own concert.

That's where they were headed right now. The girl was rather nervous, but kept that fact to herself. Instead she asked her mom, "Mom can we play a game?"

"You should be practicing darling. That's why we put the keyboard in the car, so you could practice for the big show." Her mother said.

The girl looked down at the keyboard in her lap and started tapping the keys. She did so in a way that showed a dreadful emptiness and longing. Her mother breathed in the notes and said, "Darling, you are just so perfect at this. Such deep emotion you convey. It's almost depressing. Keep it coming!"

The girl continued playing, wishing that her mother would notice she played that depressing melody from her depressed heart. She wished only for her mom to see it as truth and try and comfort her. The girl was reaching the conclusion of her song.

It was dramatic and loud. A climax like no other. As her hand hit one last chord, so a truck hit her fragile car.

Everything was dark and quiet except for a constant beating in the distance. The beating grew louder and louder until the girl was filled with it. She opened her eyes and looked at the screen that displayed her heartbeat and was emanating the noise.

The girl was rather dazed, so it took her a moment to notice the movement in her bed. She looked down and saw it was her hands. They were shaking violently. Immediately fear struck the girl and she tried to form a chord with her fingers. She had no such luck, though, and realized playing the piano would be impossible.

A deep wave of depression hit her. She could never play piano. Never express herself again. Never calm herself with a song again.

Before she noticed it. tears began to spring from her eyes. Soft sobs escaped her mouth, but then she realized something.

Maybe now her mother would do more with her. Spend more time with her. Love her for more than her talent.

It was a sweet relief until she thought of something awful. What if her mother could only love her for her piano skill? Maybe by losing her playing ability she had lost her mother's love altogether.

She began crying harder, but tried to stop when she noticed the nurse walking in. "Good morning, sweetie.", the nurse said with a smile.

The girl swallowed her sobs and just looked at the nurse. "How are you feeling?", she was asked. She didn't give a response. Just stared at the nurse. "I have some bad news and some good news for you."

The girl still just looked at the nurse, "The good news is. We think with some therapy, you can control your hand enough to feed yourself and do other daily things like that.", she smiled like it was a miracle and continued, "Sadly ,you won't be able to write efficiently."

The nurse stopped talking for a while and just looked down at the floor. After a moment though, she said one more thing. "Also, your mother was unable to survive the crash, but your hospital bills are going to be covered, so you don't need to worry about us kicking you out of the hospital or neglecting your care."

The nurse stood for a moment longer, waiting for the girl to say something. When she didn't, the nurse walked toward the door. Before walking out, she said, "Sorry for your loss, sweetie."

She didn't cry for a bit. The news was working it's way through every fiber of her being. One at a time her cells absorbed the truth. That her mother was dead. Gone forever.

At that moment, the girl had never wanted to play piano more than any other time in her life. She would have given anything to play a song for her mother.

Eventually, she felt her strong exterior crumbling into dust. Shattering into a million tiny shards. And she cried.

She cried more than she ever had. More than anyone ever had. More than anyone ever could. She spent days like that, stopping only when the nurse came in to give her smoothies. Smoothies that she never touched.

It had been a week and the girl was still sobbing. Her eyes had run out of tears and her throat was dry, but she still cried.

She heard someone coming and quickly wiped the tears from her face. When the door opened the girl noticed it wasn't just her nurse. There was a boy with a hole in his neck. The nurse walked him to the bed next to the girl's.

After tucking him in she asked if he needed anything and he shook his head. The nurse left them and the girl found herself alone with the boy. She looked at him. After a moment he looked over at her and waved.

Her hands were still shaking, but she wanted to wave back. She hesitated a moment and found herself waving back.

The boy smiled and his eyes started drooping. In a moment he was asleep. The girl turned in her covers and fell asleep as well.

When the two awoke, they were met with a hospital breakfast. The girl shoved her smoothie to the bottom of her bed refusing to drink it.

The boy looked over and started to speak, "You-" he flinched, but continued, "You aren't going to drink it?" his voice was rather raspy and sounded unnatural.

"No. I don't want it.", she responded.

He speared an egg and said, "I don't really want to eat mine either, but you can't get better if you don't have something." He ate the egg with a dissatisfied expression, but still swallowed and smiled at her.

"I guess, I could drink it.", she said in a defeated tone. She sipped the smoothie meal and realized how hungry she actually was and gulped down the rest.

She finished and heard her stomach pleading for more with a loud growl. The boy chuckled, which made him cough, and said, "You must not have had anything for a while."

"I didn't want to." She said quietly. They were silent for the rest of the day. Doing nothing, but eating when the nurse brought them food and going to their separate therapy sessions.

They fell asleep at the end of the day. The girl was sleeping peacefully until she was awakened by the sound of singing. The boy was creating a tune, but he kept losing his breath and gasping for air in between coughing. Eventually he gave up and tried humming instead. The same problem arose and he started to cry.

The girl couldn't hold it in and stood up. She walked to the boy and tried to place her hand on his, but it was shaking too much. The reminder of her disability caused her to sob as well.

They cried together on his bed. In the morning they woke up without realizing they had fallen asleep. The girl crawled back into her own bed before the nurse came.

They ate their breakfast and the girl asked, "So why were you crying?"

He looked over at her and said, "I was a professional singer before. My music teacher took me to an audition and my career grew from there. My mother wasn't interested in my singing. She would rather spend her time with men and smoking. The smoke I was always surrounded by gave me asthma and soon it gave me this hole in my neck. Now I can't sing."

The girl looked at him and spoke her own story, "I was a piano prodigy. Heading to play my own concert. My mother cared only about the career I had built and never let me have fun. Now she's dead and my hands are useless."

"Did you like playing piano?", he asked.

The girl hadn't asked herself the question. "I think so. It always made me feel better, but I took it for granted."

"Maybe I should try playing piano sometime.", he said taking a bite of his food. "Would you teach me?"

There weren't words she could speak. Part of her was horrendously sad and felt teaching him would be torture, but the other part of her was excited and felt it would be fun to teach him. After a moment she simply said, "Okay."

They ended their conversation without even doing the most common of traditions. Never did they ask each other's name. Both of them knew the other's identity was gone. Names held no meaning to them anymore.

The next day when the girl awoke she saw that the boy had a keyboard on his lap. She looked at it with a longing that she knew could never be fulfilled.

He looked over at her and smiled, "I asked the nurse if we could use one, so she gave me this."

She walked over to it and touched the keys with her shaking hands. A sharp unpleasant sound erupted from the keyboard at her touch.

The boy just smiled at her and asked, "So which keys are which notes?" For a moment, the girl just stared at him, but then she began to teach him.

He was a fast learner and was able to create whole songs in a little over a week. One day, before they were going to go to bed, he asked the girl, "Can I play a song for you? I made it myself."

The girl was a little surprised, but nodded. The boy began playing his song. It was a song full of hope. Hope for freedom. Hope for peace. Hope for something to call your own.

The girl was so moved by his piece that she started to cry. "Did I make you cry?", he asked, "I'm sorry."

The girl shook her head frantically, "No. Don't be sorry. It's just so beautiful."

He smiled down at the keyboard. "Will you help me make it perfect?"

"It is perfect!" the girl exclaimed wondering how he could think anything was wrong with it.

He shook his head. "No. Something very important is missing. Something I can't give it."

The girl didn't know what he could have meant, but thought maybe he needed to hear it while he wasn't playing to really hear how perfect it was. She suggested recording it.

They asked the nurse if she could supply them with a recording device and she did.

The song was recorded and played back to the boy. He still just shook his head and said it was missing something very important.

The next day when the girl woke up the boy was still asleep. She had grown very fond of the boy and felt she even loved him.

She didn't know how to tell him, though. Now she was ready to say it. Just say it. Tell him that she loved him. That she wanted to be with him forever.

After all without him she would have died. She never would have ate and probably would have starved to death. She would have cried until her body gave out. She would have forgotten how to live in the world. She would have given up and committed suicide.

She knew she would have. Before he came she had been so depressed she thought about death all the time. How to inflict it. When to inflict it. Where to inflict it.

It wasn't even a matter of time. She had already been planning to do it that very day. Then he came. He kept moving forward.

It inspired her and she tried to move forward too. Then he asked her to teach him piano. He gave her purpose. A reason to live.

She owed her life to him and her heart had already given itself to him. She thought of how to do it. Maybe say something like, "You saved me and my heart is yours." It didn't seem to do justice.

Nothing would do it justice. The only words that could even try to amount to it were simply, "I love you."

She wished with all her heart that he would understand just how much she really did love him. That he would see in her eyes the deep meaning of her words. And most of all that he would feel the same way about her.

She looked over at the boy who she felt nothing but love for and smiled at him. It was becoming too much to hold in, so she practiced forming the words and said it out loud, "I love you."

After her words left her mouth an ear splitting beep rang out. To the girl it was much more than an irritating noise, though. It was a heart breaking noise. A dream crushing noise. A hope shattering noise.

Several nurses ran in and tried to bring back that precious beating the beep had replaced. Their attempts were futile. Just as the girl's attempt to stay calm was futile.

She was bawling her eyes out, screaming and clinging to the boy's body. The nurses were trying to take him away, but she couldn't let them. She couldn't live without him.

They tried to pull her off, but she wouldn't let go. She tried to tell them to stop. To keep trying to revive him. To not give up on him.

Two more nurses came in and pried the girl off the the boy's dead body. They took him away and the girl went limp. Her wailing stopped, but her tears persisted.

She was all alone again. Nothing but her own machine's selfish beating in the background. It didn't seem fair. Why was he the one who died? Why him? He didn't deserve it.

There was nothing to do without him. Everything was empty. She became numb and unresponsive. They brought her smoothies, but she didn't drink them. They gave her therapy, but she didn't care about her hands anymore.

One day she looked toward his old bed and saw the keyboard leaning against it. She felt a sudden need to listen to what he played before.

It was dreadful to think he would never play it for her again. Then she remembered the recording.

Hoping against hope, she opened the drawer in his bedside table and searched for the recording.

The first thing she saw was a Bible. She didn't care for it and moved on looking for what she had opened the drawer for.

She picked up the bible in hopes of seeing the recording under it, but noticed it was inside the Bible instead.

The girl started playing his recording, but kept wanting to look at the words in the Bible. Eventually, she gave in and began reading with the boy,s song in the background.

While reading, she realized what the boy meant when he said the song was missing something. It needed words. Not just any words, but words for God.

The only one who could display such hope as the song did was God. He had given the boy the tune he needed. Now there was something God wanted to give the girl so she could convey the hope of his music properly.

She didn't have to do anything except feel what God was trying to tell her and make lyrics. The girl never really tried singing before, but with God's help she made something great to go with the boy's piano.

It wasn't describable. The song contained more than words could hold. More than anyone could attempt to understand. It just filled you. The beautiful music and the meaningful lyrics spun a new hope and a new need for God.

The girl found herself becoming more and more optimistic. She drank her smoothies again. She tried to improve her hands. She sang everyday. And she did get better.

Her body healed slowly, but surely and her mind and heart were at ease with the Lord. Soon she could use a fork and was able to eat real food again.

One day she picked up the the keyboard with her shaky hands and attempted to play the boy's song. She failed miserably, but still enjoyed being with a keyboard, none the less.

The girl was released from the hospital now that she had healed properly. She found herself in an orphanage. It was full of children who had lost hope.

When she left the hospital they kept the recording of her and the boy's song. That didn't stop her from singing for the orphans, though. Every Sunday she would read the Bible to them and they all sang the song together.

One day they discovered a piano in the orphanage's storage. The girl taught a few of the children how to play. One young child in particular was extremely talented on it.

He was playing in the middle of the night and the girl heard him. She came out to him. He looked up at her and asked, "Did I wake you? I'm sorry."

She shook her head and said, "No. It was worth getting up." The boy smiled and continued playing piano. "Do you want to learn a special song?"

"What song?", the boy asked.

The girl smiled and said, "The song I always sing for you guys. A very dear friend made the piano part of it and I added words."

The boy looked at her and a huge grin spread across his face. He nodded frantically and the girl started to teach him. It was rather late when he knew the whole song.

The two yawned and the boy started playing it again. The girl began singing the song. A few measures in, they heard several voices join the girl's. Then several more and soon enough the whole orphanage was singing.

They sang through the song a few times and the children all asked the girl to read a story from the Bible to them. She did and all the children fell asleep again with the spirit of the Lord filling their souls.

One day a man came to adopt a child. When he entered, music immediately filled his ears. Lots of songs were sung during his visit, but one special song struck him deeper than all the others.

It was a gorgeous song dedicated to the Lord that filled one with a hope and a love greater than anything.

He stayed to listen to the girl reading and explaining the Bible. The man soon made his decision on whom he wanted to adopt and told the woman who ran the orphanage. She told the girl that a man wished to adopt her.

The girl looked at her soon to be father and smiled before asking a great favor. "I'm sorry to ask more kindness from you when you're already doing so much for me, but I don't think my life like my song could be complete without him." she gestured to the boy who learned how to play her song on the piano.

The man nodded and looked at the boy sitting at the piano. He signed the papers to adopt the both of them and they became a family.

The man who adopted them was a Pastor and let his new children sing for his church. Also, he had the girl teach the children's church, which was always full with the others from the orphanage.

She and the boy grew up as loving siblings with their new loving father. They became great christian music composers. Growing famous and happy by the way they shared God's love.

The girl, who was now a woman, always kept her hospital friend in her heart and waited to see him in heaven. He saved her and helped her save others who would save others and so on. A cycle of God's love had started with him. A cycle that would never end.