A childhood friend that secretly like me and walks with me on my way to school, a little sister who's bubbly, cute and secretly has a brother complex, an upperclassman who has grown to be fond of me, an underclass man who admires my maturity and falls in love with me…those were concepts used way too much in anime and manga. But I wanted a life like that but reality was harsh.

This was the last week of my summer vacation, I still hadn't been accepted in any proper college, but I was still trying and Yes, I had graduated high school without experiencing any of those things you called clichés, but I wanted to…I really wanted to.


I looked at the bulletin board with anticipation. there the names of the lucky ones who made it through are listed. I closed my eyes tightly, trying my hardest to be positive. This was my 3rd college that I applied to and It may be the last seeing this was the last week of summer.


My heart began throbbing as I opened my eyes slowly…

My name wasn't listed…

All around me there were two sides, students who got accepted and celebrated like there was no tomorrow and those who looked at the board with disappointment and walked away, I was sadly, on the second side which means I had to follow the tradition.

I walked away in disappointment from the bulletin board that showed my fate putting both my hands in the pockets of my pants as I hid my face with my messy black hair. My hazel eyes was too innocent for it to look at both my parents eyes and announce to them once more that I had failed…I'm such a disappointment.

"Screw this world, screw reality…" I mumbled under my breath as I began threading to the stairs, leaving an aura of negativity in my wake.

"Out of my way, peasant!" An overweight man who had short light blonde hair, blue eyes and wore a very prestige regalia, bumped into my shoulders as he looked at me with poisonous eyes, that lacked venom and did not intimidate me one bit.

His heavy stature seemed to make the stairs shake with each step as he ran towards the bulleting board from upstairs. I scoffed at the little pig that was clearly sheltered by his parents to the real world.

"Haha, I knew it!" His voice echoed from upstairs all the way to the hall where the stairs I walked on led, It was a clear signal that he had passed the entrance exams, I feat that I couldn't do myself.

"Tsk, How can a sheltered pig, living in a brick house all his life pass the goddamn test…?" I scoffed cursing the world and everyone in it.

"The same way he got the bricked house in the first place." A woman's voice coming from behind me said with a less than lively tone. I turned around being greeted with a young girl, about my age who had her brown hair tied in a drills haircut, brown hazel eyes just like mine and milk like white skin that seemed unnatural. She wore a strange outfit looking like she was a modern princess about to be swept away to the ball.

"What? Do you mean that he reached it with hard work?" I asked, she was beautiful but her beauty wasn't something that I should be intimidated with. This isn't some anime where I would just be petrified by her beauty and participate in some antics with her as we slowly fall in love, in the real world real people actually refused to get walked all over even by beautiful girls, besides Even if she was beautiful I wouldn't fall in love with someone like her, I had my reasons…

She giggled sweetly as she placed a hand on her mouth trying to contain her miniscule outburst of amusement. I was shocked, why was she laughing? And another question, why was I talking to her?

"Of course not, I meant that The little piggy got the brick house because, he had the resources." She smiled with her eyes closed emphasizing her amusement that I kept providing her.

"Resources?" I asked, was she leading me on to something?

"Pigs building houses of their own in reality, is something unseen but that isn't what we need to learn from the story of the three little pigs, the three little pigs basically means to say that we should work intelligently, opposed to the other pigs who worked sloppy and un intelligently. From her eyes closed smile her oval eyes appeared and gazed upon me with the same type of feeling that she was very amused.

"Wait! What are you going on about?" I asked as I shook off my chain that snared me to her little game.

She sighed deeply "What I mean to say, Is the pig didn't build the brick house, I mean to say that he paid for it…" There was it again…her smile that she kept throwing in my direction.

"He paid for it? There wasn't anything in the story about that?" I asked in protest.

"There wasn't but then again you also didn't know that the pig of this world did the same thing didn't you?"

Pig of this world? Was she talking about the guy from earlier?

"Wait do you mean that guy? Are you saying that he paid the school?"

"Yes, you see earlier you didn't know that the 3rd pig from the fable "three little pigs" bought his house, because it was something that was hidden in the sidelines like that pig of a man celebrating his bought victory."

I couldn't believe it…was she telling the truth?

"Hardwork is but a mere insect compared to wealth." She smiled again, that smile was different after the context of the words that she spoke her smile seemed to annoy me.

"Who the hell are you!" I asked, as I clenched my fist from inside the pockets of my pants gnarling my teeth in anger and annoyance.

"I am the daughter of the man who owns this place…"

It seemed like, the smile that was more amused, then annoying will no longer return-my anger increased with that little cocky smile of hers, I turned around towards the gate that will free me from her words that acted like magnets attracting me towards her.

She's trouble...

Without a single word, I walked away from her not expecting anything to come out from either of our mouths.

"You are amusing…I am interested." She said as I deafened my ears to her words that were sure to pull me back towards her once more.

Why did I even start a conversation with her anyways? maybe the inner me is stalling because I know deep down inside of me I didn't want to show my face to my parents...

I'm such a failure...

I can't believe I'm the sperm that won...


Instead of taking a taxi, I walked home…what was I going to say to my parents? Hey mom, it looks like the 3rd times the charm didn't work, can I live in your house forever and become a hikikomori? Like hell I would. Maybe I can get a job as a part timer? No, then I would just be an NPC, and I didn't want that how about a job that's interesting. a butler? Seems like a lot of work for protecting either a loli tsundere or a shota tsundere either way I need to stop referencing anime to my life.

"Mom, Dad! I'm home!" I announced. The light on the dining room was open. I guess that is where they were. I placed my shoes neatly at the nearby open space as I left the socks inside them too, with the intention of washing them later.

"Kotaru, come quick you dog you!" What my dad said sounded like he was angry but he said it with a very amused tone…Gahh-amused I really got to stop using that word, I used it today alone for the 6th time at least.

I hastily ran towards the dining room barefooted. As I was greeted with three people who were holding a conversation a second ago but yielded as I came to the picture. The three people were: my dad, my mom and the girl from earlier.

The girl from earlier? She smiled at me with her now, beginning to become annoying grin.

"What is she doing here?" I asked, as I desperately try to ask my parents who seemed to have warm smiles plastered in their faces.

"Why are you asking us? She is your girlfriend after all." My mom announced as she placed her hand on her chin.