Contemplating Conquests

He sat upon his golden throne,

contemplating conquests,

when the blue sky was rotting black

and the 'sulphurish' moon was stealing,

what was rightfully hers, from her father.

He was the ruler of the entire blue planet,

king of the people,

who were as defiant as dilapidated containers

leaking shit, that they were filled with to brim,

and the husband of his twenty wives

whose beauty

transcended the realm of death

and whose bodies radiated like a cancer patient

after a scheduled dose of chemotherapy.

A conqueror,

yes he was one,

for he didn't need an excuse to lay siege

on any kingdom or state!

(After all,

they possessed

something that might be

potentially dangerous to the…

…well himself and his ambitions.

Like a conqueror gives a fuck about anything else.)

He used to be a wise ruler once,

who overthrew the previous tyrant

with a promise to change

the country that then looked like a raped asshole.

He fulfilled that promise;

the country no longer bleeds

or screams on being rammed by atom bombs.

The emperor's golden throne

was surrounded by skulls,

all of 'em white

(he abolished racism, didn't he!)

and near his feet lay,

piled one on another, bodies,

frozen like an eternal winter

or may be strawberry ice-cream,

(depends on the point of view really!)

on which he rested his aching legs.

In his hand he held a chalice,

which resembled a skull made of diamonds,

filled with viscous red fluid,

rich in texture, that he sipped every once in a while,

contemplating conquests.

He closes his eyes, to plan his next conquest,

may be a different planet this time,

with a perfect reason, of course.

(He ain't a war monger!)

Well, how about peacekeeping,

the harbinger of peace and love!

Ah perfect! He thinks as he sips off his chalice,

enjoying the rich creamy texture,

as it swirls in his mouth,

before gulping down the crimson fluid.

Thence, he succumbs to slumber

like a newborn baby after suckling off its mother's breast milk,

dreaming about his army

dominating…oops maintaining peace

on other worlds

while his world is infested by gangrene

like that on a wounded soldier

and he sleeps on his throne

contemplating conquests.