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"You know who you look like now?" Olly sat beside me on my couch, running fingers through my freshly cut hair.

"Oh, please do tell," I sarcastically quipped, smiling regardless.

"You look like a cuter version of that kid from that Perks of Being a Wallflower movie—not the gay one." He stuck out his bottom lip and narrowed his eyes, scrutinizing me. "You have a nicer smile and prettier eyes. I have a thing for green eyes, but whatever." Using his fingers, he pulled at a few strands of my bangs, swiping them away from my eyebrows. "You look good, though."

Snorting, I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen, grabbing my glass of green tea. "You mean I always look good." I poured him a glass of cold tea, him having been there for only a few minutes. He wanted to come see my haircut and hang out, both of us having the next two days off since it was New Year's Eve. The last time we got to do this was for Thanksgiving holiday, where we went Black Friday shopping (Clara sadly having to miss out because she slept in).

"Don't get too full of yourself now," Olly warned, accepting the drink. He took a sip, settling the glass onto the table before pulling his knees to his chest. "Oh, so, my friend is having a New Year's party on the beach tonight. It's a perfect view of the pier where they shoot off the fireworks, and you get to see a lot of drunk college students, which is really funny. I was hoping you'd like to come with me. It wouldn't be as fun without you."

I didn't hesitate in answering. "Yeah, of course I'll go with you." Mainly to spend some more time with him, but partly because he had been wanting me to go out with him and his friends for a few weeks now. Every time that I was at work, he spent some time with some of his friends from his classes, which didn't seem like a big deal at first until he started bragging about the time he spent with them. Jealousy had begun to creep up into my mind, loathing how much time his friends got to see him while I was left only to see him at night.

It had gotten to the point in our friendship where, whenever I was close to him, my heart pounded heavily and my throat became thick while I stumbled over my words or sat there, dealing with him talking about what his friends did or what plans they had created. I felt left out, only making me miss him more when he was away. It irked me that, for over a month, since he lost Lillith and her kids, we hadn't gone any further with our relationship, despite me confessing what I felt for him. We hadn't kissed again, he didn't embrace me like usual, and we didn't even discuss the potential of a relationship together. I guess I thought it was supposed to be some kind of happy ending for the two of us.

"I'm excited to introduce you to everyone," Olly chirped, clasping his hands together excitedly. "I always tell my friends about you, and they'll be super pumped to meet you."

My face warmed, not thinking that he had really thought of me when he was out with them. Maybe there was hope. "I look forward to meeting them, too," I muttered, actually not sure if I was or not. He probably hung out with gorgeous people with the way his looks were. Meanwhile, I'm just…me. "Should we bring anything for them?" I asked, never wanting to be a bad party guest, especially since I didn't know anyone there except for Olly.

"Nah, we have it all covered. It's a BYOB thing, and I'm not going to be drinking." He gave me a wary look. "Will you be?" Ever since I had told him about my alcoholism, he had been cautious about my drinking, making sure I never went overboard.

"I probably won't be. Public drunkenness is something I try to steer clear from." Although it never used to be a problem for me.

"Alright," he returned, breaking into a grin. "Now where would you like to get a bite to eat? I'm starving, as usual, and you look like you could use some coffee. I recognize that sleepless look on your face." Lovingly, his hand went to my cheek, cupping it and stroking it with his thumb. "You been sleeping okay? Your eyes are crazy bloodshot." Tipping his head closer to mine to see me better, his face melted into worried curiosity. "Have you been feeling okay, Kee?"

Other than the restless nights contemplating our relationship, the fantasies I had that would sometimes wake me up and make me feel hot all over my body, and the fact that I could feel myself brimming with anxiety, wanting nothing more than to return his touch and hold him and kiss him, I was fine. Absolutely fine.

Nodding, I sat back from him, glancing at my wooded floors, thinking of what I could tell him. "I'm fine. I've been on such a tight schedule the past few days to reach my publishing deadline that I sacrificed some of my sleep to get it done," I lied. Well, halfway lied. Portions of it were true, like how I had a strict deadline, but I still had plenty of time to sleep and remind myself that this whole editorial job was what I wanted.

"We'll take it easy, then. Sure you still want to go tonight? I'm happy staying here with you and doing our usual thing." Olly was trying so hard to accommodate me, poor thing. Little did he know that I'd rather get out of the house and avoid getting so close to him as much as possible, although I couldn't tell him that. I didn't want to hurt his feelings and let him think it was for reasons other than me starting to lose control over what my hands and body did, fingers burning to touch his soft skin and explore parts of him that only I'll have seen, mouth salivating at the tantalizing thought of kissing him again, still mad at myself for the last time he took me by surprise to kiss me. I had reacted so horribly.

"N-No, I still want to go," I stammered, pushing myself off of the couch. "You mentioned something to eat?"

"I did!" He stood, and I watched as he stood tall, stretching out his limbs and popping his back with a little gasp. "My treat since you're my willing accomplice tonight."

"I'll make sure to order the most expensive thing, then." I opened up my front door while he gave me a jokingly angry look.

"You're such a jerk," he muttered, the smirk betraying him.

We opted for a little Vietnamese place, one of Olly's favorites, taking our time with our coconut curries, thinking of what to do afterwards. I told him about some of my college party stories, and he enjoyed them, swearing that none of my incidents—like being drunk enough to try to convince a fraternity president to make out with me—would happen to him. When we were through, we went to the grocery store, Olly wanting to pick out ingredients for a dinner he was going to make the two of us the next day as a show of his appreciation for me tagging along with him, though I told him I really didn't need repayment. I was going for him and for my own curiosity. My favorite part was going to one of the firework tents and buying another forty dollars of fireworks for our own usage later that night.

At nine, after doing some clothes shopping (Olly insisted he needed more winter clothes) and going back to my place to splurge on a few episodes of Sherlock, Olly excused himself to go home and get ready for that night, promising to be back by ten, giving me time to get a shower and make myself ready for the night. Although I hated shorts, mainly because of my white legs and the only pair I owned were dark blue and slightly too large for me, I chose them instead of jeans because they were more suitable for the beach, wondering if Olly had thought the same thing. I had never seen him in anything other than pajama pants or jeans, but I knew he'd look great in whatever he wore.

At about fifteen after ten, Olly finally arrived, apologizing for being late. "I called Clara to let her know that there's a party and she's welcome to it if she wanted to come." Rolling his eyes, he lifted up his hand, imitating a crab claw, opening and closing it several times to get the point across that his twin spoke too much. "I don't know where she got her mouth from. I mean, I certainly don't talk a lot." My quirked eyebrow and disbelieving look made him lower his hand and coyly lock his hands behind his back. "We ready to go?" he asked, slightly chagrined at me pointing out that he did, in fact, talk quite a bit, not that I'd ever complain.

I confirmed that we were, then followed him closely out to his car, knowing that he'd better drive for the sake of knowing where we had to go. On the way there, he explained his friends to me, giving me brief descriptions of what they looked like and what not to bring up around them. One of his friends hated the topic of Switzerland he believed that the country was run far too smoothly to be normal, while another could go on about computers and programming all day.

"Really, though, they're all really nice. Steph said there'll be some people I don't know since it wasn't really a closed invitation thing, but stick close to me, and you'll be fine," Olly assured, talking about the girl who had originally planned all of this. They had apparently known each other since freshman year of college, sometimes hanging out when they weren't in school, but now much more frequently. "Steph is a bit of a slut, too, so if she tries putting her so called 'special moves' on you, tell me and I'll get her off of you."

Casting a look in his direction, I studied him, wondering if she had ever used her 'special moves' on him, curious as to what they could be. He said he hadn't gotten close like that with anyone, especially sexually, but what if he didn't consider some things sexual like I did? Suddenly, I was intimidated by this woman I had never met, and my heart ground out heavy pumps, more from jealousy and a slight bit of anger over the idea that she may have touched Olly before I had the chance to, selfish as it was to say.

The music Olly had turned on kept me from snapping at him, demanding answers about how much Stephanie had done to him, causing me to make a complete one-eighty when he started singing country songs in a thick Southern accent, neither of us caring for the genre, but enough so that we could make fun of it. Both of our windows were rolled down, our hair flying every which way and giving us chills, but it was all so relaxing, rushing down the highway on the way to a college party, already spotting a few bursts of fireworks here and there, my exhilaration giving me some kind of high.

Seagull Cove was the name of the beach, a little stretch of coastline that had no surrounding hotels or amenities, other than scattered wooden chairs and some small camping grills. We had parked on a little patch of gravel designated for cars, and I glanced around curiously, wondering how we had made it here before anyone else. Shouldn't there be some others?

But the beach was deserted. No other cars were near us, other than the ones that passed by on the road. Getting out of the car, I double checked the area, reassuring myself that the moon wasn't playing tricks on me and that there were no people nearby. We were alone, making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion. Olly merely smiled at me and swung open his door, giving no indication as to what was going on. Without a word, he popped open his trunk and materialized a little cooler and a blanket, which he tucked under his arm so that he could retrieve a grocery bag that looked about ready to pop.

"Ready?" he asked, trying not to smile too much at my befuddlement.

"Olly?" I started, watching as he stepped onto the beach without me, not looking back. "Hey, what's going on?" I shouted after him, hesitant on following. Pursing my lips, I groaned some, then chased after him, my feet kicking up sand and getting into my shoes.

He set the small cooler on the sand, plastic bag on top of that. Shaking out the blanket, he lied it beside the chest and spread it out, showing that there was more than enough room for the two of us. "Don't just stand there—sit, Kee." He waved his hand down to the blanket, offering me a spot, and I removed my sandy shoes and took a spot on the plaid quilt. Still not explaining anything, Olly materialized a short loaf of bread, plastic eating utensils and dishes, a lighter, and a little sleeve of tea light candles from the bag, then a bottle of sparkling cider and two closed boxes of Tupperware, one big and one small, from the ice box. "Tonight, we'll be having Italian bruschetta as an appetizer and Greek chicken salad for the main course. I can barely cook, so this is the fanciest meal I could possibly come up with."

"When did you have the time to make this?" I asked as he pulled the lids off of the basil and tomato salad to top the bruschetta with. It smelled so good, mixed with the briny fragrance of the ocean and the snap of the cool wind, making me feel that I was in the Mediterranean, not Florida.

Laughing coolly, he sat beside me, brushing hair from my eyes. "This is why I was fifteen minutes late." Before I was able to call him out on his bluff about telling me he was talking to Clara, he gingerly pinched my cheek. "But I had to surprise you. I did text her, if it makes you feel better." Silencing me again, he pressed his lips to my forehead, filling my innards with some kind of warmth that I hadn't felt in a month. "My friends are having a New Year's party, but when I told them why I couldn't make it, they understood. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll open up the cider so we can eat." He twisted off the top of the long Welch's bottle, smirking at me when I gave him an inquisitive look. "I'll be driving home and I figured you'd want a clear head for the night to remember it all, so I got non-alcoholic. Hope that's fine."

Chuckling, amused at how cute and innocent he was, I nodded. I wanted to get onto him for tricking me, for getting me frustrated with meeting a girl I was somehow jealous of, and for catching me completely off guard. But I couldn't. This was more than I could have ever expected from him, and it surprised me that he had put so much effort into all of this. Of all the things that this was, romantic stood out to me the most, and I couldn't help but to think that Frankie had never done anything like this for me before, and Olly wasn't even my boyfriend.

"You look terrified," Olly noted, prepping our dinner. He set a plate in front of me, the moon making the reds and yellows and greens shine beautifully, and it smelled heavenly. For someone who never cooked, it looked like he did a great job on this. A plastic wine glass, halfway filled with grape cider, was handed to me, and I realized how stupidly I was smiling.

"I'm just…stunned. Here I was, all ready to go to a college party and meet your friends, but this….This is incredible." I sipped at the bubbly purple liquid, tickling my throat as it went down. Sighing, I closed my eyes to let the rest of my senses take it all in: how the cold, sticky air was wrapping itself around me, the way I got tingles from the sound of the rolling waves hurdling into each other, the noise giving me a sense of peace and reminding me that I was alone with Olly, the one who made this all possible. "You're incredible," I whispered, slowly opening my eyes to be greeted by a bashful Olly, fingers tinkering with the earring, head bowed slightly.

"I was worried that this would be too much," he quietly admitted, now scooting closer to me, reaching over to grab both of our plates, handing one off to me. "Don't eat yet." Stopping me as I was bringing a bite to my mouth, he reached into his pocket to pull out his phone, tapping his finger against the screen for a few seconds until he had a live stream going of the New York City New Year's event, a live band currently playing amongst the cheers and applauds from the crowd and the voiceovers from the news casters. "It ain't New Years until this is playing. I made my sure my battery is nice and charged."

"My phone is almost fully charged if yours doesn't last," I told him, finding it adorable how he had his traditions. "Can we eat now? I want to try your food really bad."

"Go right ahead." He swallowed some of his own drink while I shoved a forkful of food into my mouth.

It was cold and delicious and a little spicy, but tart from the Italian dressing, and so goddamn great. I plucked some of the feta-stuffed olives out of the salad, eating them on their own and groaning at how good it was. "Oh my god, Olly," I moaned, eating faster than I needed to.

"It's just a salad," he said, but smiled and hunkered his head again out of embarrassment.

"But you made it, so it's special," I told him, greedily reaching for a little disc of bread to put the tomato and basil mix on top. It wasn't like I was starving, but he had made a meal—a crazy good one—just for me, so I wanted him to know how much I appreciated the gesture. "Seriously, you're making me dinner from here on out."

Laughing, Olly picked at a few pieces of chicken from his own salad. "How 'bout no. This is one of about six things I can make." Smirking, we continued to eat, commenting on the New York event and some of the fireworks that were being shot off early in the distance, midnight drawing nearer. "We should visit New York one day," Olly muttered, staring at the screen. He had pulled his knees to his chest, his body tipping slightly towards mine, probably to stay warmer, the temperature beginning to dip some.

"That sounds fine with me. Maybe that'll be your graduation gift from me." Sitting up onto my knees, I started packing away all of the dishes and cutlery, leaving only our glasses and the sparkling cider, not having touched it much. Olly didn't protest from my cleaning, only sat there and watched me, lips pursed, though he'd look away whenever I caught him staring. "You okay? You seem a bit off tonight." Going back to my original spot next to Olly, I brushed hair out of his eyes, and he tipped his head into my palm.

"Let's take a walk. We still have fifteen minutes before midnight," he murmured, eyes partly open.

"Fine with me." He wasn't going to answer, and that was okay. I knew he sometimes got like this and fell into his own thoughts, like I did when I spent too much time at work. Tugging him to his feet by his hand, we removed our shoes and left them by the blanket, knowing it would be okay until we got back since there still weren't very many people. In the distance, I could see two or three small groups of people, more as we got closer to the pier, still about a mile off. We didn't disturb the other couples that walked along the shore, flashing friendly smiles as we passed them, Olly and I enjoying the company of each other, our chilled hands still intertwined and our feet digging into the freezing wet sand.

The clock was a minute away from counting down once we made it back to the blanket. Olly had the New York event back on his phone, and we took our seats next to each other, our heads hunkered to focus on the phone screen.

"Ready to countdown?" I asked at fifteen seconds, Olly nodding his head to confirm.


Olly grinned now, his hand moving to my shoulder.


Tight squeeze on the shoulder, both of us smiling like idiots.


"Totally gonna make this year awesome," Olly murmured.


"Well, duh, I'm in your life now," I flippantly said, getting an eye roll from him.


"C'mere, you have basil on your mouth," Olly instructed, glancing at me.


"What?" I asked, turning my head to him.

There was a split second where I nearly jerked away from Olly's lips on mine, stunned yet again by his surprise kiss. This time, I was more prepared than a month and a half ago, pushing my head slightly forward to deepen our kiss, feeling his hot breath from his cute little nose on my upper lip. The fireworks in the background couldn't distract me, nor could the cheers from the crowd over his phone. None of that mattered right now, only Olly's gentle caress of my lips.

"Happy New Year," he whispered, delicately pulling back from me to rest his forehead on my own.

"You, too." I was actually panting, my heart fluttering and my cheeks heating. Gnawing on my bottom lip, I sat back in my original position, Olly in his, the only difference being his hand was no longer holding his phone. It was latched onto mine, and we gazed, awestruck, at the fireworks as they splashed across the night sky in loud bangs and shimmers, colorful spurts of yellows and reds fading in a moment's time. In the twenty-five years of my life, this was the best New Years I had, never once imagining that I could have one this good since I had been drunk for the past five or six.

Thirty minutes later, the fireworks began sputtering out, a few still going up every few minutes. I had sank lower into Olly's arms, and I didn't even notice that he had been ignoring the fireworks to stare at me, delicately stringing through my shortened hair.

"Did you have fun?" I asked him, extending my hand up to swipe my thumb along his bottom lip. Playfully, he bit the appendage, swirling his tongue around and making it feel far more sensual than it needed to be. "Olly?" I murmured once he took my wrist carefully in his hand, pulling my own away from his face.

"This wouldn't have been as fun without you." His voice was quiet, unsteady, and I figured he must have been getting tired, though I liked seeing him in this quiet, vulnerable state and hearing such sweet things come from him. "Are we ready to go?"

Without responding, I sat up from my current position and made sure everything was packed up as it should have been. The two of us hauled everything back to the car, carrying our shoes with us since our feet were still sandy from the walk on the shore. Olly's loud radio frightened us when he started up the engine, and I couldn't control the string of laughter that came from me when Olly jumped and hissed an angry curse at his radio, getting a stunned look from him, not expecting me to pick on him like that.

"Y-You were so c-cute," I stammered, stopping myself from giggling anymore.

"You're such a jerk," he murmured, shaking his head, voice still sweet sounding. He pulled out onto the road, and I cast one more longing look at our little private beach, hating that we had to leave our little oasis and wanting to go back to it, to spend more time with just Olly and me in such a relaxing way.

The music had been turned down to a faint hum, allowing us to hear distant fireworks whenever they were shot off, the colors not lasting long enough for either of us to tell where they were coming from. We would pass houses that were still hosting parties, a few guests standing outside and hollering along with the loud stereos at one place, a group of people smoking on the porch at another, and one house even had a couple having a screaming match outside, beers in their hands.

I knew, driving past these people of different lives and backgrounds, not one of them had as good of a night as I did. None of them had Olly.

"If you help me carry stuff up, I'll walk you to your apartment," Olly offered, pulling in to our nearly-empty parking lot. Most of our neighbors were out at their own parties, giving our apartment in eerie silence, but it had a nice feel to it.

We shuffled up the stairs to Olly's place, dropping his things in his kitchen and putting away the food so that it didn't get warm. Olly tossed his blanket into his washer to get excess sand off, and the two of us went to his bathroom to sit on the lip of the bathtub and clean off our dirty feet. Olly kicked water up at me a few times, soaking my shorts and making us whoop with laughter, cupping my hand to fill it with water and sling it onto him, making him nearly squeal in shock. By the time we left the bathroom, the entire front halves of our bodies were drenched in water, a large puddle on the tile floor at the base of the tub.

"I don't know how this got so out of control." Olly reached for one of the towels he had folded in his sink cabinet, trying to dry off his legs and arms, not minding the clothes since it would do no good to have them dry. He passed the towel off to me, where I repeated his actions.

"We're both actually seven, that's why," I laughed, and we left his bathroom, Olly opting to clean it up later.

"Gimme a sec so I can change into some pajamas, then I'll walk you home." He was pulling his shirt over his head before I could turn around to give him his privacy, and I clamped down on my bottom lip to stop myself from turning back to glance at him, that lithe, gorgeously pale body of his with the large, watercolor universe on his side. Instead of looking around to him, I patiently waited, wishing I had left the room instead of fight temptation to spy on him.

From behind, long, white arms wrapped around my neck, and I felt Olly's chin settle on my head, a habit he'd do when he was bored, reminding me of how tall he was. "Do you have a New Year's Resolution?" he asked, his lips tickling my ear, and I felt my eyes widen and heart skip a beat, realizing how close his face was to mine, his nose pressed into my hair and his arms moving down to wrap around my shoulders.

Swallowing the lump in my dry throat, I shook my head. "N-No, I didn't make one this year," I choked out, my shallow breathing hitching when one hand reached up to stroke my cheek. His body pressed a little closer against mine, and he tipped his head down so that his lips grazed my neck, making me go rigid and take a precarious step away from him, spinning on my heel to peer at him. "Olly, are you okay?" I asked, sure that he could hear and see my heartbeat trying to escape my chest. "You're acting really…strange."

"I'm fine," he said, reeling back his hand when I shied away from his oncoming touch. "Just tonight…it really made me think of how tired I am that we're obviously dancing around something we need to discuss." Stroking his cheek with my thumb, he sighed, looking scared.

"Wh-What do you mean?" I asked, playing dumb. I had dreamt of this conversation many times in the past few weeks, changing the ending multiple times: ending it with sex, or a new relationship, or both of us ignoring it, as usual. All of it seemed okay in my head, but now, once Olly began acting differently, alerting me to the oncoming conversation, I was dreading it, horrified of how this would turn out, hoping to god it didn't ruin what we had.

"Kee, do you still like me? Your feelings haven't changed since I lost Lillith, right?" he blatantly asked, struggling with his words. As soon as they left his mouth, I could see his chest rising and deflating quickly, his panic (and my own) rising.

With a dry mouth, my lips quivered and I nodded stiffly. "Yes," I said simply, feeling like I was about to be pushed into an anxiety attack.

"Thank god," he breathed, taking my lips in his, long fingers wrapped around my upper arms. I felt my back hit the wall when he carefully guided me back into it, and he reluctantly released me from the kiss, leaving a hot trail of kisses along my jawline and neck, and my bottom lip was once again in between my teeth, stopping the natural reaction of a moan, giving only a soft exhale at the intimate contact. "I've stupidly been avoiding this whole situation because I-I've been terrified to see how you'd react. I put you through so much crap, so I was scared that you would realize you may not be able to handle someone who can…ya know, talk to the dead. It's a little weird."

Scrunching up my nose, I pinched my fingers together to indicate that it was, in fact, a little strange. But that's what I accepted when I grew to know him, that quirk of his. Although it was hard at first, mainly due to Lillith, it no longer was, and I knew that we were going to be okay. "It's all gonna be okay, though," I assured him, brushing back his hair. "So where do we go from here?" It was such a stupid question to ask since it was pretty clear what was going to happen from here on out.

Giggling and unable to stop himself from doing so, Olly's hand flicked up to his earring, but I grabbed his hand to stop him, kissing his fingertips and peering up into his dark eyes, those ones that mystified me so much. "I-I mean, I know you haven't been out of a relationship for too long, but…I've never been in one, and you're already my first kiss, so, I-I think we could…." He seemed to lose his words, face glowing red, and he fingered his earring again. "Goddammit, this is hard to say. Y-You know what I'm trying to say."

Shrugging, feigning confusion, I raised my arms and upturned my hands. "I have no clue what you're talking about," I said histrionically.

"Kee," he griped, looking the most nervous I had ever seen him. "Fuck. Fine. Kee, let's…if you're okay with it…can we try, maybe…."

"God, you're adorable," I sighed, fisting the top of his T-shirt and yanking him closer to me, kissing him on the mouth. "What do you want me to be?" I still wanted him to work for it, amused by how his ears were turning red and how flustered he looked, furrowing his eyebrows and taking a deep breath.

"M-My boyfriend."

"And you want to be?" I pressed, a devious smile curling my lips, eyes halfway hooded.

"Your boyfriend," he grumbled, not meeting my eyes anymore. "Will you stop now? This is embarrassing."

"But I'm having soo much fun, Olly." My fingers outlined his cheekbones, moving down to his neck, tracing his collarbone, then sliding down his chest and stomach, stopping at the bottom of his nightshirt. I saw his throat bob from where he swallowed hard. When I felt him trembling, I tipped my head and laughed lowly. "I'd really like to try with you, as long as you can accept my past and everything like that. I will have random times where I want nothing more than strong alcohol or where I'll have some bad memories of Martin, but I'm sure you already know this."

"I do," he said, pointing his index fingertip on my nose. "I accept it completely, and I hope you can look past my ability. Just know if we ever go to Savannah or St. Augustine, I may act a little strange from all of the activity there."

"I'm perfectly fine with that and accept that at some point in our relationship, I may have to do another exorcism." Trying to bite at the finger still on my nose, I smiled gently. "Totally worth it, though."

"Good, 'cuz our road trip tonight made me want to go to St. Augustine sometime." He flashed a sneaky grin, stealing one last kiss before snatching his phone from his bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked, walking up behind him. Such an odd way to initiate a relationship.

"Sending a mass text telling everyone that we finally got together, then I'm gonna shut off my phone for the night, go out to the living room with you, and we're gonna make out under the pretense of watching movies." Winking at me while I looked upon him in curious amazement, he tapped out a quick message on his phone, then followed up with shutting it off and taking my hand. "Honestly, I have no idea what to do with myself right now, and I don't know if you can tell I'm nervous or not, but I am, really badly."

"I can tell by barely understanding what you're saying," I chuckled, making him turn red again. "Don't worry, babe, it'll be okay." I had to put emphasis on the pet name because it got the exact reaction I wanted: him giggling and blushing like some kind of child, which got me grinning like some kind of fool. "C'mon. You mentioned something about movies and making out."

"I did." Before we headed out into the living room, he kissed me on the forehead, running his fingers through my hair again. "I never got the chance to tell you how much I like your hair. It looks great." He started leaving the room, but not until he looked back at me. "Granted, you always look great, so…."

"Oh, keep walking," I mumbled, watching him exit into the hallway. I realized I had practically been holding my breath through all of that, so scared of how that was going to turn out, worried that it wasn't going to turn out anywhere near planned. Yet, here I was, a new relationship formed, a sense of clarity rushing over me, replacing the feeling of anxiety that had been building up inside my chest. "Don't start the movie without me," I called, bee lining into the living room after Olly, taking my spot next to him on the couch.

"I like this," Olly stated, finding some movie on the IFC channel.

"I do too." Reaching my hand over, I took his hand in mine, and he smirked at me, then scooted closer until his upper body was in my arms. "I really like this." Pressing my lips to his forehead, I trailed my fingers up and down his thigh in a soothing matter, knowing that this was where I wanted to be, snuggled up with Olly for the rest of the night and for however long he'd have me.

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