Road to Redemption

Chapter One

Camp David, Presidential Retreat, USA

The young woman grunted as she hit the punch bag with her fist, she was sweating causing her long brunette hair to become stuck to her back. Her fists were taped and she continued to punch the bag with them and occasionally used her feet as well.

"Madam" a voice said behind her

She turned around quickly to see a man in black suit and an earpiece standing there watching her, she brushed the hair away from her face and tried to catch her breath after the workout.

"Your father is waiting for you upstairs" the man informed

"Thank you" she replied

She then picked up a towel and stared to dab her face with it, she made her way upstairs and entered into a sitting room. She saw more men in black suits standing around the place speaking to each other and into their earpieces; she spotted another man in a black suit sitting on the couch reading a few pieces of paper in his hand.

"Practising your speech for tonight"? She asked with a small smile on her lips

"Yes and if you plan on coming to the fundraiser dressed like that you have another thing coming" he returned with a small smile of his own as he nodded at her black leggings, training bra and black sneakers.

She grinned at that as another man in a black suit entered the house from outside and nodded to the man with the papers, his eyes then moved over to where the young woman stood and he gave her a small smile which she returned.

"Mr. President, five minutes sir" the man said turning his attention back to the previous man

"Tom I don't think Emily is going to be ready in five minutes" The President chuckled

"Why don't you go ahead daddy and then Tom can take me once I'm ready" the woman said looking back at Tom

"I don't know sweetie, Tom is the head of my detail" The President replied

"It's fine Sir, I can place other agents with you while I take Miss Ashton" Tom added

The President looked from Tom to Emily suspiciously at first, but after a few seconds his face relaxed and he gave a small smile. Emily smiled at Tom hopefully whose eyes were fixed firmly on the President.

"Okay, I trust you Tom so I'm sure my daughter will be safe in your hands" he said cheerfully

"She will indeed sir" Tom replied turning his eyes back on Emily.

Minutes later Emily was waving at the front door of the cabin as the President entered his presidential car and waved a goodbye to her before the door was closed blocking him from view.

"Now madam I suggest you change" Tom said

"And why is that Tom"? Emily asked in return with a twinkle in her eyes

"We don't want to be too late it the fundraiser; people may talk about what the President's daughter gets up to" he answered with a small smile.

Emily turned around and started heading towards the stairs, she looked back at Tom who was watching her. She gave him a small wink before she climbed the stairs and disappeared from view.

"I swear one day Tom, she's going to get you killed" another agent said smiling

"Yeah I reckon that as well" Tom replied with a smile of his own

# # #

Los Angeles, California

The evening was starting to begin in the city of LA; the sun was still visible in the sky but was slowly beginning to set. Howard Reese was a highly successful businessman, his office was located on one of the top floors in one of the many tall buildings the financial district of the city.

He was a man in his mid-fifties with light brown hair accompanied by a brush of grey; he was known as one of the most powerful men in California and also happened to be good friends with the Mayor and the Governor.

That evening he was typing away on his computer when he heard the familiar buzz of his intercom on the desk. He sighed at how his Secretary always wanted to distract him from his work.

"What is it Janine"? He asked pressing the button

"There's a Detective here to see you sir" she replied

Reese had to stop himself from groaning; three months ago he was arrested on charges of smuggling different items into LA for local crime bosses. However he was released after agreeing to submit evidence on the crime bosses and testify against them in court, since then he had been in constant contact with the LAPD.

"Send the detective in" he said with a sigh

The door opened and a man entered, he looked to be about thirty with sandy blonde hair. He wore a beige trench coat and a suit underneath that; he definitely looked the part of a detective.

"Detective Lawrence, LAPD" he said holding up his badge

"What can I do for you detective"? Reese asked

"Just have to ask you a few questions if you don't mind"? Lawrence replied

"Of course, fire away"

Lawrence pulled out a pad and a pen and quickly began scribbling something down, Reese fought hard to not sigh and roll his eyes. He was a busy man and did not need some flatfoot detective wasting his time.

"Now you said after your arrest that would be willing to testify in court"? Lawrence asked


"And that you would tell us everything"?


"And in exchange you would be placed in the witness protection programme"?

"You already know all of this" Reese said impatiently

Lawrence didn't reply he just scribbled something down in his pad before he looked back to Reese with a small smile.

"Can you please confirm that one of the men you have agreed to testify against is a Mr. Frank White"

"Yes I said I would, I will testify against Frank White"!

"That's all I wanted to hear"

Lawrence quickly reached into his trench coat and pulled out a silver gun with a silencer, Reese opened his eyes wide and opened his mouth to speak but before any words could exit from his mouth four bullets were fired into his chest causing him to collapse back into his chair dead.

Lawrence quickly put the gun back into the coat and then quickly jumped behind the door as the secretary entered. She stared in shock as she saw Reese's body but before she could even scream Lawrence and wrapped a piece of cloth over her mouth and slowly she drifted out of consciousness.

He gently laid her down on the floor and then exited the office, as he walked down the corridor towards the elevator he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone and dialled a number.

"Yes"? Said a voice answering

"It's done" Lawrence informed

"Reese is dead"? The voice asked


"The money is being transferred into your account now"

"Pleasure doing business with you"

Lawrence then hung up the phone and pressed the button for the elevator; he stood silently in the elevator and waited patiently for the doors to open. When they finally did he causally walked out and nodded to the security guards on duty, he then walked out onto the Los Angeles sidewalk and quickly chucked his police badge into a nearby trashcan. He then placed his hands in his pockets and began whistling as he walked down the street and away from the office of Howard Reese.

# # #

CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia

The office was dark; the only source of light came from a small lamp on the desk where a man in a black suit sat. He had grey hair and wore a pair of brown reading glasses which he was using to read some documents in front of him.

There was then a knock at the office door, the man however continued to read his documents before eventually he told the person to enter. The door opened to reveal a young woman in black blazer with a white shirt as well as a black skirt; she approached the desk and waited.

"What can I do for you Miss Pearce"? The man asked

"Sir you told me to inform you when the President had left Camp David" Pearce replied

"Has the daughter accompanied him"?

"No sir, she is still currently at Camp David" Pearce informed

The man took of his glasses and rubbed his eyes; he looked at his watch and then sighed. He looked back at his desk and picked up another file which lay on his desk, he looked at the name on the file and sighed before opening it.

Agent Name: Jonathan T. Ashton

DOB: 26/4/1956

Joined United States Marine Corps in 1974, was involved in operations in Vietnam from 75-79 for missing POW's. Deployed in Lebanon in 1982 and again in 1983, Deployed to Grenada in 1983 and was recruited into the CIA in 1984.

Involved in CIA operations in Russia from 1985-1986, Korea in 1987, Afghanistan in 1988, Panama in 1989. Took part in Operation Desert Storm from 1990-1991 and Operation Gothic Serpeant in Somalia in 1993. Was involved in United Nations Operations in Bosnia in 1996 and Retired from the CIA in 1997.

Became Governor of Ohio in 2000 and served until 2004, became U.S Senator of Ohio in 2005 and became President of the United States in 2009.

Military Honours: Two Purple Hearts with Clusters, Two Silver Stars and the Congressional Medal of Honour.

"Tell the men to continue with surveillance, do not move until I give the order" the man said

"Yes sir" Pierce replied before leaving the office

# # #

Emily had just finished putting on a stunning red dress when a there a came a knock at her bedroom door. She told the person to come in and smiled when Tom stepped into the room; he slowly closed the door behind him and quickly locked the door.

They faced each other for a few seconds before Emily ran and jumped into Tom's arms, their lips met and Emily sighed in pleasure at the feel of his lips and his arms wrapped around her body.

"I've missed you" Emily whispered once they had broken apart

"You see me every day" Tom joked

"But it's getting harder and harder to have moments like this" she replied placing another small kiss on his lips.

"I know, but you know why we can't tell anyone it's not considered professional for a secret service agent to be dating the President's daughter" Tom explained

Emily nodded and leaned in for another kiss, she wished they didn't have to hide their relationship but as a member of the first family it wasn't considered proper for her to have a relationship with a member of her father's detail.

"We better get going, your father will be wondering where you are" Tom said gently

Emily nodded and quickly moved away to grab her purse from a table and moved towards the door. Tom gave her one last kiss before opening the door and stepping out into the corridor.

"J Bird this Mustang, bringing out the puppy" Tom said into his radio

"Copy that Mustang" a voice responded

"I hate that codename" Emily muttered

"Well unfortunately your father is the big dog which makes you the puppy" Tom teased

Emily playfully slapped his arm; he smiled as they descended the stairs where more Secret Service agents stood waiting for them. They led the way outside where another motorcade was waiting; Tom helped Emily into the car and then sat into the seat next to her.

"Okay boys let's deliver Miss Ashton to her father" Tom said into his radio

The motorcade left Camp David and headed towards the fundraiser, Emily and Tom cheerfully spoke in the back. However they both knew that once they returned to the White House it's would be harder for them to steal any moments with each other.