A subtle curve

Can make

All the


A hip popped out

In annoyance at me,

The arc of her neck

As she looks to the sky,

The way her legs

Bend to her chest

And her back

Curves down as

She curls in on

Herself. I've seen

It all; her smiles,

Her shouts, her

Head on my hip.

My arms are

Planted at me

Sides, rooted

Into my pockets

Only to grow

Up to my shoulders

And tangle into my

Torso. But her

Branches wrap

Around me

In my times

Of need. She's

There with

Comforting words

Ad smiles,

And dark eyes

Filled with

Such light

And beauty

That she leaves

Me breathless,

Gasping for air.

She's drowning

Me in my live

For her, suffocating

Me with her

Laughter, like

The binder on

My breast.

I'm dying in

Her presence,

But I'd rather

Have me lungs


At her side

Than survive.