Get out before he hurts you

He's a heartbreaker, that one

You know it as well as I do

Silly girl,

A charmer maybe

But certainly not a heartbreaker

Oops little girl,

You're too late

He's left and taken your heart with him

Stupid girl

It's your fault

If you had been better he would have stayed

That's the end, poor girl,

That's it, pick yourself back up

Let him go


The dust trail has stopped

He may be coming back!

Coming back?

Don't let him in

That's heartache knocking at your door

Don't be stupid,

You never had it so good

Let your savior back in, Darling

Knock, knock, knock

That's him, What are you going to do?

Oh he says he's sorry?

There, he apologized

He loves you, girl

Don't screw it up

You know he doesn't mean it,

He apologizes all the time

(Nothing ever changes)