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Dante's POV

I have grown used to this.

Lying in bed, I have my eyes shut tight. I don't feel a thing, at least not mentally. Numbness has taken over my body since a long time ago already.

It's not my first time being raped by this sober man. I have actually been raped by him several times before. The first time he raped me, I cried. The harshness he laid upon me was like being tortured by a burning whip. It hurt so much...

The man was satisfied by my reactions then. Even now, though I no longer react as fierce as the first time, he still likes me. Because I become a doll, a doll worthy for torture. He keeps paying for me, knowing that I'm a good toy, a toy that can make a disgusting man like him so happy, so very high. Just think me as his drug and you'll get what I'm talking about, I guess.

He has long left the room after raping me. All I have is a thin blanket to cover my body from the mocking coldness of the winter winds.

Turning slowly to the side, I let my mind drift to unconsciousness, to escape from reality, when the sound of a gunshot shocks me.

My eyes blink open within a second. Da heck?!

Who the hell distracts me from sinking into my depressing world?!

I lie there, listening to the sudden chaos that's happening outside. I don't have the energy yet to move, so all I can do is try to figure out what's happening with my ears.

"Don't you dar—"

Gunshots cover the rest of the sentence.

A few more minutes, and I yawn again. My sore body is persuading me to ignore everything and go to sleep.

True…I should just…Sleep…With these sounds as background music….


What now?

Before I know it, the room's door has been busted open. I frown, then blink when my body can't react the way I wanted to.

All at once, I feel someone pinning me under their arm and a gun is put to my head.

"One move and he will die."

I hear those words clear and cool on top of my head, and it surprised me how familiar the voice is.

What the fuck, everything's so confusing now.



Hearing my fake name being called, it adds on to my confusion. I force myself to look up at this person who holds me as hostage, only to widen my eyes.


What is he doing here?

But before I can truly think about that, a fear enters my mind at the sight of him in this bar.

He recognizes me.

But..I'm not wearing my wig and contacts, how did he know it was me? And if he knows about me…Then he will definitely kill me. If he doesn't, somebody will. Because…Because…

The fogginess in my mind starts to clear up as the anxiousness kicks in. Using that opportunity I get a clear view of what's in front of me. I gasp a little at the sight of all the bodyguards and guns, and that's when I finally understand what happened.

Jack challenged the bar.

I frown, unbelievable. Jack managed to get the people so raged that even…

…Father is there.

What really happened?..

"KILL HIM!" I hear father yell, and Jack raises his other gun for defense. I start to struggle in his arm, wanting to free myself to really understand what's going on.

However, all I can do right now, is to look at my father and see what he's going to do next, constantly shifting my attention from him to Jack.

It's that moment we, father and son, stare into each other's eyes, that's when I pause from what I'm doing.

A moment of silence exchanged between us, and he straightens himself as he says,

"Everyone, lower your guns."


The unexpected decisions make all of us pauses and stare at the man in the brown suit.

"I have come up with the best idea," he says to Jack. "If we continue to attack you, the possibilities for Dante to be killed will be greater."

I stare at him, shocked. Father thought through this, he thinks up a way to best rescue me from Jack who holds me hostage. He looks toward me, and gives a gentle smile. "Dante."

Is it because he suddenly pities me…? As a father? Because he doesn't want me to be killed?

Really….? Is that happening…?

Happiness suddenly flows into my mind.

Father always thinks me as a tool right? How can he possibly pity me? But now, as Jack holds me hostage, he actually tells his men to lower their weapons…For the best choice?

A touched smile forms onto my face automatically as I call back.


"Kill him. Kill that man who is holding you as hostage. You have a dagger in your pocket right? Kill him, and you'll be saved."


Father is telling me to kill Jack, so I can be saved…He's…

Worrying about me.

A father truly loving his son is 100 times better than a guy who holds you as hostage for the sake of his own life right?

A drowsy feeling surrounds me as I quietly take out the dagger in my back pocket.

"James…You know this is the wrong choice if you do so!"

I can hear the surprise in Jack's voice, but I don't care. I ignore it. I wonder why Jack won't immediately shoot me at that second, but this is a great opportunity for me. Father is smiling, if I kill Jack, he will feel happy for me...

He will compliment me….

In a sudden swift move, I use my elbow, hit backward, and attack Jack in the chest, at a joint I know that will cause the other too pained to move even a bit. He groans for a second, backing up and releasing me, falling to the floor. He holds his chest painfully, managing to stay in a kneeling position. Using that as an advantage I take out my dagger and aim at his throat when—


My hand automatically stops me from continuing.


It's as if….I don't want to kill him.

What's making me hesitate…?

Darn it, I need to kill him right now! So father will have a better opinion of me—I need to—

"Hurry up and kill him, Dante! It's for your own good!"

I hear father shout, and I once again readied myself to smite the dagger at Jack, who looks back at me with a complicated, sad expression.

Sudden hatred rises in me for not be able to kill someone, who is no one but a bartender who keeps me company at night.


Hearing that, I shudder. 'Father, I'm sorry I didn't mean—I mean I can—"

"Enough! You're nothing but one who gets easily affected by some kind feelings! A dog! Ha,not even!"



The smile on his face is gone.

The fatherly smile…Is gone. Replaced by his usual cruel, cold expression that he always used to stare at me when I got whipped.


"I thought maybe if I can use that little trick of mine you might actually kill him! You can't….You're still nothing but a piece of shit who's only worthy of rape!" I hear him yell at me, the words ringing again and again in my brain. So everything just now…was a lie?

He shrugs when he sees I'm not responding, "Well I guess it's too late now. I should just kill you both."

I stand there, dumbfounded, frozen. The dagger falls off my hand as I force myself to be innocent. "W..What are you talking about, father?...Kill me…? Aren't I….Your son?"

A stomp of his foot and I inhale a sharp breath.

"A SON?! A SON?! HA! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A MERE TOOL! For money, for some people's blind trust. But who really cares if you die?! No one. No one will Dante…" Father…No, the man in front of me lets a pity smirk form onto his face. "You will be alone until you die."



I can't move…Even a bit….I can't think…This is a dream…Right…What am I supposed to feel…

"D-Dante…Is that your r-real name..?"

A voice from behind me catches my attention and I slowly look back, my mind still blank.

….Ah….Jack…I'm supposed to kill him…Damn it…The effect is wearing off….

He can now stand up, though panting hard. He looks at me, angry and pitying at the same time.

I must look really powerless right now….

As my father and his men point their guns at us, I can't help but throw Jack a sad smile. A smile of despair, really.

I'm so stupid…I'm so sorry...I'm….

So weak...

"JACK! WHAT'S WRONG?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?! Dang it, did I arrive too late?!"

A new voice cuts in, Jack and my father immediately look toward the direction of the sound.

"LISA! Dang it, we need your help—"

"Oh for fuck's sake, are you an idiot Jack?!"

The sudden twirl of new events spirals in my mind, and I slowly look at the sight of the beautiful woman, standing there with a gun in her hand, and in her other…A bomb.

A bomb….

A bomb?!


New shouts echo in my brain and I stand there, blinking until pain flashes strongly across my cheek. Jack is standing on front of me, his hand still ready to slap me again. "Clear your brain up! Now's not the time to be all dumbfounded like that!" He yells, and it works. My mind starts to function, a tiny bit, until...

"3, 2—" Spinning my head to Lisa's direction, she is backing up, ready to throw the bomb.

I feel myself being carried with one arm abruptly, and let out a yelp as Jack forcibly holds onto me. "We're escaping through the windows."

"…..Eh? But…"

I feel the wind of him speeding.

The sound of windows breaking.

And the bomb being set off.

The window is quite high from the ground even though it's only 1 floor up. I feel the thud of Jack landing and I immediately grab for his arm to maintain my balance.

"….Oops. Sorry." I hear him mumble, but I don't reply.

I do not have the energy, nor the mood, to say anything right now.

He starts to run again as the impact of the bomb on the bar gets strong. As the fire starts to spread throughout the entire area, Jack escapes onto the other side of the river near the bar. I hold onto him, and then, unconsciously snuggle into him as I drift to sleep.

He pauses a bit from my action, before sighing. "Yeah…Right…Sleep for the best now…."

I feel myself being settled in a car seat, and that's when I truly let myself fall asleep.

When I finally wake up, I'm on a sofa. Letting out a groan when I sit up, I notice that I'm actually wounded. It's a light wound, and I don't even know how I got it.

Looking around, I notice that I'm back at Jack's bar. Blinking, I look toward the counter and see Jack there, leaning against it, drinking…I think it's coffee.

"Ah, you're awake," he looks back at me, letting out a sigh of relief. "I thought I need to deal with a corpse on my sofa."


For a second, I don't know what to say.

Seeing that I'm not responding, he just lets out a loud yawn. "Lisa will be back soon, she just called me and said she's safe."

"….Are you an idiot?" The first thing that pops out of my mouth, is this.

"What?" He raises an eyebrow at me.

"…You should've just killed me. If you don't kill me, I might kill you. And even if I didn't kill you, they will. Have you not realized that?" I ask, sounding cold.

Jack only shrugs, "What I realize is," he replies. "The fact that you're wearing a wig all this time."


"And well, the fact that—"

"I actually don't know what you're talking about. I never wear a wig. The one who has blond hair is my younger brother. You see—"

I don't exactly know why, but embarrassment takes over me all of a sudden that all I want to do is to think of an excuse.

Jack walks toward me then, and kneels down beside me. "Hey, you know something?"

I look at him, "What?"

"You suck at lying."


I cough, "Why did you save me anyway? I….nearly killed you."

"You didn't at the last second, so I might as well do so."

Frustrated, I stare at him. "I don't get you. You are truly an idiot."

"I'm just an old man." With that, he lights a cigarette.


After a moment of silence, I stand up.

"Where are you going?" He asks.

"Home," I say to him.

He sounds shocked, "Home?"


"Not like I'm going to stop you, but as you can already guessed that bomb most likely killed your father already."


My respond makes him frown. "And there are a bunch of rapists at your 'home', no?"

"So?" I repeat.

Jack glances at me, then sighs. Slowly aiming to my direction, he rests both hands on my shoulder. "Let me talk as if I'm talking to a kid," he says and stares into my eyes. "Rapists are bad."


He's seriously treating me like a kid….

I push him off, but he grabs onto my shoulders again. I click my tongue as I mumble, "…What."

"Your real name is Dante, no?"




I feel him pushing me back onto the sofa. "Sleep now, and decide if you're going home or not tomorrow."

I blink, "Why are you caring this much for me?"

Jack shrugs.

"….Don't you have….Lisa to care of too…." I find myself continuing.

He throws me a confused look and let out a laugh. "Ha? She will be completely fine on her own. I trust her."

His easy respond surprises me a bit, for it's rare to find someone's trust for others this strong. "…She loves you." I find myself saying.

He pauses from what I said, "..True."

So he knows, well it's obvious.

"It's an ugly love." I comment. "….You…don't love her back."


Silence follows before Jack looks at me again, "Dante."


"Shush and go to sleep now, or else I will make you bald."


Well I'm tired anyway, don't need you to say that.

Lying down onto the sofa again, I close my eyes. "I'm going to sleep now, happy?"


I still don't really get it, why Jack decides to save me even after I nearly killed him. I don't get why he decides to saves an enemy, or warns me that it's better for me to not go home.

"Ah….Pretty guys are so annoying sometimes…." I hear him murmur to himself at last, as he covers me with his jacket, or so it feels.

I slowly fall unconscious under the warmth of his jacket and the smell of cigarette and beer of his bar….

Pretty guys...huh...