I once again gazed lazily through the outside world from the windshield of the limbo. Must be nice, being free, being able to choose what you do-and what you wear. Definitely a life that should be envied. Especially by yours truly, Not only is my school life-not so much a school life but more of an anime-but later that same day I found out that my life outside of school is also controlled by the same person-and now I no longer had the freedom to choose what to wear…

Such misfortune…

The limbo stopped, as we neared the gate of the school. The gate was tall-painted with a white coating of rich soap like color and very refined. Classy, to say the least-this was everyone's first impression of the obstacle that prevented them from entering. But for me this was like prison-school was already prison, but now that prison leveled up into my own personal hell.

I stepped out of the limbo whose driver quickly drove off. I wish I could have that freedom. The freedom to speed off, into the sunset, well, not that dramatic but I dreamt of escaping-hell, it was only my second day and I was experiencing a nightmare of a life already-both at home-My new home, and my school-which is more of a bad reality show than a school. Yesterday, on my first day I was knocked out unconscious-which meant that I only had to deal with half of the shenanigans that occurred during that day-but even so, yesterday was a very unproductive day, very stupid day, very annoying-and that was just the first day.

Sighing in a tone-that was essentially me saying, that I'm being forced to do this someone help me. I made my way towards the gates. Once again in the familiar corridors, once again in my familiar mood, and once again in my familiar clothes-if you're asking why I'm in the same clothes, they're not the same-they're just identical-

"You're wearing the same clothes."

What did I just say? I mean, monologue. The voice was sweet, gentle and comforting-nah, just kidding it belonged to that loli principal. Turning around, my eyes were greeted with a little girl-a little girl with silky light purple hair tied in ponytails with red ribbons, purple eyes that reflected the same shade of beauty as her previously stated hair. And her most keen feature-at least for me anyway, is her snow like pale skin-unhealthy? No. more like very mystical-granted, most of the people I met-consisted of women, but that's not the point. She was the same as I met her yesterday, only for one thing-

"You're wearing…" I said as I used my finger to point at her strange clothes.

"…A uniform, I know…" She said stoically, while pinching her skirt.

"And a very, very-how do you say it?" I asked, as I changed my fingers to form a frame like gesture.

"Very shameless!" a familiar voice that sounded as fiery as a turned on oven cut off.

The voice belonging to the-"Insert name of Tsundere Disciplinary Committee member here" come to think of it, I still didn't know the name of the girl with the fiery attitude and a fiery presence as well. She looked at me once more with those fiery eyes-a better description is passionate, but I felt that her eyes because of how it ignited was going to shoot laser beams any second now. She struck a pose-with both of her arms on the bottom-or more visibly, the middle of her chest-because lets face it she was as flat as a piece of paper.

"You! Do not think, that I have forgotten about you, and your unruly behavior yesterday."

Sweet, she remembers me.

"Hey, wait a minute why are there so many people here?" I asked, only-now noticing the hoards of people packed in the corridors, with their backs against the wall-there were many, almost like the members of a whole class.

"If you must know, there was an announcement." She said, while maintaining a straight face-which she tried her hardest to maintain but cringed as she stopped talking.

"An announcement…?" I asked, puzzled.

"…An announcement, yes…" Her face, now visibly, pissed-as I would call it-seethed an aura of pure animosity.

"What's wrong?" I asked, trying to get a response.

"An announcement that-made 80 percent of the student body to be kicked out…"

Sena…Only Sena could make a decision like that.

"80 PERCENT?!" I asked in surprise.

"The reason-only because they were not interesting-that was the reason."

"Yeah…that's like her, all right." Naomi whispered.

"Not caring for the effects of her actions-she could afford that." Naomi added looking quite disgruntled.

"All of the remaining student-and new students, from now on you will be called class 1 or class hip kids from now on. Please make your waves to your new classroom the-classroom on your left." Sena's voice announced-judging by their unchanging looks, it was clear that they didn't know the one making the announcement was the one pulling all the strings.

Like obeying ants the hoards of people including myself obeyed. The classroom was surprisingly roomy. If I would compare it to something, I guess I could compare it to a swimming pool-very roomy and very large. If I would have guessed this people are-eccentric, or something like that, that's why Sena chose not to boot them. But there was someone missing.

My antagonist…

Thankfully, most of her generic followers were kicked out, so I could rule out her arriving with her followers in her tail. But where was she? She is my antagonist after all…

"Kotaru! My love!"

There she was…

Well, I guess she didn't bring her A-game because-


I looked at her frozen in shock. I wasn't so frozen in shock, as I was yesterday, where a certain someone was in a wedding dress, and guess what…

Rin...was wearing a wedding dress…the wedding dress that looked suspiciously like the one yesterday.

Rin who short long bubble like pink hair that was previously tied in a side tail was now-freely gracing her shoulders. She winked at me, and began walking towards the seat by my left. To my right was Naomi, who was shaking-she's an antagonist, and yet she's scared of an antagonist a younger-I mean less experience.

"What are you doing?" I whispered, as she finally took her seat.

"I'm multitasking."


"I'm working for both Hanakawas, Ms. Sena and Ms. Ciel."

That can only mean…

"I'm going to be your wife from now on, and also your antagonist."