Here's my new series coming soon… Meet Jessica!

Well this is what's happening. I just got done with my story, all I need is to proofread, edit, and submit. But here's what's going to on this series… I put in these websites for the character's outfits(I DON'T OWN THEM):

www. thesimsresource downloads/ browse/ category/ sims3/

www. rainbowshops

www. bodycentral

www. promgirl

Alright, I'm just about to upload Meet Jessica series. The be rated K+ just to be safe. I'm possibly going to do 3 seasons for this. So Read and Review and if I begin slowing down my updating episode (example: uploads the 2nd episode on 8/4/13 then uploads another episode on 11/4/13) pm a wake up call to remind me that there's a series I have to submit(it's okay if you guys want to but if you don't, alright it's your choice, not mine).

So thank you and wuv u bye…

KathyOut! ;)